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Be aware that
There are stupid dudes
Out there posing as the Australian government to tell people
They have got a tax refund
But they are just scammers after your money because all you really
Need to do, dudes is
Check your financial papers (mine is mygov)
To see if you have a tax refund due
If you don’t, oh well you know it’s a scam
Don’t fall for it, dudes
There is maybe no tax refund
From these people
They just want your bank details
So they can scam you out of
Lots of cash
Don’t fall for it
Money isn’t easy to get your hands on
Nothing is free
There is no such thing as a free lunch
Ok well I am saying
Don’t get scammed
I got ticks
From schitzophrenis
The ticks
Are saying the world is out to get me
When I work
I feel people are whipping me on the feet
Telling me to hurry up
And I feel insects are getting in my skin
And having fun biting me
I know they are just schitzophrenic ticks you see
That makes the world sick of me
I have an itchy ***
I have an itchy ***
It could be just worms
Or diabetes or it could plain schizophrenic ticks just bothering me
You see when I feel a poking
Sensation in my grind
I know it is just a schitzophrenic tick
When poke my leg
Poke my leg
Like a light saver from Star Wars
Striking me good
And it has been controlled by schitzophrenic ticks
And hopefully controlled by pregabalin
A nerve drug to settle my ticks
And my nerves
Chocolate for mochalate
Is really tasty
Melts in your mouth
Making you crazy
As soon as ya full
Stop eating them
Just enjoy them when you are empty
Brown food is nice
As long as it’s chocolate
Don’t eat poo
For it’s discgusting
Don’t ever compare chocolate with it
It is only the colour not how to taste it
Chocolate for mochalate
Creamy taste oh yeah mate yeah
Even if you are feeling sick
You should still eat it
It has special sugars in it
Don’t use the milk from a woman’s ***
Chocolate chocolate chocolate
Dude dude dude
A heart filled with ice cream
With chocolate covering it
You see you can do anything
Better than it
Just eat it and be proud
I am an Irishman
My name is Brian Allan
I will party on the streets
Of st Patrick’s day
I don’t know what
I will dress up like
A pizza slice or
Or maybe a man
Who plays Gaelic football
I will play for Ireland
Hopefully we will beat australia
You see I want to party on the streets
At the parade so cool
The irish flag is high and large
Go the mighty Irishmen
You see our music is so cool
Go the mighty irishmen
St Patrick is upon us
Yes yes yes
The party is on
For the great Brian Allan
Party all night and day ****** long
We are descendant from the Irish
So that makes st pats cool
Ready if it’s hot to jump in a pool
Break no Irish rule
The coolest dudes around
Ahh the Irish
All in good fun
St Patrick’s day
St Patrick’s day
The best day in the world
Where the streets are coloured green my love
The best day in the world
Lepricorns and green pizza slices
Having so much fun
People in green top hats smoking green pipes yes that is so much fun
St Patrick was a true Catholic
Who lived life to the full
Great Irish Sea shanty’s
Playing right down the road
Giving gifts in bags
To everyone in the crowd
Children’s dance groups
Dancing to true Irish music
Kids in back of police cars
Having a ****** ball
Also in fire engines
Putting out an Irish fire
St Patrick st Patrick
A day of fun for all
Johnny brown is captured in the psych ward

You see with the cannula stuck in Johnny’s arm he started to hear voices from his crazy head and David and raeleen sent him to Ron so he can be able to help him and they weighed him and
Tried to give him medication and Johnny replied, I don’t want any of your fucken medication it is causing really bad side effects and Ron said Johnny, you need this because your mind hasn’t been better since we inserted the cannula into your arm and it made your arm swell up, I understand your frustration and you need to go on abilify to calm yourself down and Johnny said I am not sick well I am but not mentally it is physical and the doctors put the cannula in my arm my arms swell up and you guys are saying that I have a mental problem when it is your own fucken fault and you are going to give me a shot of a psychotic medication which will not cure me instead of a antibiotic to help relieve the swelling
So, Ron if you are a psychiatrist ******* and send me back to the fucken doctors because these aren’t a mental illness it is my fucken arm which you quacks caused by sticking a fucken cannula in my arm
And Ron said there is nothing I can do, the doctors said you need a mental health assessment and Johnny said if you give me psychotic medication I won’t take it
This is your way of saying your not negligent and you fucken are, Ron said ok I will give you a brain scan to see if there is anything there, because if there isn’t anything there, I don’t Know I just don’t like your ***** mouth, Johnny said I was meeting my son at the club for a beer to celebrate getting out and you guys are sticking me in here because of a bit of ***** mouth, Ron asked are you hearing voices and Johnny said my voices are saying get me the **** out of here and send me back to the fucken ward
I am not fucken crazy like I have no idea of killing a woman and putting her head in my fridge and Ron said, let’s talk about that then and Johnny said I am not going to do that, Ron said why say it if you are not mentally ill and I won’t stab a gay man in the chest ******* think I am crazy
You guys should see a psychiatrist for sticking a cannula in my arm and forcing
A bit of swelling
I will soo you ya ****
Ron put Johnny in isolation to calm him down and force fed psychotic medication into him, mind you this put Johnny right to sleep
I actually played a rocker of a game of rugby league

You see I was on my way
To play with the raiders
I wasn’t sure how I will play
But I was very unsure
I was listening to YouTube playlist
On my iPhone
The song was bad bad Leroy brown
Making me think of a song I wrote
Called big bad Brian Allan
I ran into the field
To the bad and mean green machine
Fearsome men from the ACT
Don’t try and stop
The men in green
Because we will hit ya hit ha hit ya
Till you see green
The kickoff happened
Brian was tough
At present there was no ball
But a storm was erupting
Then the opposition kicked the ball toward Brian
The lightning hit him forcing him to tackle the opposition player
But after that Brian couldn’t control his actions
Running into the fence
But still Brian was a try saving hero
But the storm was an electrical storm
And the match was postponed
But nobody could stop Brian’s
Try saving tackle
Saying that will give them the 2
Brian was walking around the ground
Trying for people to congratulate him
You MR was there saying why did the raiders win
Brian couldn’t control the lightning
Then the game report was being written
And Brian went to have a look
The coach said Brian don’t look at this
They are very hurtful
Just go home and train
You couldn’t help what happened tonight
You can’t control the storm
So JW and JP took Brian home
Offering if Brian wants to train
But Brian was worried and decided
He wanted to go straight home
So Brian got home at 8-00
And had a nice lesagne
And as he cooked Brian turned on the radio
And then he found out they wanted
Their listeners to know my view of the
Try saving tackle I did
But they didn’t know my number
So they looked for all my namesake
On the internet and went through everyone
But still not me
I cracked open a can of coke
And went to bed
Then they finally got through
And I woke up in the real world
Realising the whole thing was a dream
When I saw 10 shake
Of people ringing their girlfriends
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