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Satsih Verma Feb 2020
It were not you
at the end of poem. Something
of moon had died.

Time has not come
to intervene in parting
of lips turning blue.

You will not change,
in offering the drink of
stunning Venus flytrap.
Aseel Jan 2020
Hello sunshine
I’m going to try
But only this time

Hey life
Please don’t give me lemons
I’m too tired to make lemonade
No need to show your weapons
If you stare, then I’m scared

Mr. Night, salam
Salam means peace
And it’s all I’m asking for
Hide me away from the demons
And I promise I’ll hurt myself no more

Simon Soane Jan 2018
Chatting with you
is a special delight,
you could turn dark rooms free
with your splendid bright.
Elizabeth Been Aug 2016
You were the reason she went up there.
The reason why she jumped out.
And you are the reason why the only thing to catch her was that old scratchy rope.
No she didnt go quickly, nor she went softly.
But atleast she went alone with out a sound.
Isnt that what you wanted?
Cause shes gone now.
Simon Soane Jun 2016
I said your name a lot in May
but I say it more today;
in June I yap your moniker with impromptu ease,
as green fills the leaves.
It feels like you're arriving,
in the start
She wants a release
In her life
So I'm going to throw suggestions
Her way or another way
I hope she likes my ideas
They're not the best in the world
But they work
Not all the time, but let's not worry about that okay?
I want to make today her best day
A day she never gotten before
Preventing her from being bored
But I want to give her the excitement she needs
With the fun things in life to make memories
And the physical bump and grind
She should release stress this way
And possibly down south.
sometimes I wish I could turn back time
to those better days
when I didn't dream of death and want to slip away
I find myself thinking about you
what do you think it would be like
to look in the mirror and hate who you see
to think about your flaws not what I see
some days are better and then some are not
you think your worthless but I think your worth it
you wont hear me because your music's blaring
you draw a picture and write down the names
of every kid or person who made you feel that way
now I guess I must agree when I see you cry I feel a bit of sympathy
I wish I could turn back time
to some better day
when you would pull your ear buds out and listen to what I had to say
your hearts of gold
your mind of silver
made up of beautiful things
don't let words give you a sliver
**your not worthless now stop caring about what they think
your not worthless now stop caring about what they think

— The End —