"sausage and biscuits,"
Jane Ellen Smith 

I’ll buy my own house and paint it pink.
I ‘ll have a small Christmas tree
and a huge family table
and as many friends as the house will hold until they spill out onto the lawn.

I will sew and read and bake and smile.

I will have women for lunches, families for parties,
and students for all the meals they can eat.
I’ll serve grits and eggs,
sausage and biscuits,
tea and hot chocolate
and popcorn.

I will celebrate my children’s lives,
and welcome their friends into my home.

And when I am through with the past,
I will walk into the future.

"Eating some home made biscuits..."
Sharina Saad 

Black is your coffee
Toasted and buttered your bread
Half past seven,
A quick peck on the cheek
off you go to the bank
one solid day you spend at the bank
a loyal servant of the bank of commerce
Your lover number one,
the bank..always the bank...

you'd be at the bank till all workers gone home
you'd be at your desk checking the accounts
making it balance , counting the profits
recovering the loss...
If there is an award for the banker of the year
The outstanding achievement
and the bla... bla... bla...
The winner is you, without a doubt...

While you're making your accounts pretty
Perfecting your financial reports
The dinner is getting too cold
The kids are growing up so fast  
Your cat is getting too old
Your wife is sulking too long
Your house is getting too far
Your family is slowly vanishing...
not physically of course...
the souls of love and life
is  disappearing little by little...

Dear banker,
If you happen to listen to this
banker's wife blues...today
Hope you'd throw the balance sheets in the basket
and sit with your wife and kids
in a garden,
drinking a cup of English tea  
Eating some home made biscuits...
How much bonus is more worthwhile
than watching your kids growing up
before your eyes...
kissing your wife good night
tasting the love doses...
Tell me, after listening to all these?
Will you still worry about your imbalance bank accounts?

Banker's wife blues...
"amel died and we had to eat marshmallow biscuits surrounded by green monkeys.......:) Ed"
Edgar Whitman Wilde 

I have died a juniper bar

I will take this as a moon rise

Seldom in youthful prodigality

Of ingots minus three

...it ran out of petrol...then the camel died and we had to eat marshmallow biscuits surrounded by green monkeys.......:) Edgar

"eyes you can almost smell the bread or biscuits the flour produced it takes"
Hal Loyd Denton 

Tin cup

Simple pleasure common treasure it has its worth by it connection not everyone but many found this by an
On old pump by itself or next to a bucket you could drink or use it to prime the pump it lends itself to
Western lore found around the chuck wagon on a cattle drive one of the men on the trail drive squats
Before the fire with gnarled hands he holds the cup with hands that are callused from handling his lariat
Day in and day out on the cattle now he holds it filled with coffee strong river coffee drawn from the
Brazos shaded by mesquite cottonwood and juniper finest example of Texas this old cup ties you into
time and place a past that is loved and loved ones that shared campsites that now have passed on in the
Heat of the summer day you drank hardly from its contents it banged around in all kinds of
Circumstances invariably most of them pleasurable ones and who handled the cup mother or a favorite
Grandmother you see her hands lovingly holding the cup they go together like flowers and rain you strain
To hold the thought you don’t want to let go of that special connected memory or maybe they used it to
Measure flour by closing your eyes you can almost smell the bread or biscuits the flour produced it takes
You across many thresholds that are steeped in precious memories that can never be again you are
Taken back to childhood by something so simple but so useful it creates a lost time of joy and
Happiness long remembered and never to be forgotten a symbol or a symbolic trusted identification
With place or person you feel its coolness in your hand you move it around for a few quick moments
You return to yesterday not bad for a piece of tin they give so much credit to other metals for other
Reasons of course the value they possess and what you could exchange them for but that is talking
About a certain amount were dealing with priceless things of the heart that no amount of money can
Buy just think next time there are many items that are in themselves of little value but they are
Touchstones a gateway to a broken past riches that aren’t for sale or they are not to be bartered away
They are never put in a safe but they so readily take you to a safe place tender joy is felt in the heart
A calling can be felt and heard jewels of inestimable value lay hidden they easily come into view when
You touch insignificance without expecting anything the world lets you know you are richer than you

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