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Bullying is wrong
If you bully someone to make them want to **** themselves
It is wrong
I feel for poor little children who get bullied
Even if the bully says it is just a harmless tease
It is not
Remember dolly killed herself 2 years ago it is wrong
Very very wrong
When I was a kid I was locked in a room
I hated that so much
People used to harass me for money
Saying if I don’t give it to them
They won’t be my friend
That was wrong
Like when I was smoking
People tried to bully a smoke out of me
So I gave up smoking
All that is wrong
You might think they are just joking with you but no, they are bullies
Really bad bullies
My late father was very good at helping people who got bullied
But I became too scared to tell my parents
Mainly because I liked the school
But every school has bullies
And I think IT IS WRONG
To bully a poor child who is trying to love life like me
I didn’t **** myself because I love life too much
It is awful to bully kids like quadan bayles who was bullied and he wanted to end his life but his mother showed the stupid bullies that Quaden bayles suffered from that and then he brought out the players at the football and got a trip to Disneyland and I think it is great how people rallied around him through his ordeal
I hate online bullies
They are stupid too
Bullying people they hardly know
And taking people’s money
Bullying is wrong
There is too much bullying in this world
It is stupid to bully people over what they look like or what their beliefs are
I think if more people were like me
Everyone will be happy
Cause I love my life too much to let any bully worry me
But I was a bit shy and sometimes let the bully take over
But I was never into killing myself
Dolly can’t do it but Quaden and all the other bully victims like me should
Tell them that they love life too much to let them worry me
Bullying is very very wrong
Fight this world from bullies
Hey crazy lady
Hey crazy lady
Why are you saying ******* to me
I have no idea of who the ****
You ****** are
I call you crazy because
For the simple reason
Only crazy people curse all day
Especially when I love my life too much to worry about **** like you
You are a crazy lady
A very crazy lady
Can’t seem to stop swearing
You are very crazy
You need the psych ward, mate
I am normal very normal
I don’t yell at anyone oh know
Not like you, who yells all the fucken day
I want you to get out of my head
And get out of my life
Cause you are too crazy
To ever be like me
It doesn’t sound good when you yell
You look like your crazy
And you need a bit of psychotic medication
To clean out your mind
You need to give the world a break
You ugly little ****
Because nobody wants to hear you yell
Oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah
You think you are expressing your feelings but really you are crazy
If you think you need to be
As fucken angry as you are
You see you love to curse
At your life today
I get tired of hearing it
Just ******* today
You might be poor
You might have problems
But really you are crazy
Who needs help today
I wish you will go away
And leave me alone
You see your voice is annoying like
I was being attacked by a clone
Like is Star Wars you are an alien
Who is in strife
You see when you yell like a crazy lady, you don’t understand that
I really do love life
I wish you will go away
So I could think about life
I the way I would like
So crazy lady
So crazy lady
Just shut your trap today
I don’t want you to yell at me
Cause I don’t even know who the
******* are
The after life part 13

Cronus has had his fair share of junkies recently when someone who killed himself after overdosing on Panadol and Cronus said Jacki burnhead who do you want to be in your next life and Jacki said I want to be a bird and when that bird dies, I want to be another bird untill I get confident enough to be a human again, and Cronus said I could arrange that because taking too much Panadol is bad and it is ****** behaviour and Jacki said I am not a ****** mate I was just somebody who was in a lot of pain and no prescribed medication at the right dose was doing any good, so I went to the shop to buy heaps and heaps of Panadol and Cronus said, did that stop the pain you ahead and Jacki said **** NO, all it did is fucken **** me but I am no ******, right, I just wanted Athena to heal me and Cronus said Athena will only heal if you do the right thing on earth like take the right dose, Athena will call you a ******, Jacki
****** Jacki that is what you are, a total ****** and Jacki said, I AM NOT A ******, just stop calling me a ******, I was in pain, can’t you tell and Cronus said ok, but really you need to learn and I think you are right, you need to be a bird, flying in the air for a while because you don’t really have a real purpose in life like other people, you just expect Athena to heal you with easy ****** like drugs like Panadol and Jacki said I am going to **** you from the after life and Cronus laughed saying, you can’t **** me, out of here because I am a powerful being who will make you a rainbow lorikeet and Jacki said, thank you, I guess and Cronus sent Jacki to Athena for a soul check and after yelling at Athena for 10 minutes, which she lost, then went to Saturn to have a methane smoothie and to watch bon Scott and Freddie Mercury
Perform and then Cronus had Brian simonston from Westminster who was killed by a drug ****** after getting hit by a speeding car and Cronus said
Brian, what do you want to be in your next life and Brian said I want to be a salt water crocodile, because I love salt water, I want to be protected enough so I won’t mean to **** anybody and I want to be looked after by the Irwin family and I want to really destroy that junkies life up here from space, like I want to get inside his head so he doesn’t get away with what he did to me and Cronus said, I can see what I could do, and yes, you could really get into his head, of that ****** ****** and Brian said thanks and then went to Athena for a soul check and went to mercury to torture the junkies of earth in their heads and then Cronus had Kenneth Barbury who was a man doctors called a ****** because he always wanted a stronger medication to heal him, and he doesn’t believe in the powers of Athena because the cosmos to him should be easy, and Cronus said what do you want to be in your next life and Kenneth said, a boy in a happy family who has money for me to be cool and playing sport or theatre and Cronus said, well, even if you reckon athena’s powers are fake I will grant your wish and you will go to a wealthy happy family, but you must learn that Athena can heal you, she has that power and Kenneth said ok, whatever and Cronus sent him to Athena for a soul check which Kenneth was shocked to see Athena was real and then went to Jupiter to watch a football match between cosmos capitals and Cronus kings and Kenneth wants to have the power to write a story of what he knows about the after life with Cronus and Athena and Buddha
The after life part 12

