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Dec 2015
My heart was cold and my walls were high
I felt safe weir I lye
Then you came and you tore them down
now it hurts not to have you around
weir did you go now and are you coming back
I asked you to stay but you had to go
you left me alone and I'm getting cold
I don't know if I can hold
weir did you go with my heart
you said I would see you again
I feel so lost when your not around
pleas don't let me lose you again
My kingdoms falling all around me
My Queen has lost herself
My heart is yours but you are lost now
I think I might fall I have no more walls
now if you can still hear me know i love you
but you've left me with no protection
so say good bye for the last time
I hope you keep my heart warm tonight
let my memory strengthen you
always know my heart belongs to you
Andie May ostrander
Written by
Andie May ostrander  inside of books
(inside of books)   
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