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I never knew, lo, ***
The way that Mary gives it.
So sweet and then complex;
I can never describe it.

When soft, she breaks to laugh.
When stiff, she cries and screams.
When dead, she still wants more.
When o'er, she yet has flames.
Mandalina Oct 2018
I'm cold.
I can't seem to stop shaking.
My hands are shaking and my legs are trembling for each step I'm taking.
Maybe I'm weak from not eating well.
But, you see, I haven't had any appetite since I left.
The loneliness is keeping me company and like a dead cold corpse she embraces me.
I don't know what to do
and I can't for my life stay warm for even a few minutes;
But somehow,
the cold creates a sense of security and I want her to stay.

Seanathon Jun 2018
Sometimes my stomach empties
And it feels like I
Could consume the sky
With a single breath of air

But when I see my peers
And their success
How quickly I forget
Every win and concurred fear

The hunger is an eternal thing
With an observation to see
But the memory of what ere I've won
Ought to be enough for me
On competition.
Diána Bósa Apr 2018
loss of appetite
this wine in my mouth tastes salty
a grape of your tears
Mystic Ink Plus Feb 2018
Though, I' m full
Let me taste your soul

Will you?
February Air
Fritzi Melendez Jan 2018
I'm beginning to see my brittle bones make an appearance through my fragile skin.
I can see the curvature of my bones and where the connections begin.
I fear that the lack of my appetite will soon turn me dry of food and water.
And my mind and body will begin to weaken and  my perception will alter.
I numbingly watch the vultures circle around me under bright lights.
I want to cry as I listen to them say they loved me with all their might.
And they'll want to know how could I have possibly done such a thing.
Not realizing my lonely sessions consisted of my disorder to binge.
I can not chew without getting the sickening feeling of nausea.
I'd plainly just rather not eat until I pass out into euphoria.
Wake up sick once again, and the cycle repeats.
I lay weak in bed wondering when my disorder will put me into defeat.
I believe that is my goal, to torture myself in the ways that I can so I can go away.
Vulnerable in front of a mirror, wishing I can be put into the earth to lay.
I am weathering away, day by day, night by night, tracing the bones of my rib cage.
I can't eat, it will all come back up in a violent rage.
The growing pain residing in my stomach hurts.
But if it promises me death, I want to stay in this desert.
I've been struggling with eating a lot more lately, I fear I'm developing an eating disorder.
David Hutton Oct 2017
It came very late at midnight,
Evolving like a parasite.
Twist and bend and inverse,
This mind gets too perverse.
My body craves fresh appetite.
Meg B Sep 2017
An insatiable hunger
that rips at my insides;
the more I get, the more
still I'm left wanting.

Mostly served in snacks,
rarely a full meal,
but I want you in five courses
with a glass of wine to pair.

I crave your
lips and fingers on my neck;
salivating at the sound of your voice.

I am famished for every inch of your body, starved for the  intricacies of your mind, ravenous for the layers of your soul.

I yearn for another taste of you,
each moment somehow more delicious than the last.
Äŧül Jun 2017
Oh how conveniently I often fail,
But not that my arms I do not flail.
Neither that soldier spirit ebbs away,
Nor this fighting spirit will ever sway.

What is wrong with my health,
Why all my systems get derailed.
Have I not lost so much of wealth,
How I avoid this approaching death.
May be a bad news for a few of you,
But as a good news for some of you,
Multiple systems in my body now fail.
I am not sure where I will land,
If in heaven or in ****,
If there exists a life after death,
I will await your ascent right there only.

If I die, ask my father for the password.

My HP Poem #1576
©Atul Kaushal
Danielle L Cook May 2017
It was late and I was starving
So I gorged myself on you

Now you're gone and I'm still hungry
What am I to do?
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