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I just leave one door open or window
then you open the floodgates for cat's
I have no idea of their fascination
yet boy do they give me mighty headaches and frustrations  

I sit here in contemplation
and all I hear are the meowing of these critters
then next thing I know, there is one on my lap
purring and kneading my thighs
and oh my god there is one on my feet
no chance for freedom, I am in defeat

What's wrong with these cats
where do they all come from
my wife tells me don't worry
they know a ***** when they see one
and I wonder what does she mean
for it does sound rather obscene

I have no catnip in my pockets
no whiskers in my pants
but whatever is open
they come in the hundreds to prance

By Christos Andreas Kourtis aka NeonSolaris
She was the last of her kind
black carded for the headhunters
it was a race to whom would get the hit
poor Chariot was in deep ****

Most were armed to the nines
for Chariot was a clever monkey
her hit list was of kings and queens
she was a formidable opponent

Faster than light
one of the fighter elite
a killer most complete
trained well in the art of war
I called her Babylons *****

This was going to be ******
killer on killer rules
taking her out
oh my god was a sweet pleasure

Poor Chariot did not have a chance
I took out five others of mine just to get to her first
I wanted that pinned to my rapture
as I hated her more than most to capture

No headshot for her
I took her out classically
hanging on a lamppost
upsidedown naked as born

By Christos Andreas Kourtis aka NeonSolaris
I watch the ripples as one by one
I throw pebbles in the pond
watching the rippling waves
that come lapping to my feet

The cause and effects
is a curious fascination
an unbridled passion
that does appeal to my eyes

I watch the frogs on lily pads
bounce up and down
they stay motionless
with splade feet firmly on their mound

White swans with slender necks drift by
reeds do rasp in the gentle spring winds
in the background, I hear peacocks call
it's a haunting sound the strangest of all

The skies are blue and sapphire
the smell of rebirth is in the air
as I throw another pebble in the pond
drifting dreamily as I watch and stare

By Christos Andreas Kourtis aka NeonSolaris
I wake in the morning and see my puppy convulsing
******* I think puppy needs a vet
poor little thing
a healer I must get

So I get dressed rather quickly
this is not a bad dream it's ****** reality
I take the creature in my arms
to the veterinarians in alarm

Seven-hundred pounds later
and a few tentative hours
and the puppy is back on his feet
back to normal and still complete

When I get home I see why
the little chap did my chocolate spy
he had yummy it up the ****** pup
jumped on the table and ate all up

A most expensive piece of chocolate
that money for old rope came out of my pocket
you know how I felt I bet
maybe the puppy will need another vet

By Christos Andreas Kourtis aka NeonSolaris
She was a slave girl of ancient Greece
her hair was black and flowed in warm winds with beauty
her justice was her glory she was the kindest of the kind
was a Heliconian of the steps of Sparta
she had been taken at night in an Agogi killing spree
and now she was a bought slave in Athens

The wars of the Greek states were at all-time highs
many cities did have their own clandestine spies
that would convey the strengths and of the city-states
and the weaknesses of the people
I in those days was one of the few
and loved that slave girl and so would have you

By the Fountain of forever, I did meet her
I gave her the bracelet of freedom
so no more could she ever be a slave
and free should and would always be forevermore

By Christos Andreas Kourtis aka NeonSolaris
I wonder sometimes of this eccentricity
I always go out for its pitta passing over me
my heart does leap when I smell it, such a wonder
that rain does come this sweet way I get fonder
this is what nature to me means you see

It's my safe zone, I have seen the wizard of Oz
with that cutie Toto that relentless yapping dog
seen the wicked witch with tap water and even rain
sliver and meltdown down to her dungeon drains
so I go out and about without a doubt

Nothing is so refreshing as the English summer rains
it cools my brow and does extinguish the fire in my brain
I am sure I would sizzle if you did touch me
probably snap crackle and pop
liken to seedlings seeking soft fertile soil

I wish in my next life I could come back as a tree
but I am sure that is not to be, oh woe is me
I would have loved to have roots deep within the soil
and on sunny days feel the magnitude of my age
lend shade to those that could never live to my age

My limbs would stretch when such abundant rains did come
my leaves caressed by the sweet downpour and more
but at this moment I am almost human in body and soul
I know I have many more changes and lives to go
but to be a tree in the rain I could be so

By Christos Andreas Kourtis aka NeonSolaris
They had no chance of redemption
as they fell one by one
wifi had taken over
and killed the young and old

The truth would abide with them
these pollinators of our once green earth
they gave life to flowers
yet now they die in their thousands

No words did they speak
no flowers did they not seek
but yet a race of pollinators
are now even dying or dead

By Christos Andreas Kourtis aka NeonSolaris
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