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Rubayiat Al Thurab (Verses of the Dust) – 51

BismillahIr RahmanIr Raheem

Not too far Nor as well near,
All my path drives towards you,
Every possible path conveys,
A valuable lesson to me.

Either its a eternal love or divine folly
All path, drives towards You’
Oh My Beloved! Oh My Loved One!

Allah Khair….. Khairul Rabul Alameen Yah Arrahmanur Yah Raheem

Ummah Thurab – Badshah Khan.
©UT-BK 2019
Rubayiat Al Thurab (Verses of the Dust)
Hartaz Kaur Dec 2018
Sweet mutterings and promising vows
Tightly held hands, manoeuvring all bends

Exchanging confidences of lifelong affinities
Forming a morally binding, spiritual entity

Then aimlessly wandering solo on his journey
A foreign body, piques his curiosity

The protesting of one and the persisting of another
A maniacal passion, melting honour to error

He returns to her with marks not her own
Indelible upon her heart, hurt she's not known

As he sits by the fire and laments his folly
He is forever engulfed, in the abyss of her memory
The folly of many ever since mankind's conceptualisation and enforcement of a commitment, always spelling out the same ending.
Pauper of Prose Oct 2018
Straps encrusted with family crests
Dutifully straddled the masculine figure
Armor affectionately clasped the broad chest
The sword nudged in between calloused hands
The helm longed to greet a rough beard
Now all suited and ******* for heroic feats
Yet when such attire
Came upon the visage
Of man's unequal other
Night did descend in haste
Blotting out the irises in mass
So that heroine’s, Great daughters
Drowned in the depths of darkness
Choking in fits as they sunk
Until their feet sampled the sand
Of history’s vast ocean
The movie was simply awe inducing and it really make's you think of all the other great deeds of unknown women.
Jon Thenes Sep 2018
Quiet night
no folly food
Just solitude ;
a chill scares up the hairs on my bare arm
Maegan deme Aug 2018
My living folly of death and deceit,
Is what brought me back and kept me from defeat
My deathly fear of understanding naught,
Is what drove me on for I almost gave up what I fought.
I simply wish for a life written in stone,
Which is not decided but deciding when I turn my head to bone.
I knew I needed what I haven't already got,
But the thieving and lying hands of my mortal folly came to be amore.
And that's what I thought I needed not.
Dont have much to say. Just enjoy.
Jonathan Surname Aug 2018
With the outset of your child
to a brisk, cold wind unfettered.
How do you stare starving virgins
in the face as they float untethered.

Lies are a currency, counterfeit only to etiquette,
and emotion, and love. We lie,
locked eye within eye, in ways
to boost pride.

When vainglory preaches to you from a
styrofoam podium.
How do you recollect your bargains
Made in dead of night,
blanket to your neck.
Lies can sate those fever dreams
crept upon you from *****.

Does love mean love if it is said with force?
Faint heart never won fair lady.
Without Victorian hysteria;
Our corsets are not so tight
We lack the need for chaise longue
May we lack the need for, indeed nor,
the lie?
TB Dentz Jul 2018
Reinaldo was the name they gave the great white elephant
Who came to clear the jungles around Sao Paulo
A clever notion that because Reinaldo was born in the jungle
Any jungle would do just fine, Brazilian or Siamese made no difference
Just as clever was the notion that because I was a black man, educated
I would do just fine directing other black men to do work, English or Portuguese made no difference
Was I truly so much a fool, twice over?

Reinaldo occasionally was afflicted with slothfulness
Some of the men thought it was from lack of **** and whip
I was of a mind that it was due to lack of companionship
It was costly enough to ship one giant beast across a great sea
I left a wife, in Maryland, whom I never loved and who never loved me
I admit before the plan was in motion I never considered that Reinaldo could have a family
Sometimes, I wonder, did he have a wife who never loved him?

Loneliness became a common theme in our new home away from home
And Reinaldo and I became friends, at least I thought of him fondly
As far as I could say, of all the men he responded best to me
At times it seemed a load of lumber was hauled as a personal favor
For the handler too soft to handle with fear and anger
But as much as loneliness was a theme, so was change, and death

The lifespan of an elephant compares to the lifespan of men
Were this scheme of mine to have worked as desired
I could have sent for a cow, and made Reinaldo a sire
Soon it was revealed that slothfulness was a symptom of an elephant young, healthy and wise
Who sensed not his own, but a friend's imminent demise
Now I am left to wonder how Reinaldo will fare in a world stranger than I could have known
His softest handler and only friend bedridden, waiting for my disease to take its final toll
This poem is not about me
Pauper of Prose Jul 2018
Light lengthens as you spin upon my thoughts
Blinding my darkness as you whirl like a top
As if the sun had settled on you
Scandalously running from the sky
“Doom” The phrase, raving men of the world scream in rants
The same phrase oozed from the sap of plants
And echoed as well from all animal's pitiful pants
For not a single ray stayed to shimmer
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