Cronus has been having a hard time sending each soul to the earth body they need and then he met up with a drug addict (ice) named Johnny fooey
And Cronus said Johnny I see you yell at passers by, by saying ******* or ******* you stupid ****** and I think for doing that you should be given a good family to really look after you, so if you yelled at them you will be labeled crazy and Johnny said are you calling me crazy and Cronus said if you yell at people, yes I do think you are crazy and Johnny said I think you should get a nice bunch of fives and Cronus said Judy what a crazy person does and I think I will send you to cape town in South Africa where your family will be so nice and Johnny said those people deserved to be yelled at and Cronus said nobody deserves to be yelled at and the way they don’t treat you bad is to try and keep a busy agenda as opposed to taking ice to ease your troubles and we all know that no drug eases your troubles and Johnny said Cronus’ mind your own business and let me do what I want, and Cronus said that sort of attitude is really bad, saying I need to take drugs to be happy, when we all know that drugs make you a very angry person, and if you hit me, it won’t work because I can’t be killed
I am the ruler of the afterlife and Johnny fooey, you will go to a good family in Cape Town and then he sent Johnny to Athena for a soul check and then Johnny went to Pluto to enjoy a few cosmic ales
And then Cronus was dealing with brad taylor from New York in the USA
And he asked brad, what do you want to be in your next life and brad said I was murdered by a armed bandit who looked like he was on ice and that makes me scared to come back, but I think if I must have a earth body, I would like to be in California where I could swim a lot and really enjoy life
Because I want to show ice addicts that I love my life too much to let them **** the soul in me, he might have killed me but I will kick but in my next life
And Cronus said, I will give you power to say no to any drug because it will be in your mind and then Cronus sent brad to Athena for a soul check and brad went to Venus to PARTY all day and night untill his new earth body is born and then Robert tobit came along and Cronus said what or who do you want to be in your next life and Robert said I want to be away from the drug ice and all it’s sufferers
Because I took too much ice and every day it made me angrier and angrier and my very own mother worried about me, so Cronus please put me in a better life and Cronus said
Well I will see what I can do because you abused a lot of people and I think you need to get away from drug addicts but you were given that chance to get out of it when your parents tried to move you away and you nearly killed them and they never got over it, so Cronus said I think I will put you in Arlington in Texas where there are a lot of bogans and Robert said, NO I don’t want to be near them
I want to be fucken normal and Cronus said so did your parents in your last life, yes I will send you to Arlington in Texas in a family to teach your soul a lesson and Robert said
******* and Cronus sent him to Buddha for a reincarnation test and then to Athena for a soul check
And Robert went to Saturn to watch a band and drink a methane smoothie
The after life Part 11

Today Cronus has to deal with cerebral palsy sufferer Joan Cartwright who was bashed and robbed and killed by two heartless people, Cronus said to Joan, I know it is hard but who do you want to be in your next life and Joan said well, I want to be able bodied because people get behind the bottle and are out to get disabled people and I want to look down at them and make sure they go to jail for a long long time and Cronus said ok I understand that you suffered severely from those heartless drunken people and I understand that you want to not be disabled, so I will send you to the UK where you will have all your limbs but don’t forget your last life where you were a bad serial killer and I think with the mount of times you suffered I think it is enough, so I think after 26 years of a life of suffering no disabled person should suffer like you had so I will make you able bodied it will be hard so I will send you to Buddha where you could talk about your 26 years of suffering and Joan said yes I remember my last rebirth but I am not that serial killer anymore and I blame you for my life gone wrong and yes I understand that it feels awful for what I did back then, so please make my next life better and Buddha and Cronus could see she is sorry for all that and having a severely disabled earth body was bad and after that Joan was sent to Athena for a soul check and then she went to Saturn to enjoy a methane smoothie and after that Cronus had young 14 year old David brown who was kidnapped and killed by an armed robber when he was home alone one day and Cronus asked David what do you want to be in your next life and David said I want to be a puppy dog and stay puppy size even as an adult dog where I could be cute and cuddly all through my life and being a dog, no armed robber will ever get my human flesh and Cronus said ok I will see what I can do and he sent David to Athena for a soul check before he went to mercury where ted bundy was and David found himself ******* to the sun with all of his dead friends and then ted bundy said you will be a little lost dog where I will have your soul forever and David said no, HELP ME CRONUS
And Cronus said ted leave David alone, let him be what he wants and then Cronus pressed the methane gun and blasted Bundy right to Saturn and David was untied and went to Jupiter to eat a Jupiter moon cake
And said thank you to Cronus
The after life part 10

