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ohNoe Jul 27
try me
fly me
ride me
guide me
please exist inside me

who are You
where are You
when are You
what did i do
to unreal You

i can remember the exact smell of the moon on the moment we met when all the midnight's might was unable to claim the clouds becuz they were ringing Luna in a silent cresendo of impossibly minutely perceptible dance moves and She was illuminating them, infusing them, imbuing them with Her essence and i swear to this day it was You orchestrating it, the conductor of my waking dream looking completely deeply within me and screaming a whisper which claimed my heartbeat as Our own, doing so by placing Yours inside my chest to mingle tingle melt meld as my mind knew exactly what was going on despite its stunned disbelief and it was singing its own silent crescendo of JOY

who are You
where are You
when are You
what did i do
to unreal You

maybe it actually was a dream
perhaps zero times upon a time
was i fully complete
suppose it's possible noe times upon a time
was i truly happy

what do You hear at 12:34am
when the only sounds are Your thoughts
what do You see inside your eyelids at 3:45am
when You're only looking at Yourself
what do You sense at almost-dawn-AM
when even the wind waits to hear the sun appear

maybe it's me
perhaps You remember me
perchance You feel me
remembering You

maybe we weren't meant to adventure together forever
perhaps i was supposed to be wrong again
be broken again
perchance this was meant for clint
pennance paid at the toll booth
taxes overdue at the soul booth

when sadness
becomes sadderness
trying climbing up the drain
i seem semi sane
tho stupefied from the pain

what's that moon?
you're producing another swoon?
performing perfuming another miracle in June?
mayhap i'll be deaf to your tune

but yet I sense something a moment out of reach as if a wave is almost washing my beach, a hint of the scent of a caress a request an urging an inspiration a personality a mind searching for mine to teach and learn and share and stare to explore and relax and laugh easily even when we were struggling against the tide

maybe i was just remembering something
which never happened
or perhaps just hasn't happened yet

try me
fly me
ride me
guide me
please exist inside me
ohNoe Jul 26
when She's kissing passion into me
  grab squeeze those biscuits

when Her body's pressed so tight along mine
  grab squeeze those biscuits

when She's riding into ecstasy with me
  grab squeeze those biscuits

when She's bending over for whatever reason
  grab squeeze those biscuits

when we're hiking/running
  and She's just in front of me
    grab squeeze those biscuits

when we're standing in line for whatever...
  grab squeeze those biscuits

when She's wading in the waves
  in THAT bathing suit
    grab squeeze those biscuits

when She's lining up a putt in mini golf
  that perfect **** in a mini skirt
    grab squeeze those biscuits

when She's stepping out of the shower
  wrapping Her hair in the swirl of a towel
    grab squeeze those biscuits

when you're spooning naked after the swetest hottest ever lovemakig
  or waking up
  or the middle of night
  or whatever hour she nuzzles your neck
    grab squeeze those biscuits

when you've been married for fifty years
  and you still Love ALL of Her
    and She still digs your ****
      She'll grab squeeze those biscuits
ohNoe Jul 26
i have no idea what this rain is

  soul blood?
  mind meh?
  heart burn?

Summer rain
  warm wet pain
Winter sleet
  the **** complete?
Fall fall
  leaves die and all
Spring sprung
   weeds from dung

today's word is ****
not *** making love sweet luck
just ****

  every feeble fruitess flirt you've ever done
     dying dead decaying on your lips

almost excellent
it's really just ex-clint

all the peaches are rotted
  disease spotted

why are you still talking
  or are you attempting singing
cancerous words spat from a tumor-riddled throat
  choked out past that merely muddy moat

did you dream of this in your delightfully dreary dredging days
  soaked drenched in the worthless wonder of your whatever always

fruitless fruits are your words
wasted whims untasted on limbs
in a barren bone orchard

or unexpected
doesn't ******* matter
one way or the other
doesn't unshatter
doesn't cease this rain smother

**** it
sometimes you just have to throw pebbles into the sea
ohNoe Jul 26
joy  pain
ecstasy  agony
confusing enlightening
selfish selfless

gorgeous four and a half steps beyond belief
more than maybe the bestest source of relief

the scent sent all but unbearably sweet
that tears holes **** yet makes you compete

the smell of eucalyptus on the breeze
when noewhere in sight are there any trees

a full moon in the midsummer sky
on a hillside holding hands on an endless night
or a playful full moon in the bedroom
ere you put out the light

alone and lonely
crying beside the sea
noe sound and noe rest
as a tree falls in the forest

a heart beheaded
a blooming flower deaded

a star blazing for billions of years
a silent siren song everyone hears

the best way to be crazy
where it's at, Baby

the exhilarating taste of mint
the thrillating of the perfect denouement

ohNoe Jul 13
Donna's Gone, I'm So Sorry Kelly, My Brother    6-26-20

Ain't no sunshine when she's gone
  except the son who still shines on
and her spirit is still here
  you'll feel it more each dawning year

ain't no sunshine when she's gone
  i noe, i noe,
but alongside the pain,
  walking hand in hand forevermore,
    all her blessings shall remain

sometimes Angels only stay so long
  and tho their passing shrieks of the universe gone wrong
    You shall always hear/feel their song,
      and realize they believed that You are strong

ain't no sunshine when she's gone
  yet somehow you shall go on
and then someday you'll lift your gaze up on high
  to see sunlight shine on her wings in a suddenly glorious sky
ohNoe Jul 13
just so you Noe

all i can see is her face
or the feeeling as i first saw it
i hope my heart stopping is merely a pause
please let her smile at me santa claus

people don't glow
they just don't ya noe
**** She has a body-deep halo
and each and every itty bitty bit of me was spurred inspired to grow
physical emotional psychological
LOVE doesn't allow you choices
IT grabs you ears heart mind body with ALL voices

i was siting there on the lawn, most of my mind long gone, wrapped inside itself and the beatings this brain had been subjected to, from without and withn, when the blood pounding, seeping, easing it's all too casual way out of the peripherals of my eyes, had given up on berating itself and foucsed upon convincing the heart about this whole continue beating thing

i was sitting there upon the lawn, but she was already long gone, less than worthless, screaming inside myself, lick my own eye blood from my fingertips, feel the nevermore caress of her lips, the i can't understand this flip-side land, let me out NOW before i go beyond sideways somehow

how is this possible
i'm already intimate with almost all the probable
and exchanged so much exquisite with the improbable
please let this be possible

i didn't even Noe yet who Dali was
but his melting ice cream is now my world
milady, i must not name you just becuz
my heart may burst from where it is hurled

maybe it's just another day
but mr elfman didn't come to play
and it turns out i'm free
she wasn't singing for me

except all i can see is her face
or the feeeling as i first saw it
i hope my heart stopping is merely a pause
please let her smile at me santa claus
ohNoe Jul 13
Been a while 4-15-20

i've already written these things
and they still don't matter
i've alerady ripped off these wings
and fallen into a shatter

the dreary drops of do or do not do
are merely evaporated dew
and wherever is my there
i'm finding it hard to care

I require a kiss
a long sensual merging
deep in my soul I need this
lest empityness keeps emerging

music batters me with memories
emotions brittle me with memories
she's still right here
they're all still right here

clouds cruise across the moon
loud in their silence
used to make me swoon
now it's just violence
ice pick to the eye violence

my cat matters
love her purrs
everything else is just whatever

another drink
some same old think
it's just whatever
one more step towards forever

I was wishing upon a star
for a star upon thars
but I forgot what I meant
and thus goes clint
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