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daycrow Feb 2021
Here's the thing-
there are days when I'm barely alive,
and there are days where can't stand being still.
There are people,
people who I fear, and at the same time
love more and more every day.
Every time it's the same-
I see a little deeper into each pair of eyes,
and I can't get them out of my mind.
If I never say "I love you,"
I'm sorry. Because I do;
even though I'm a stranger,
I'd live for you.
something I just learned about you has me wishing I knew so much more.
Mitch Prax Jan 2021
It's MLK day,
do not let it go to waste
as we remember

12:17 PM
Vivian Zems Jul 2020
In life’s rearview
Rosa refused to stand
Nelson paid the price for his land
King’s dream was shattered by a bullet
which birthed more bullets for the chocolate man
Until we said NO MORE!
Vladimir Lionter May 2020
Do you know, citizens,
Martin Luther?
You’ll say: “Yes!”
I’ll answer: “Bingo!”
You are of the Saxon khutor’s philosopher,
I am
of Martin Luther King!
He was the king but without
The kingdom
the greatest among idols.
He gifted many children
happy childhood,
And deserved
the Peace Nobel Prize!
He brought freedom
from segregation,
All races became
equal at last!
He gave democracy to his nation,
A bridge’s carrying
his name in Texas.
The world did not know
a bravier soldier,
In the field of rights’
defence’s ring!
Every state’s people’s
honouring further
The memory of
Martin Luther King!

Знаете, граждане,
Мартина Лютера?
Скажете: «Да» – Я отвечу:
Вы –
про философа сакского хутора,
Я Вам –
про Мартина Лютера Кинга!
Был королём он
без королевства –
Не было круче
тогда кумира!
Многим он сделал
счастливое детство –
Ему дали
Нобеля Премию Мира!
От сегрегации дал свободу –
Нет разделенью
в правах по расе!
Дал демократию он народу –
В честь его назван был
мост в Техасе.
Отважней не знал мир тогда
В поле правозащитного ринга!
Жители каждого нынче
Память чтут
Мартина Лютера Кинга!

Translator - I. Toporov
hkb martin May 2020
deliver me the pinnacle
of your seemingly sweet soul,
and dance with me under falling coconuts;
i will finish you whole.

h.k.b. martin
Hi! Do follow my Instagram: @ferrelux_art
Big Virge Jan 2020
Just Like ... " Dr. King " ...

... I Have One TOO ... !!!

But It Seems MY Dream Is WASTED On YOU ... !!!

Those Who CHOOSE To IGNORE .................................. Proof ....
That Those Who RULE Have Reduced Some Youths ...

While THEY PROTECT Their WEALTHY Friends ... !!!!!
Who COLLUDE And ABUSE Whilst Feeding FAKE News ... !!!!!

They USE Issues And TV Crews To INDUCE Feuds ...
That Reduce The Truth To ... " MIRAGE-Like Pools " ...

See Those NOT Schooled Are EASILY Fooled ...
By What They Say About The World TODAY ... !!!

When Kids Get SHOT ...
It's The SAME OLD SONG And Usual Response ...

" Bureaucrats Are SHOCKED ! " ...

"What On Earth's Going On ?" ...

Well Pretty Much THE SAME ...
As THEIR ... " WAR GAMES " ... !!!

"Aren't CHILDREN KILLED By Bombing Airplanes ?!?"

Well OF COURSE They Then Have Ways To VINDICATE ... !!!

"We're making a stand,
against terrorist plans,
to protect the state !"

DREAMING Up ... INDEED ... !!!!!

How About Contrive ... ?
To let The INNOCENT DIE For OIL Pipelines ... !?!
So That They Can BLEED The Survivors ... DRY ... !!!

Dreams Like THESE Are NOT My Type ... !!!

I Dream of Times When ENERGISING Lives ...
Becomes What DRIVES Our Leaders Minds ... !!!

PROTECTION For The OLD When They're On Their Own ... !!!
And PROTECTION For The Young From Those with GUNS ... !!!

... Criminals And YES POLICEMAN ... !!!!!

Those Who Seem To SHOOT For FUN ... !?!

And THINK ... " APOLOGIES " ...
Will Then APPEASE Their Families ... ?!?

It's CLEAR Their Dreams Become NIGHTMARES ...
When It Is The Police ... They SEE In Them ... !!!!!

