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Jenish May 16
One drop fell down, one followed more
Then my count failed, free downpour
From two cloudy eyes, tears wishes feet
My lone miseries, life's endless beat.

On my bay, a sweet sparrow sat
Flown from far, but resting at last
In his beak a thread, thin long
Kept his weight down, started a song .

Weary of singing, he looked over wings
In such small frame, life joyfully blinks
Then I spot his one-legged walk
How shameful my moans, how so dark!

Oh God, tiny wings evinced glee
In his woes, but a king in flee.
Brent Apr 2
Longing for a love so deep
Deprives one the most peaceful sleep
You endlessly wonder what you lack,
And the lost opportunities you can't take back

You think you are the problem why
Why in this world, you cannot fly
But in reality you just cannot see
That you bleed of so much love and glee
My thoughts right now. Please take good care of yourselves x
I cannot think of a title for this one haha
Sliding in and out
And over
Each plane
Watching the colors
Dance around
And play

They hide in plane sight
And convulse out
Right into your face

And spinning
Your brain
Screams echo
Down the halls
Bouncing on and
Off the walls

Pain and confusion
Lace the screams
Except no one can hear
Through the mask of glee

Too deaf to hear
Too blind to see
The pained cry
And agony
Prince eduard Apr 2019
In simple glee
I will set free
My voice inside
Which sing praise God!
I really love the which which loves, the which which worships
Pallavi Feb 2019
My family tree.....
gives me the Glee.
Joy of sitting together,
and thoughts to agree.
They gives me the freedom,
endearment & care.
So lucky to have this
bear and flair.
Harsha ravi Jan 2019
I have never liked fictional stories
Their fake and illogical inventories
The possibility of stories never turning into reality
Despite the temporary moments of glee
Eating up children's wild imagination it lives
The pointless hope it gives
I have never liked fictional stories
Dee Nov 2018
I believe in utilitarianism
And stay living in a state of disguising glum for glee
I see it as my way of giving back
Because as long as they're happy
I can keep up the show
Khushi Batra Oct 2018
more sunshine,
more smiles,
more laughs,
more happiness,
more kisses,
more cuddling,
more conversations,
more flowers.
less snow,
less squabbling,
less darkness,
less pain,
less sorrow,
less regret,
more love.
more humanity.
Gemma Davies Sep 2018
There's sunshine in my soul today,
Happiness in my heart.
I'm going to smile all day today,
Right from the very start.

There's a spring in my step today,
A twinkle in my eye.
I'm filled with good cheer today,
It doesn't matter why.

There's joy in my life today,
A smile full of glee.
I'm living on cloud nine today,
Happiness is free!
My poem was lovingly made into a 'Me to You Bear' video:
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