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blondespells Dec 2020
The color of passion, the color of pain

The color of delusion, the color of flames

I slip my swollen soles into your hallow hysteria

Cracked, fragile feet from the frost bite

  of a West Virginia snow

Size six, ruby red stilettos

and I push

and I pull

and I scream

and I sigh

and I try and I try and I try

In my six, ruby red stilettos

Freezing poetic lullabies

Until I can find a place to call my own


Sparks of scarlet bloodlines

Dripping down my spine

Wrestling through rivers

between the spaces in my mind

My heart is much too loud for a place like this

My lips are much too quiet for a place like this

I dance with him in

The color of courage

The color of fame

The color of charisma

The color of strength

The color of my lipstick when its fading through my lies

Much too broken

Much too bold

Bursting into a violet plum

until I am in pieces—

until I decide to throw myself back together again

In my size six, ruby red stilettos

and it wasn't my intention to force them to fit

and I push

and I pull

and I scream

and I sigh

and I sell dignity of my poverty

to get them to come off of me

but once I started dancing

I fell in love with the sound

of my heels clicking

the surface of the floor

and I made myself a home

in my size six, ruby red stilettos.
Shakytrumpet Apr 2020
My girlfriend called me short,
it struck me right in my feels,
she said, "It's ok, I'll love you anyways,
plus you can just borrow my heels"
im like 5ft so yeah
Allison Jan 2020
you want that tap tap tap as you walk
you got that fancy look on lock
so slip those feet right on in
cinderella with the ress and flawless skin
now all you need is a pair of heels
you're about to give everyone
all the feels
so find the pair that fits like a glove
because at the end when push comes to shove
it's the shoes on your feet
that are the beginning of love.
Sara Kellie May 2019
It's not a competition,
It feels like its a game.
The paths we are all walking,
I believe are all the same.

I'm sure you'll get there sooner,
and this is how it feels.
That's because I do insist
I walk my path in heels.

Dream Mar 2019
And a year later,

I wear the same heels,

But feel taller.
onlylovepoetry Jul 2017
did not know her when she was miniskirts and high heels,
before she converted to the one true religion of
poetry & yoga

some stray dog thots raveling in a pack
cross the not-even-6am brain that alternates tween
new day Adam apple crumb crisp and
distracting lascivious Eve ones

would have loved you same back then,
no different than now

write in different styles
under so many pseudonyms,
but it is the same man

who crawls into bed nightly with
great expectations and a list of salutations
to wake you up and commence writing how

love your poetic yoga-toned long legs
snaking between mine
while I imagine them in miniskirts and high heels
which is a long way round of saying

alone, my darling forever young one,
are my
one true religion...
inspired by C.A.

7/3/17 S.I. noon
If you're what I have
I'm going to be the one to raise your calves
High heels dropping off
I made a landing on you and I'm here to stay
There's no running away
Just the same feeling after we've sensually peaked
Making our dissatisfaction weak
With the world and our issues
Loyalty is rare
Everyone just wants to be bare
With nothing else
I like the action
But it's pointless without the emotional connection
My desires always comes second
That's a huge rule
Many of us miss
Just Maria Jun 2018
Out of wearing her shoes, Kaylee gets so much pleasure
They're like her gold and glittery treasure
I hear the sound of her heels as she walks down the hall
I think they're about two or three inches tall

I ask to see her shoes and she sticks out her foot
I give her a compliment and say that their cute
She thanks me with a smile on her face
Then puts her foot down with a sweet kind of grace

I must confess that  I've admired
How she walks in those shoes all day without getting tired
There is no doubt, I've come to see
That those shoes were made for my friend kaylee
This poem was written for my friend Kaylee who has these gold glitter shoes. I was admiring them the other day and she asked me if I could come up with a poem for them. This is the end result
amber Apr 2018
I wish I could have captured,
Your feelings,
The way I snap pictures,
And eternalize moments.
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