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Six feet under
Doesn’t worry me
My body will be dead
But my soul is alive
You see as long as I am walking
And Keeping me fit
Able to party on all night
Yes that will be alright
You see I might want to look young
Live my life and have a lot of fun
It doesn’t matter when I die
Who gives a ****
I go to my next life
In Katie Donnelly or Annie Le Blanc
Annie would be great mate
Cause I will be back with my gran
Six feet under
Doesn’t worry me
My body will be dead
But my soul is alive
You see I want to be a popular dude
Even in my adult life
But not like now
I don’t want a mental illness
I don’t want a disability
My next life I will be cool
And have cool friends
Feel cool oh yeah
I can party on tik tok
And Instagram too
I want my next life to be loved
And I want to have fun
Six feet under
Doesn’t worry me
My body will be dead
But my soul
My ******* soul
Will be alive
Back in the day
Of September 11 2001
In most areas of the USA
Twin towers
The pentagon
Had big aeroplanes going through them
And the planes weren’t empty
They were full
Of many Americans who love business
Love travel
And the terrorists said it was good
But if you look at it
So many people died
And so many people to this very day
Are feeling very lost and shamefull
Very sad
But those people are still with us
The terrorists didn’t win
They could be somewhere different
But they are still angels of the lord
Shine Buddha shine
Remembering this terrible day yeah
People who loved life
And loved their family
Shine Buddha shine
Feel the spirit of the victims
As you speak to other people
Yes that feels so great
Just shine Buddha shine
This day was awful
So many people lost their lives
Just sit back and remember their ways
The grand old duke of York
Had associations with a phedaphile
He marched the children  into his bedroom
And stuck his **** in them
Then he will cover it up
As if it never happened
He loves to put his **** up children dude
That is sick and rude
You see this duke of York
Loves to put his **** up kids
He will hang around schools
And feel his ******* getting hard
You see this duke of York
I ain’t scared to bash him up
You see had connections with Epstein
******* little ****
The kids were fucken scared
For their fucken life
The duke of York covered up abuse
He is fucken sick
You see he has serious problems
With the things he did
Probably they should lock him up
And throw away the key
Then it will be
The grand old duke of York
He has 10-000 friends
In jail and outside jail
But the truth is he won’t go to jail
Because he is related to the queen
The duke of York
Gets away with bad stuff
There are no consequences on what
He does go home go home
You see a few years ago
I was part of define fitness yeah
And I thought it was weird the way
They treated me
They wanted me to be a rich ****
They wanted me to sell my art
Basically on the road at trash and treasure
They pushed me around like I was a piece of meat mate
They didn’t care about my safety
They just wanted me to just
Enjoy being slim
Maybe I do but in my own way
Not drinking salty water or beef stock no way
Just eating the food I like you know oh yeah
You see it is hard to be like them
If they treat you like a rich ****
You know taking you out wiping
The poor man out of you
You see I had it made
Before I joined define fitness
I enjoyed doing things
And having fun yeah
Making me lift weights
Heavier than my own weight
Define fitness is an organisation
Full of rich ******
You see I had it best
Before I had them
I had to do two squats after one pull of vacuum
Eating everything with 10 shakes of salt on
Putting salt in my water
Like I am drinking out of the sea
I had it best
Before I had them
I could’ve broken my back
You see I was slack
I won an award but if I wasn’t good
The next session
He would say I will take your medals away
Which I think they are a bunch of rich ******
Sure it is good to exercise but mate
Were pushers
I hated them they made me feel like a ****
You you you
I had it best
Before I had before I had before I had them
Time after time I wanted to leave them
And go back to solo exhibitions in
The art hall
And not sell them at trash and treasure
Like a loser does
I had it best I really had it best
Before I ever had define fitness
Treating me like a rich ***** of an adult
And not just a nice adult I want to be
Cheap seats is weird
Very very dumb
There is nothing cool
About this show
Just two very wealthy tools
They made fun of the Queensland premier
Saying she has a silly name
But when it came to Gladys
They said they got it right
They are taking the Mickey
Out of Daniel andrews
Mate that is really bad
They made fun of a poor woman
Who gets her protest sign taken away
I thought that was so spastic oh yeah
Just because you dress in a suit
Doesn’t mean you have funny jokes
They made fun of the Tour de France commentators
And they made fun of the Japanese
Who were protesting against something
Probably the fact they can’t see the Olympics
They look at funny bits of reality tv
But they ignore home and away
They laugh at the fact that 12 year old boys
Should drink a bottle of beer
I hate this show it is stupid
And it is totally Rupert trash
Making fun of the poor or the people helping the poor
Of exploiting kids as well
Cheap seats is stupid very very dumb
Don’t watch it if you have half a brain that works
David Mather is in the womb or Taylor Marlor
With mark Marlor being his new dad
You see David Mather was a very nice person
And he wanted to be with the kid who liked Brian Allan
But I know for a fact that David Mather misses his family
So Buddha made him still live in Canberra to be close to them
You see he died around my birthday, he was also getting sick at times when I knew him
He loved cleaning the shoes at. Vinnies Belconnen whilst he spoke about his family
Please Buddha give David a great next life with Taylor and mark whilst he looks over his old family
Enjoy your new life David Mather
Dos and don’t about life
Don’t get into any strife
Don’t fight with your wife
Be good be great be grand
Don’t listen to losers on the street
Don’t listen to hypoactive personal trainers
Never listen to the liberals
Never never never
Getting drunk on beer
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