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Michael S Davis Jun 2014
Challenges punctuate our lives with question marks.

We ask ourselves, “How long?” So we dream.
We wonder about each other. So we believe.
We concern ourselves with each other’s welfare. So we pray.

We doubt our wisdom. So we trust our hearts.
We second guess ourselves. So we act in faith.
We question our tomorrow. So we cherish the present.

We fear the question marks that have punctuated our lives.
So we build walls;
Walls to hide from our fear, walls to hide from our frustration,
And walls to hide from our feelings.
Let us never build walls that would cut us off from the world,
Or from each other.

Within the circle of our fellow strugglers,
Our thoughts are punctuated with fewer question marks,
And from time to time - a simple period.
Here with each other, it's not as difficult to wait for the answer.
And the walls don't seem as challenging to climb.

Whatever our question,
We can dare each other to dream.
And in this time of testing, we can hope for the answer,
An answer that will be different for every one of us.
An answer that punctuates each of our lives
With an exclamation point!

©2014 Michael S. Davis
I took the original A Punctuated Life and rewrote it after a friend, Susan, found that the first two verses resonated with her and shared those verses with our Vocational Rehabilitation group. This is for all those who struggle with disabilities and are seeking a way to be productive in the work force.
Michael S Davis Apr 2013
There you are,
shouting in silence from the ultra sound.
"I am here."

Yes you are,
smiling in the dim warm rosy glow,
changing our lives.

A mere peanut,
nestled warmly in the center of
your mother's being

"How are you?"
We ask as the anxious spots of crimson
spark our fears.

"No, dear God!"
Our hearts scream as your heart slips
from your mothers womb.

Then the terror,
as your mother nearly gives her life
to save your own.

Senseless grief
as we excuse God for our not
getting to know you.

Eternal hope,
as we send your spirit to God
with our prayers.

Precious memories
of a life we held with our love
for but a moment.

We are changed
as we examine just how deeply
you touched our souls.

©2013 Michael S Davis
My precious step-daughter miscarried this weekend after having her first ultrasound on last Thursday. For her, when her grief will let her read it. For me, and all those who have suffered such loss and those this will inspire to pray for a new young mother in grief whose big sister is 5 months along.
Michael S Davis Apr 2013
What difference do we make,
when a friend we meet to comfort
and to their needs relate.

We sit there often mute
with nothing worth to say,
that provides them anything  astute

Perhaps that’s just the point
they know your limitations;
that their woeful head you can’t anoint.

It’s God that needs to touch them.
They need His Presence, Divine,
And in your caring touch they’ll find Him.

So don’t worry what you’ll say then
It’s your presence that they need
and what they see in you - is Him.

©2013 Michael S Davis
Michael S Davis Apr 2013
Language precisely
is an inaccurate device
to communicate.

©2013 Michael S Davis
Michael S Davis Apr 2013
The way of the Spirit is...

Love, the Spirit's essence;
Joy, the Spirit's song;
Peace, the Spirit's rest;
Longsuffering, the Spirit's patience;
Gentleness, the Spirit's touch;
Goodness, the Spirit's manner;
Faith, the Spirit's attitude;
Meekness, the Spirit's strength;
Temperance, the Spirit's control.

©1981 Michael S. Davis
A Commentary on Galatians 5:22-23
Michael S Davis Apr 2013
Verse 1
Through this maze of life I wander,
Wondering which path I should take.
Questioning, I look for answers,
So many choices I must make.

Verse 2
Through the paths of life I stumble,
Often falling into snares.
Is there freedom from this *******,
Or am I doomed to bleak despair?

Verse 3*
Through this maze I seek an answer.
What is the price and who will pay.
Only Jesus, Lord and master,
Will guide my steps and lead the way.

Step by step, I'll follow Jesus.
Step by step, I will not roam.
Step by step, I know he'll guide me.
He paid the price, He'll lead me home.

©1983 Michael S. Davis
Another song.
Michael S Davis Apr 2013
Just You and me, Lord;
alone a few moments, I bask in Your love
away from all torments.

Just You and me, Lord;
in praise adoration, I now do renew
my faithful devotion.

Just You and me, Lord;
Your Word fresh and new, helps me see things
from Your point of view.

Just You and me, Lord;
we'll walk hand in hand, as I tell Your Good News,
right by me You'll stand.

©1990 Michael S. Davis
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