Today Cronus is still busy sending people to their next lives when child *** offender, Ryan peters comes up to him, and Cronus said I have the perfect life for you, your next life will suffer on earth and I will make you a wild pig, you see when you did your crimes people said ‘Leave the children alone you fucken pig and I know pigs are cute but I still think it is a good idea to make you a pig and Ryan said no, I want to be in a rich family where I am looked after by loving parents, pigs suffer mate and I don’t want to be a pig and Cronus said sorry, Ryan but I have to make you a wild pig where you will having a hard time looking for food and Ryan said, don’t you think I need to learn the family life and Cronus said why should you, because you ain’t a family person or animal you are a wild pig and you deserve to be in the wild, Ryan yelled at Cronus saying you are the one who is **** because I saw a priest in prison and I am totally reformed and Cronus said I know but a lot of people see priests and still make other people suffer, so you are a wild pig from the day you enter the world to the exit, because what you did was dreadful and Cronus sent Ryan to Buddha and Athena for a soul check and to make sure this pig suffers positively and Ryan went to Jupiter to try and cause a hurricane in his city he lived in and then Cronus looked after **** victim Katrina petty who lost her life in a terrible **** and Cronus said Katrina what or who do you want to be in your next life and Katrina said I want to be in Russia where I could look over my grandchildren who live there and I want you to save me from the bad people like my ****** and Cronus said I will do exactly that, helping you be the person you want to be and Cronus sent Katrina to Athena for a soul check and then Katrina sat in Uranus where she enjoyed some good music by deceased Russian singers and then Cronus saw Patrick gloright who was a nice man who lived in a public housing property in Australia and he got killed in a violent robbery and Cronus said Patrick gloright, who or what do you want to be in your next life and Patrick said I want to be a wild pig where I could hassle Ryan peters every day to make him feel awful about what he did to the children, I want to come in the same litter as Ryan where I could hassle him every day and that would mend the blade of grass to get him back for what he did and Cronus said ok, I will see what I could do, it would be great to see Ryan peters suffer a bit, because what he did was dreadful and Cronus sent Patrick to Buddha for a spiritual mending blades of grass talk and sent to Athena for a soul check and Patrick tried to stop the hurricane that Ryan is trying to cause and Cronus is happy that Patrick gloright has a brave spirit to get Ryan back for his crimes
The after life part 9

Today Cronus was even more busier than ever sending people to their next lives and his latest person was 14 year old beryl stone with her two sisters Harriet and sienna who were on their way to get ice cream when a drunk driver came out of nowhere and hit them and killed all 3 of them together and Cronus said beryl, Harriet and sienna, who do you want to be in your next life, do you want to be together or seperate and you will lose everything in your next life and sienna said I want to be with beryl and Harriet but if it can’t be done we want to be together as best friends and Cronus said ok, is there anywhere you will want to go in the world and Harriet said, not in Australia, that’s for sure because people say it is the lucky country but we weren’t lucky in that car, I like to go to the USA, where we could have anything we want, and beryl and sienna said yes, USA for us but beryl said in different families because I want to meet one of them and marry them and Cronus said well I can’t guarantee that but that is something you must work towards doing and sienna said, what is going to happen to the crazy drunk driver and Cronus said well I can’t do much there but I will guarantee he will get what is coming to him and then Cronus sent beryl and Harriet and sienna to Athena for a soul check and after that they went to Saturn for a methane ice cream spider and then travelled around the universe hoping they can have a forfilled life and then Cronus saw famous horse trainer Tom Barclay and said who do you want to be in your next life and Tom said I want to be a racehorse so I could win races and be cared for by the next generation of little girls and boys and make my jockey win a lot of races and my fans win a lot of money and Cronus said yes but we are supposed to mend each blade of grass by helping people, you seem to encourage gambling and Tom said yes, I know but it was hard to be a human, especially after I got sick and had to get away from the horses and if I was a horse I will be around horses all the time, and I can mend heaps of blades of grass that way, I won’t live as long as a horse, maybe I will want to be another person after that and Cronus said, what could you offer people as a horse, I could ride children and adults around and I could keep horses from not going extinct and Cronus said that is mending blades of grass so he sent him to Athena for a soul check and Tom went to Saturn to ride dinosaurs high on methane and then Cronus had Kenny Harrison who was a volunteer fireman who died tackling the south coast fires and Cronus said what do you want to be in your next life and Kenny said I want to make a difference in people’s lives by helping people to rebuild their lives from natural disasters and Cronus said yes but I can’t give you much there except give you the helping people spirit abs put you in a family who wants to make a difference as well, so you could learn when your next life becomes an adult and Kenny said ok I will hopefully won’t get bullied into helping people by them though, I want to make a difference in what my calling is, and Cronus said ok no worries and sent him to Athena for a soul check and then to Buddha to get a helping people spirit and then Kenny went to Jupiter to help stop evil spirits from causing hurricanes and Cronus said it is great that he wants to mend each blade of grass
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