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Alaia May 2020
Lazy and lethargic
Loopy and lost
Little dizzy dots dancing through glass
Distorted and reorganized daily
Finding wiser ways warily
Cutting rosemary from the dirt
Megahertz blurt thoughts into blankness
Blankets on the back porch
Roaches in the feed corn
Violating duties sworn
Better to be never born
Steel shorn clean, violently
Violets growing amongst ivy
Mahogany inseparably blending into ivory
Talking more quietly
For you
Mrs Robota Apr 2020
if freedom is a
state of mind
then I am a prisoner
trying to find peace
by avoiding life;
the things I can't have
aren't worth having,
but I want
OYBlackCat Apr 2020
The past is a place where everyone wishes to go to once in a while.
But if all wishes came true
Then no one would be satisfied.
This is why minds should process,
That progress comes by being friends with the day and moving with time.
Valentin Nov 2019
making love and having ***
watching movies and netflix
laughing and crying, sometimes at the same time
talking and calling someone
thinking and overthinking
drinking wine in the evening
having breakfast in the morning
waiting for the rain to stop
getting high and listening to music
eating ice cream before sleeping
even though you're not hungry
you just want to eat before you
hannah Aug 2019
Asleep next to me
You seem so at peace
Those frowning lips
Finally relaxed
Your forehead
A smooth canvas
Eyelids balanced closed
With steady breath
I know you
Have a boyfriend
But I still love you
From time to time
I'm honestly not sure if there's a part one to this poem. However, if there is, I'm sure it's mediocre at best.
Masha Yurkevich May 2019

I'm having a bad day and trying to look for things to make it better.

I'm alive, I'm well, I have a home, a family. Shouldn't I be happy?
Ugh, today's not a good day...
Aleena May 2019
I love the way you move
But I hate the way I swoon
Over your every action
It’s too beautiful of a sight
I can’t help myself,
I can’t help but feel affection
Towards you
Masha Yurkevich May 2019

Having a weird mom builds character.

Yep, I can tell you that right now!
Naoki B Dec 2018
I’ve kept a collection of our time together
Like the long nights talking
Through storming weather
Tears that you shed sleeping
Thinking about your dying mother
Even the stares you give, I’ll always relive
So with the feelings you foster
It shows how much you endeavor
And I’m so happy to have loved you too
Even through the weather
I stood behind, ready to catch you
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