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Mel is now in her next womb
Of the great bindi Irwin
She wanted to be with Queenslanders
Even if they aren’t there all the time
She loved being with the people at hands on studio
It was her second home
But now she had passed away
And joined bindi and her husband
I hope you have a superb new life there, Mel
Going from loving heavy metal and socialising with friends
To loving life with the Irwin’s
I hope they don’t give you pink, you hated that colour
But the new life you will be in might have different likes and dislikes
Farewell Mel, when we go to the NGA next week
We will think of that was your fave excursion
Farewell Mel
David Mather is in the womb or Taylor Marlor
With mark Marlor being his new dad
You see David Mather was a very nice person
And he wanted to be with the kid who liked Brian Allan
But I know for a fact that David Mather misses his family
So Buddha made him still live in Canberra to be close to them
You see he died around my birthday, he was also getting sick at times when I knew him
He loved cleaning the shoes at. Vinnies Belconnen whilst he spoke about his family
Please Buddha give David a great next life with Taylor and mark whilst he looks over his old family
Enjoy your new life David Mather
Dos and don’t about life
Don’t get into any strife
Don’t fight with your wife
Be good be great be grand
Don’t listen to losers on the street
Don’t listen to hypoactive personal trainers
Never listen to the liberals
Never never never
Getting drunk on beer
Today I heard a man ask a woman
Are you disabled or a slave to the system
He was really letting her have it
Like the ******* he is
He probably votes for the liberal party
To say things like that
He even brought in prostitutes
It didn’t make sense
I felt sorry for the woman
She was disabled she had problems
And he was a total ****
A ******* to boot
I understand that life can be hard
It isn’t easy to work as easy as him
I like how people are gathering together to help people
Even online
To answer your question
I am a cool adult and you are a slave to the system
So ******* mate
The Corona virus
Is making fussy people even fussier
In a way that they start preaching about
How people wash their hands etc
The Corona virus
Is stopping the cool people who like dancing from being cool
The Corona virus
Is always being mentioned on the news
When you wanna see other news
The Corona virus
Is making the boring non party people making everyone be like them
The Corona virus
Makes it right to not talk to people on the street despite them being nice
The Corona virus
Is killing the loving life people
The Corona virus
Is adding too many rules forcing the fun
People to stop having fun
The Corona virus
Is a **** of a disease
I want to dance
I want to party
I want to not worry about how I wash my hands
I want people to stop worrying about silly little things about being clean
You only should be clean if you need to be clean, otherwise not needed
I want to go to outdoor events
I want to have fun
And be cool
But the Corona virus is stopping that
Guess my gender
Will you please
Before we tell you
Having fun decorating the room
Any colour will do
If it is black
Do you think
That it would be dark
If it is green
Will it match the grass
Out in the park
Light blue my friend
Would be good
Yes that is so good
Oh my darling won’t you please
Give me my fucken food
Don’t wait till the gender date
Cause I am hungry now
But you must wait till we name
The gender cause
The meal will be suited
Each one
Love the gender no matter what
And always will oh yeah
I will love the gender
Yes I will
Have a lot of fun
Beer and wine and spirits yeah
And a special gift
To the gender I choose
Oh my oh my oh my darling
Please my dear
Getting drink Down ya
If it is a boy give a dark
And the girls choose light
But what if the gender you get
Wants to change the rules
Just except it like a man
And don’t you be a fool
Love love love
The gender and we will always will
Donald trump is a fool
Totally yes he is
He has stupid things to say
About covid 19
Yes Donald Trump ain’t cool
He just sticks up
To his republican mates
He doesn’t care oh no
You see he will think that Biden rigged
The 2020 election oh yeah
He refused to concede
Like a little child
Yes well stupid pain he is
Donald Donald Donald
Kevin ****** Wilson
Says his life is a reality tv show
He used to be on the apprentice
And I bet he was a pain on that
Cause Donald tromp is a fool
Mate jump in the pool
That will be better than you
Donald ya fool
Donald ya fool
Biden is better than you
Donald ya fool
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