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I anoint you
with the cruelest of kisses

yes the sweet elusive taste
that of which you desire

whispers of unremitting hunger
spoken from lips
colored in winter currant

eyes full of mischievous intent

and I shall paint my sins
upon your willing chest
so that you may know me in the shadows

not for the frail of heart
I am born of the witching hour
possessing insatiable longings
the darkest of appetites

I beg you
to look upon the one who has fallen from grace
and know that in the end
I will be the one you sell your soul to
as you surrender to my offerings

I will sink my teeth deep
drowning my mouth in the warmth
as my venom sears the very marrow
of your trembling thigh

the bitter madness of my death
dwells within your weakened veins now


I have begun carving my name upon your dark side
be warned I am nothing short of purgatory
a bottomless pit of tortured pleasure
I am your worst nightmare and your wildest dream

I ask only one thing in return

love me as my demons do
Maw Maw Sez May 2017
If I could have only one wish
it would be

to be by your side
through thick and thin
in good times and the bad

when your feeling down
or still unloved
and even when you're sad

to love you when your grumpy
when you snore throughout the night
to love you when we're arguing
even though I'm right

I want to be your confidant
and I'll always be your friend
just you and me old man
until the bitter end
I took my first wintry breath
the cold flowed through me
like crystalline moonlight
piercing the midnight sky

rejuvenating my lifeless lungs
each breath was painful
yet somewhat pleasurable

I bathed my pale skin
in the seductive darkness of it all
slowly wrapping myself
in black laced moans

and in that very moment

Mother Night spoke to me

her silent shadow fell upon the earth
and my long dead bones
trembled with childlike anticipation

she spoke four simple words
“death holds all dominion”

her sharp tongue
burnt each word upon my brain

just like a branding iron would


I must tell you this

in the later haunting hours
when I dared to dream of atoning
for my many heartless deeds

I came to a stark realization


I had become a ghost to my own fate

somehow twisted
                 within my own angry blood

the only lesson I learned
was that all light would end
and I would live in perpetual darkness
with all of nights creatures

              such a place

where the blackness of death keeps score
  Apr 2017 Maw Maw Sez
traces of being
Once I had a friend
    and soulmate,
we were dreamin’
we could fly away
    with the wind;
    but knowing
wings are for angels,
we stood transfixed
  beneath the light
  a sky full of stars

hanging onto a dream      
we clutched so tightly,
      perched high
      on the edge
      of the world,
wondering how far
     and how high
the great wide open
     sky blue skies

believing the power
  of kept promises ―
you said you’d forever
   catch me if I fall ―
letting go of the fears,
 blindfolded hope
clinched so deeply,
    hanging onto
a wing and a prayer

I guess I wanted it
     far too much
     reaching out
  like a thirsty fool
grasping for a mirage ―
teetering on the brink
    unspoken love,
   a vast unknown
  threshold beyond

with eyes wide open
throwing caution afar ―
   in a leap of faith
I reached ― out of reach
   into the mystic wind ―
    believing in dreams,
      in destiny's tease:
       I’d learn to fly
         before I hit
        the ground

but now I’m perpetually
          free fallin’
  I see the empty space
   all around me pass
a fleeting lifetime lost ―
   still  you’re nowhere
       to be found ―
    and I remember
what’s been forgotten:

       how far down
  rock bottom befalls
  when your spinning
    round and round
      like dust eddies
        in a fog bank
      lost in the wind                             .
March 31st 2017 — words in the wind

"And I see losing love
Is like a window in your heart
Everybody sees you're blown apart
Everybody sees the wind blow"
― Paul Simon
  Mar 2017 Maw Maw Sez
Ravanna Dee
I love writing,
but sometimes my feelings are just too complex,
and my knowledge of words fail me.
Anyone else have those kinda days?
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