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Diksha Prashar Dec 2019
You came, you went
That’s how the motion went,

You lived for fun
I demanded stability, no pun

You desired no strings
I fantasised rings
Binding us for eternity,

Idea of kids recoiled you
My heart burst with excitement
Having mini you,

Wanted world to know
We belong together
Recoiled you further
With my day dream bubble,

Maybe, we are never meant to be

Maybe, I was too blind to see

Better to part ways
Before shredding each other, away

Maybe our love story
Not meant to last forever.
Wellspring Jun 2019
Do you know, that feeling?
That excruciating sharp pain?
It shoots through you sometimes,
After a bad ending,
A death ,
A life broken away from yours,
But not gently.
Heavens forbid.
It is;
Shredded and crushed.
What is it they call that again?
Ah, yes.
That's right.
Heart Break.
um yeah? not heart broken, just bored because guess what i have next week?!?! EXAMS. so **** mad.
Elizabeth Zenk May 2019
the beast inside me is hungry for blood,
it burrows its hellish gaze into reflective glass
and it rips what I see to shreds,
and worst of all it tells me to do the same.
rip through flesh to free what lays beneath
Faith May 2019
When I saw that pic
Of us, all I wanted to
Do was shred the thing
Mida Burtons Dec 2018
you could shred me to the core
and i'd let you
Devin Ortiz Jun 2018
I feel like an incomplete puzzle,
Clumsy waltzing in a field of wood chippers.
I don't just fall to pieces, I shred.
I tear and bleed, most importantly I hurt.

****. I hurt.

I've never been full,
I've never seen the bigger picture.
Always out of reach, lacking perspective.

As my own world is ripped apart,
I further delve into gnashing teeth of hell.

But it's not just mine, this shared damnation,
Leaves us all to rot.

I've no clever line to sum it all up,
I've lost the words which sing of hope.
stopdoopy Jun 2018
I knew of a girl
in a little green sweater
her eyes were bright
just like the weather
she came from a sunny place but
I slowly learned her insides were more of the rainy type
she said she had the emotional health of a cheese grater
I never really knew what to make of that-
it could be taken so many ways
but what I did know was
she was strong, soft, bold, and outspoken
she might've felt flimsy like aluminum and full of holes,
glass with little cracks to seep through,
but to me she was solid titanium that could shred through anything,
diamond with dangerous piercing points
love ya my dude

(I was going to call it "You Deserve Better" but... you feel like the new title)
Andrea Vasquez Oct 2016
Writing in the night
Waiting for the moments come
Writing for tonight
Waiting till the clock strikes one
And the papers, are shred to pieces
And the songs, are hidden away

These words are fond memories
These roads keep me safe
My pencil,
Keeps on writing
Writing till the days end
Writing just to pretend
Everything’s okay…

Time to let it go
Just once time has shown
Time to say goodbye
Ending this lullaby
Will Rogers III May 2015
[composed on April 14, 2014]
Lia Feb 2015
i want

i want to break everything
to throw it out the window & set it ablaze
i want to
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