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Bought from Clements on a cold afternoon
A coachbuilt navy Silvercross pram
For my third and beautiful little lamb
And when she was born at six pounds thirteen
I wrapped her tight and placed her inside
She had long black hair brushed in a peak
And more lovelier a sight could not be reached
And destiny played out its days and more lovelier
She became each day and now at forty- four
Has four to love and tender and put in seats of cars
Not gigantic coachbuilt stars.

Love Mummy ***
When we go aboating on the Norfolk Broads
Taking all our memories from the years before
As from childhood after the Second World War
Holidays were a speciality greatly to be adored
A prized commodity, a delight to be taken right
So going aboating on the Norfolk Broads was all.

Love Mary
Lavender lays where the spider cries
On the gravel path by the lawn
The licacious tree spills its leaves
And the spider runs around.

If I could give you a book of thistledown
Lined in sashes of jade silk
And edged in purple squares
Your days fill every page
And every day be you.

Love Mary
Along the path walked Bluebell
Her face a rosy glow
She marched like a soldier boy
Going to a show.

On her head golden curls
She wore a bright red coat
And happiness lay all about
Where the little child dwelt.

Love Grandma xxxx
I saw the silver swan
Open her wings, glistening
On the top of a white stage
It was noble, nightly
And the stage a circular pond
Let me flow softly
Following the rhythm of Bach
Silver swan I will swim to you
For with you I am entranced
This is a lovelet of songs.

Love Mary
Written in hospital just recently.
Why Winter more watery
Are your tears?
Thay hold to the silence
Of the music that stopped.

A rose and a clementine
A muscician and a clown
A Curiot with a Bible
These gatherings we are.

Love Mary ***
Come to the meadow and the midnight flowers will steal your woes
Follow the river and the water will welcome your winding wearies
Glance up at the sun and the birds will soar your fears
Dance through the trees and the leaves will whisper away your tears
Spring into the ocean and the tide will sooth your mind
Dig in the ground and the soil will root out your weeded nerves
Wander into the world and mother nature will hug you mighty tight
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