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Jet Dec 2020
            I     S P R A W L E D.
            Still impressive,
                               I am now
                               Harry Houdini
                               in the worlds'
                               smallest box

Less impressive,
I am covered in my own ****
which is soaking into the cracks between the linoleum tiles
in the ****** kitchen
of the ****** apartment
i live in
with my ****** ex boyfriend
(But he is not home)
Serenity, alone
It's rare
To feel love
From inside

Serenity, together
It's hard
To have help
from outside

An hour and a phone call later

A friend hoists you up and carries you
Mopping your floor
wiping your genitals
Tenderly, platonically
The way we hoped had already happened for the last time
A moment between you as a baby and you as a parent
Before you gained a real memory
But that moment is happening right now
But, somehow, your whole childhood is ahead of you still
Originally performed and published in Syzygy (2020)
Joe Oct 2020
Hunter needs to ***
But he is up in a tree
Now it is raining
I like to drink the rain
Josiah Israel Aug 2020
There isn’t much of golden rays, on cold and blustery winter days,

And one is never certain when, the sun will show his face again,

And when a blanket, soft and white, is laid across the ground at night,

Unbroken, save by little hints, of creatures leaving tiny prints,

It’s almost worth the bitter cold, and days that shorten by the hour, when you answer nature’s call to pour on her that *******,

And scribe upon the snowy sheet a warm and friendly “Hello”, that’s written in a single line of bright, unbroken yellow...
Yes, this is a poem about peeing in the snow. You may think I’m childish, but I guarantee you, this speaks directly to the spirit of a lot of men Out there! 😏
Donna Jan 2020
Winter has a cold
It’s blew its nose and snotted
on the patio
Roll on spring got to invest in a pressure washer this year  to remove all the moss from garden and front drive it’s the worse it’s ever been **
Bhill Dec 2019
Good girl
Go get the ball
Need to go ***
Let's go for a walk
Where's your toy
These are words that all dogs hear
These are words they hear very clear
They do their best to give you love
They ask for nothing but love from above
Give them the time and teach them these things
The love given back is worthy of kings....

Brian Hill - 2019 # 305
Ya got to love your dog.
Bhill Nov 2019
Please don't die
Is it something I said
Oh wait, can you hear me
I have always believed you could
Please do not leave me
Your fragrance has been a guide
Your colors possess such happiness
Your strength has always been so real

What, you don't like dogs peeing on you

Brian Hill - 2019 # 292
Really, cant you control your dog...?  :)
Yazad Tafti Sep 2019
tonight i don't write
tonight i scream silently onto paper with vocal cords of graphite
i say my woes and watch them come down at me like a javelin diving into my esophagus
i don't ponder tonight...i merely accept my actions
for these actions will eventually lead to someone's satisfaction
hello poetry
goodbye confliction
better indirectly out than directly in
MicMag Aug 2018
door opened
door shut, then locked
first morning urges
body greets the dawn

toilet seat up
pants unzipped
waste tube carefully aimed
flow turned on

trickling stream
becomes rushed torrent
small splashes
leave no mark

on steep polished porcelain walls
water slowly turning
clear to yellow
light to dark

liquid waste
flushed down the drain
shows signs
of dehydration

advising body
drink more water
restart the cycle
of urination
Everybody pees!
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