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Here's an ode to make us laugh,
Boomers resilient to the last,
Survived high school in  the sixties,
Where we learnt cookery,
Girls did not have *****,
Couldn't do woodwork, over it!
Instead, made a pudding of suet,
Fat, fat, fat, eating to rue it!
Feedback welcome.
Who guides you each day?
Would you to angels pray?
Our guides on the sides,
All ethereals, they hide,
An open mind we must keep,
Blessings from above, love so deep.
Feedback welcome.
The Flintstones, blast from the past,
That was a pregnancy to last,
For Pebbles  we waited so long,
She did sing her own songs,
Now this is a fact so scary,
Pebbles has now turned sixty,
I can't believe how old we've got,
Once the Flintstones really rocked!
Feedback welcome.
I went to the Vet, for what it's worth,
Give Fido these pills? How on Earth?
Fido did the big dummy spit,
Then he snapped me! Over it!
Feedback welcome, note pun.
Welcome to Home School today,
A typical mum might say,
We''ll start with Maths, okay,
First,  I have an empty glass,
There is 0 wine here for a blast,
Then I'll pour in half,
Before I top it up,
Now I have 1 whole wine to sup,
Home School does need wine o'clock,
For mums, not kids, quite a shock,
Stop laughing at Mum, okay,
She flunked Maths too, along the way,
Some Mums are not teachers, okay,
Now who farted? She's say,
End of home school for the day!
Feedback welcome.
So, these are my piety years,
A Christian gal lives here,
Jesus is a sweet name, my dears,
He is still in his blessing  years,
Time to stop stressing with fears,
No need for crocodile tears,
In our co-dependency years,
Faith sets us all free, you see,
True liberation for you and me........
Feedback welcome.
We are crafters, I know,
We do things, row by row,
We''ll do housework at the end of this row,
We said that several hours ago!
Feedback welcome.
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