I Dream of PEACE And LESS Problems ...
And LESS Repeats of KILLING SPREES ... !!!!!!

Affecting Parents ... of CHILDREN ... !!!!!

My Dreams Consist of So MUCH MORE ...
And Will PERSIST To ... My Deaths' Door ... !!!

Which May Be SOONER Than I'd Choose ...
Because of SHOOTERS ... NOW In Use ... !!!

THINK It ... Through ... !!!

Can We Blame The Youth For DREAMS They're SHOWN ...
of LUXURIOUS Homes In ... AFFLUENT Zones ... !!!
ZONES With Keys That The WEALTHY Hold ... !!!
For Companies ... Where SELL OUTS Go ... !!!

My Dream Is For The People To FIND Their SOUL ...
And STOP The EVIL Who ... CONTROL ...
And POLITICISE ... About OUR LIVES ... !!!
ESPECIALLY When Young People ... DIE ... !!!

The CURRENT Trend of ... Youthful DEATHS ...
Is Bound To Make MORE People ... "TENSE" ... !!!

VIOLENCE ... Is NOT A GAME ... !!!
People Should PLAY ... When Bullets SPRAY ... !!!!!

So Who's To BLAME ... ?!?

The GUNS and CHAINS And BLING Brigades ... ???

... "Have Got NO BRAINS !" ...

Well Some of Them YES It's ... Fair To Say ... !!!
But What FUELS Them To EMBRACE These Ways ... !?!

MUSIC That BIG LABELS ... Take ...

Or ... Video Games For Kids To Play ...
Where Images SOAK Inside Their Brains ...
of DRUG LORD WARS And GUN Escapades ... !!!!!!!!!

My Dreams Reduce THESE Corporate Crews ...
Who Are QUICK To USE ... ANYTHING That SELLS  ... !!!!!
EVEN If The Youth DON'T Use Them WELL ... !?!

Technological Tools ...
Are NOT ... " ALL GOOD " ... !!!
Like NUCLEAR Bombs ... !!!
Or Guns NOW USED For INSIDIOUS Moves ... !!!
Do You GET What It Is I'm Saying To You ... ?!?

From MUSIC To The ... " INTERNET " ...
Corporates COLLECT For THEIR RICH Friends ... !!!
Whether Or NOT They Cause ... PROBLEMS ... !!!

They'll Be ABROAD BEHIND ... " SAFE Doors " ...
When Street Wars SOAR And ... Young Blood POURS ... !!!

Their Causes PRETEND To ... Help The Poor ...

I Dream of PEACE And HAPPIER Times ...
Where Guns and Knives ... AREN'T Glamourised ... !!!!!

And RACE ISN'T Used To DIVIDE Our Minds ... !!!

Like Doctor King I ... CHERISH Life ... !!!
And SHOW THIS Through The Words I Write ... !!!

I Deal In What's REAL But Dream Sometimes ...
About A World Where ... WE DON'T Hurt ... !!!

So I Hope My Words ...
AREN'T WASTED On YOU ... !!!!!

Cos' When It Comes To ...
..... " A Dream " ....
of ... LOVING Human Beings ...

Just Like Doctor King ...

" I Have One Too ! " .......
Obviously Inspired by Martin Luther King .....
Listen HERE :
monica zindy Jan 2019
Was Martin Luther King’s dream accomplished?
Its monday the 21st of january, today is one of history’s most cherished days.Its the day we remember the works of martin luther king and his dreams.He is one of my greatest life inspirations because I rise my ideas from hate,pain ,racism and colorism.

As quoted ; ‘I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where there will not be judged by their skin colour but the content of their character,’

We have read so much of Martin Luther King and his desire to promote human equality. Can we say his works were worth it?
Its the hate and pain of colorism that is killing me silently.The disgrace of poverty to fight back the insults of the enemy, giving me power and willingness to write in continuation of the dreams of martin luther king and maybe be that african lion who tried to learn how to write in hope that stories of history cease to glorify the hunter.
Who am I you may wonder, to write against the masters? Yes am dark skinned and poor, am african and do not meet up to the european standards of humanity.I own nothing apart from my brains to qualify me for respect in world activities.Am not a man, am not a *******, am not a thief, am not aggressive and am not sick am just a dark skin black girl. These negative labels are my skin’s burdens.This skin is locked in chains of slavery and negativity.

