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Prince eduard Apr 24
In simple glee
I will set free
My voice inside
Which sing praise God!
I really love the which which loves, the which which worships
Pallavi Feb 2
My family tree.....
gives me the Glee.
Joy of sitting together,
and thoughts to agree.
They gives me the freedom,
endearment & care.
So lucky to have this
bear and flair.
Harsha ravi Jan 12
I have never liked fictional stories
Their fake and illogical inventories
The possibility of stories never turning into reality
Despite the temporary moments of glee
Eating up children's wild imagination it lives
The pointless hope it gives
I have never liked fictional stories
Dee Nov 2018
I believe in utilitarianism
And stay living in a state of disguising glum for glee
I see it as my way of giving back
Because as long as they're happy
I can keep up the show
Khushi Batra Oct 2018
more sunshine,
more smiles,
more laughs,
more happiness,
more kisses,
more cuddling,
more conversations,
more flowers.
less snow,
less squabbling,
less darkness,
less pain,
less sorrow,
less regret,
more love.
more humanity.
Gemma Davies Sep 2018
There's sunshine in my soul today,
Happiness in my heart.
I'm going to smile all day today,
Right from the very start.

There's a spring in my step today,
A twinkle in my eye.
I'm filled with good cheer today,
It doesn't matter why.

There's joy in my life today,
A smile full of glee.
I'm living on cloud nine today,
Happiness is free!
My poem was lovingly made into a 'Me to You Bear' video:
harley r noire Aug 2018
the old glee met
the young woe,
deep crimson wet
painted the snow.

in the epilogue
of their sunset days,
they bid goodbye
to the lovely ways.
losing the joy that used to be there, losing the passion in everything you love, losing yourself.
The closest thing, I've personally seen, to the truth
is that I am fortunate just for the walls and the roof.

Everyone in the United States loves to *******
as they all try in vain to dissuade their innate guilt.

How much a better person will I become for
all of this good that I have done?

Corporations buy lakes to upsell life like
William Gibson thought they might.

Where is the sunset in flame through the eyes
of a younger Ridley Scott like we saw?

Let's start a fire in the heart of the woods.
Everyone will ignite, equally ****.
Dance through the night with me.

What's your strain?
Would you care for some LSD?
We could die at any time, obviously,
So why not live up to the destiny
Implied by the monarchy?

Peasantry, peasantry.
Nihilistic pleasantry.
Peasantry, peasantry.

I used to think I was
Selesnya, Boros, or
Azorius, but now
I know that I'm a Jesuit--
Or something?
And so belong to House Dimir
Or to the Cult of Rakdos.

Peasantry, peasantry.
Nihilistic pleasantry.
K Balachandran Jun 2018
forest flow bathed me,
floating easily with glee;
forest’s flow is me!
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