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Jackie G Nov 2019
Blocked, caged in, suffocating smothered in pain
significant other feeling abandoned while in your presence
in your mental you're going insane
no love lost, because no love gained! thought after thought
living, but stuck in the past
show no emotions-because having emotions is what got you here
Finding a way back to the old you seems a far.
such a long distance from you
you know, the you that smiled alot whose face was once full of light
The you that cared and actually enjoyed caring
Soon those Deep Thoughts will make you realize what it is that you do
you make everyone feel lonely while connected to you.
Let go of what or who has hurt you. Live in the present. Every person connected to you now needs your love! Be better for you and them. Get well soon!
pk tunuri Jul 2019
The only thing that humans can produce
working in pressure is nothing but ****
Brandon Conway Sep 2018

Dog days of summer
How doth thou steal
Sweet blackberry plunder
How will I ever heal?

Cars passed fast
breeze swishes trees
As if spirits
Floating so free

A whisper they hiss
run faster than fastest
to grocery store produce bliss
give those blackberries
                                  a little kiss
trf May 2018
Bury the silencer beneath the doggy bones
that Fido misplaced last May.
Their presence is scentless now,
just like your mind is today.

Arms down, head up dear friend,
lines in the sand are only drawn
to spend your time crossing footprints.

Place perspective above greed,
as we are all suffering
in one way or another,
so give our children the chance to succeed.

It doesn't have to be this way,
swollen knees pray for peace,
take your high school daze by day
and let your mind evade the inner demons.
In order to write this I had to do put my mind into some places that are not comfortable; in fact they are plain ******* evil. In order to write from various perspectives, I've been able to put myself, my thought processes, into so many different envelopes: race, gender, religion, circumstance; in order to comprehend the amount of struggles versus actions that those roles play in our society today. Yet I am unfounded and dumbfounded when it comes to putting my mind in an individual who can commit mass ****** of innocents. I grew up with fists and the occasional shiv. We handled our problems normally, albeit illegal sometimes, however no one died. To change this we cannot rely on anyone but ourselves, ourselves and ourselves.
Stop press: for naming these individuals, creating a story of why they could have done such harm, making them mold other's ideas. Leave no paper or web trail of these ______________________
PoserPersona May 2018
The fertile weighs less than the barren
Exquisite fruits crumble placid stones
The farmer induces their own famine
Seeds may be perpetually sown

The costs of a cultivated spirit
are greater than its untilled counter,
yet produces a boundless harvest.
How do the fields fare, neighbor?
"He who cannot draw on three thousand years is living hand to mouth" -Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
Dani Apr 2018
to make art that entertains the people that don't know
to make art that bores the people that do

to create for the ignorant to enjoy
to create for the wise to ignore

to produce something that the shallow lavish
to produce something that the indepth expect

to shape an idea that fools them
to shape an idea that makes you the fool

to be mediocre at my passion
to be mediocre at my life
as an art student this scares me and i hate it
George Krokos Mar 2018
It’s amazing how much filth and waste human beings really produce
which, over a lifetime, amount to higher pollution levels they induce.
From "Simple Observations" ongoing writings since the early '90's.
Martin Narrod Apr 2017
4:11:11- 12:38p.m.  Writing yourself around.  Claim ticket for many fissuring endings, weather beats and other written tumors in subways, like French films, and also has decadence- bright white blinding air falls and standard auto-motifs.  Crushes like I built the car not only planned on packing it.  Not just filled the trunk with four boxes and a bag of clothes but made myself responsible on the other end of the message, you will return again to the rotations of your childhood and the laughing will seem fresh and abundant as never before.I claim Sheridan Road and all of its turns.  You can take back the night, I have no use for things I can't keep my eyes on, these quality treasures and true folds in letters, signed, sealed, surrendered.  The most peculiar of the mix, wakes of the standard in residual unfamiliar outcomes of even the subdued yet idle symbolic thorns and irregular poisons that seem manageable for a moment.  or seven.Lesser thans and greater chaoses.  Long whiles in engagements and other battle scars hidden by the clock in the moon.  Day trips to yesterday and 4:00p.m. you call its.  So for your heaven and these nouns, be it the wire of this breath to slay sickness from the weeds and list the ups against an itinerary finalized with, "produce."
The Napkin Poet Dec 2016
To make wine,
Grapes are crushed then poured into fermentation tanks.
Once fermentation begins, the grape skins are pushed to the surface by carbon dioxide gases released in the fermentation process.

I am the only fruit who has the necessary acids to make natural, stable wine.
My tannins add a bitterness and astringency,
But I must be picked at the right time.
My acidity and sweetness must be zen in balance.
The right ones are sorted through, but not all of us make the cut.
Unable to be served as sweet wine, too bitter.
Some more sweet, not bitter enough.
Simply picked at the wrong time, their peak unwanted, forgotten.

After being sorted we are destemmed and crushed.
Our roots ripped from us, dignity stomped upon.
For years, it was done manually, by foot.
Now, preformed mechanically, systematically.
But hey!
"Mechanical pressing has brought tremendous sanitary gains as well as increased the longevity and quality of wine."

Grape abuse continues, white wine grapes are quickly crushed.
Why do you ask?
To keep unwanted "color" from leeching into the wine.
But red wine,
Red wine is left in contact with it's skin, forced to acquire more color, more flavor and additional tannins.

After being sorted and crushed, I naturally ferment with in six to twelve hours.
This continues until all my sugar,
Is converted to alcohol.
To produce dry, wine.

The final stage is aging.
I am bottled with a cork,
Put on a shelf.
And ironically,
await my optimal fruitfulness.
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