I thought martin luther king worked so hard to see that one day his works will benefit the coming black generation against colorism and racism.The coming generation which is now our generation.If martin luther’s dream was a reality, why are we still valued in accordance to our skin colours?His hopes were just a word spoken and forgotten without impact.His dream is still a dream of many of the black generation.
His dream is also my dream,a dream of hope there will come a generation where black skin people will travel and live on any land of the earth without having to live through any generalised judgmental stereotypes.insults and disrespect.

I hope there will come a generation where dark skin black women will be treated with respect in their difference and never be pulled down of value for not meeting up with the expected european standards of human
The Calm Aug 2018
How am I supposed to explain...the pain
to someone that wouldn't lend an hear
my fear about towards people in blue....who to you
seem like heroes, people who do.....only what they have to
You admit that some are corrupt, some aren't right
but black people need to coop, you think we always fight
against people that carry guns? have all the might?
historically oppressing people of color, have been the plight
I have done nothing wrong, but still my hands I raise
heart beating out of my chest, eyes are glazed
I feel them filling up, and I'm amazed, that I feel total fear
I feel depraved, but I have done nothing wrong,
is being black, just enough to play the song, to take us back
to Jim crow and his friend, ancestors in a shack,
shackled up by their hands, feet and on their back
is the American dream, American promise,
It said I promise you can be free, I promise
but here I am 200 years later,
flashing red and blue lights behind me, light a light saber
I smile, I'm courteous, I'm kind, put on my best behavior
hoping I'm not sent to meet my maker
because I've done nothing wrong
A story of getting pulled over for a random traffic stop and feeling an irrational, heart pounding time of fear
Michael King May 2018
We contradict here, all the premonitions of old,
that as hollow men and women, we should rise,
and take into our hand a pre-existing cause,
to band together, kindred of our character.

Though we strive to be forbidden to the difference,
harvested collaborators to our unrestrained hearts,
As our spirits try to ascend, we prohibit their actions.
We are bidden, overridden, and we are ******.

Did we grip our brother’s hand when he was losing?
Did we tend our mother’s hurt when she was broke?
We deprived our very sister, to implore till she was dead,
and we refereed the fingers, which fed us until they bled.

As a single man once intoned, on a stairway miles away;
We must subsist and struggle as one great homeland,
carry our neighbor’s burdens as though they were our own.
one kin, one race, though the color of skin may diverge.

Let us not stop in our virtuous endeavor, our strong destiny,
We are Lords of the future, master and slave, there be none.
We have risen from the catacombs of supreme despondency,
have accepted the heretical pressure of a ruined significance.

The night is no longer our mission; we travel unstained portals,
those which have always foreshadowed our meager gains.
We live for love, and cannot only give earned compassion.
We must love for the sake of devotion, and the sake of bounty.

We will take the apprehension of the mother, and the father,
and we will pacify it, will comfort their woes, and they will smile.
We will teach the child to go forth into the Dark, an existing torch,
upholding what we see as the shadows of bravery and optimism.

And when the times comes, and we lay down to die in peace,
we go, knowing the world had its little exploit of freedom,
its earned hope, not wasted, against bleak souls of the depraved,
having permitted the sun to shine; smiling as we resign to fate.
Nova Born Jan 2018
The rose bush has so many roses
a choice for every person that wanders by
the one that is closest, or the one far and high?
one man saw these roses
all the choices in the bundles
he saw the one that had no thorns
he saw one with many leaves
and then he saw the rose with the most thorns,
one that surely meant destruction
if touched..
but on that morning
one man reached up,
gently grabbing that rose
not being pricked until the last moment,
for that rose had the darkest petals and the lightest ones,
swirling in a chain
that man knew he had His Rose,
and that man has a Dream
for the people of the future
to be like that rose.

He succeeded
causing anger and his death
but also a future
The Future of The Dark and Light Rose.
Sorry i haven't been on, just been busy on my new server on blockheads, called "Dragon & wolf Rp"
If you wanna check it out..
this poem is about Martin Luther Kings Jr., and basically is about how he made a choice that was hard, and actually made it there. I know it's late, was planning on doing it sooner, but better late then never!
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