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Valentina:*  *What are you doing after the club baby?

Me:  I don't know yet. I might hit up another club. I have two other ladies with me. Wanna come with?

Valentina:  Actually, I'm feeling really ***** and I just wanna have some fun.  You should bring those ladies with you. We could all have a foursome. ;)

Me:   Count me in

Valentina:  Mmm yeah daddy.  Meet me at my hotel.  I'll text you the address.

Me:  You got the condoms?

Valentina:  Yeah baby. I have champagne too.  Just bring that **** body of yours ;)

Me:  Cool. I'm on my way.

Valentina:  Don't be late

Me:  Say no more

Valentina:  *xo
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