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Julie Grenness May 2022
Are you scared of ghosts?
Is one hiding under your toast?
What is that creaking sound?
Whoops, your poster just fell down!
From my book, More Verse on the Skids. Feedback welcome.
Julie Grenness Aug 2021
I know how to party,
On Friday nights,
I have crocheting, you see,
A stash of yarn, and coffee,
I'd say that's quite a party,
Hope all the crafters agree!
Feedback welcome for boomer humour.
Julie Grenness Aug 2021
(Farewell to an aged brother, RIP).
His good ole days are still to be,
In football heaven, in eternity,
Looks at the face of heaven, does he,
He rewound his music, so country,
He got them all back, you see,
His wife, his old dog, his car, no needs,
Pray his good ole days are still to be......
Feedback welcome.
Julie Grenness Jul 2021
Beam me up, she said,
Mary Poppins  I have read,
Pet advocate was she,
I'll feed my birds, signed me!
Feedback welcome.
Julie Grenness Jul 2021
You're so varicose vein,
Youth is gone again,
I suppose I'm still lucky,
I found my glasses, you see,
That's as good as it gets today,
Let's hear it for oldies, yah!
Feedback welcome.
Julie Grenness Mar 2021
Let's raise a bitter glass,
Football's here at last,
And that's not all,
Teams do crowds enthrall,
From a victory,
****** defeat, you see,
No flag again this year,
Bitter glass, my dears,
Football's finally a'loose,
Pour that glass of bitter juice!
Melbourne in Autumn and Winter. Feedback welcome.
Julie Grenness Mar 2021
This is sage advice,
At gigolos don't look twice,
It's a pandemic world,
Solo *******, guys and girls,
All around the  world,'
Blip yourselves, dudes and girls,
Then on with the happy pants,
Back to online work, us ants,
How do I know all this?
Google's life coaching is the blip!
Feedback welcome.
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