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Carlo C Gomez Mar 2023
...he dreamt of her,
the one who could dance about
twin suns in cantina lace,
course through the veins
like power converters,
and scare far more
than a pack of raiders on the prowl.

...she who laid out
in the sands of Anchorhead,
and became a seductive sculpture,
her howls mixing with the wind
through Beggar's Canyon,
and turning into flame,
ascended like nomadic campfire
in an ocean of night
as far off as Mos Eisley.

...the one resembling Camie,
who bought farm water
for her off-world thirst,
he dreamt of her, you know,
he dreamt they would inevitably marry,
and settle down deep in the feral
of their desert love.

Tosche is pronounced Taw-SHEE
SophiaAtlas Mar 2021
Darth Vader.
But every time he breathes,
You hear a harmonica.
Payton Hayes Feb 2021
Rock n’ roll music, Folger’s, and paint-smeared hands.
Dresser drawers filled to the brim with undeveloped camera film.
Blue bonnets and overgrown grass, pecans and crunching fall leaves.
Dirt roads and river-rocks, typewriters, polaroid cameras, and feather-quill pens.
Those hand-me-down blue eyes and brown ones that are “sometimes hazel.”
Crystal clusters and Lord of the Rings.
Countless mosquito bites and play-pretend games in the clubhouse.
Early-birds and night-owls.
Trudy; and Randy Hayes.
“Don’t touch everything you see,” and “If you say you’re bored, I’ll find work for you to do.”
Sweet tea and okra and southern dishes blackened and drenched in cheese or gravy.
Grandma always burned everything to make sure it was fully cooked, and to her, it was never burned, just “well-done.”
Cigarettes and carpentry and cookbooks. Wild blackberries and birthday parties at the lake.
Sleeping in all day and staying up all night and procrastination.  
Shepherd's Pie, potatoes, and four-leaf clovers.
“Nil Desperandum. Never Despairing.”  
I’m from a whole house that eats eggs for breakfast, and I’m allergic to eggs.
And trees as tall as buildings and buildings as tall as trees.
“You should never take the lord’s name in vain,” and “Jesus loves you, so you should love others.”
Day-dreams and stargazing and thunderstorms.
“All or nothing,” and “There is no try, only do.”
Old family pictures in dust-glittered frames.
We are crystals. We have facets, each one makes us who we are.
With only one window of our lives to express, we’d merely be glass.
I am a part of each of these things just as much as they are each a part of me.
This poem was written in 2017.
SophiaAtlas Oct 2020
Luke Skywalker is more disturbed that Darth Vader is his father than he is with the fact that he made out with his twin sister.
Chad Young Sep 2020
O to be prejudice between the visible
and invisible Baha'u'llah.
When moving out of nature becomes moving by the Will.
Therefore, divinity becomes a shuffling of
the attention away from all things, words, senses,
forms, and starts to receive instructions from
the personages that visit me.
She stared at me as if I was the sole
expression of her day,
tossed the blouse covering her beauty.
Her waist was perfect and made
mine perfect while sitting.
She caught sight of Baha'u'llah,
and her spirit dispersed.
Angels of Prophets parted ways,
by means of Names.
He unfolds a general saying
to tell me of His hidden power.
That woman, Rey, of the Force
looks at me with tears in her eyes.
Baha'u'llah always leaves me
to have no sign or description
of the divine.
He came and left, and though seen and felt, left no remaining
of His
Lu Wilson Jun 2020
Ageless little creature commanding the world with your tiny hands
Big eyes, big heart - saving the galaxy as the universe demands
Watched the Mandalorian and inspired by  the sweet little bobble head on my desk
Silly Stormtrooper;
You wish you could shoot the things —
but really, you can't.
© 2020  J.J.W. Coyle
Big Virge Jan 2020
Now Of COURSE I TOLD George ... !!!
About The ... " DARK Wars " ... !!!!
Before He Had Cause ...
To Take Me To Court .... !!!!!

Now By This I'm Meaning ...
That I Had Some Thoughts ...
About Some ... " Dark Wars " ...
That NEED ... " Movie Screenings " ... !!!
BLACK Actors OF COURSE ... !!!!

Born From African Shores ... !!!
Now For Star Wars Fans ....
Who Have PROBLEMS With That ...
Just Relax And Ease Back ...
Cos I'm A BIG Star Wars Fan ... !!!!

But Dark Wars Would Draw ...
Some Cool Pictures Fa' Sure ... !!!!!

WITHOUT ... Ja Ja Binks ... !!!
Cos My Links Don't Think ...

Like IMBECILES ... Kids ... !!!!!

Palpitine' Would Concede ...
Cos' The Force Would Be ME ... !!!!!

No Need For Sam Jack ... !!!

Just Big Virge Jedi Clans ....
Who Rebellions Would Back ... !!!

Because They'd Be ...
COOL Wise DEADLY and Black ...

SHAFT Would Play ... " Yoda " ...
NO ... Puppet Type Quotas ... !!!

Just The Baddest Black Soldiers ... !!!
DARK SABRE Holders ... !!!

Much COLDER Than SITH' ...
Who They'd QUICKLY Dismiss ... !!!!!

But Wise Like GREAT Kings ...
Who Control THOSE ... " GOLD Rings " ... !!!!!!!

See THIS DARK WAR Would FLIP Into ARAGON Trips ... !!!!!!
Black Elves Would Now Fling Soul And Dub Into Swings ...

of Their ... Arrows And Daggers ...
Attackers Now ... BLACKER ...

Wid' Han Solo Swagger ...

Now Han Would Of COURSE ...
STILL Be ... Harrison Ford ... !!!!!!

Because He Had THAT COOL ...
That My Dark Wars Would Use ... !!!

Dark Lords Would Be Brothas' ...
Who'd Move ... "Undercover" ...
And Practice ... " Dark Voodoo " ...
With Villains Like .... " Dooku' " ... !!!!!

So These Dudes Would Be CRUEL ... !!!
But Unable To MOVE My New Jedi Knight Crew ... !!!

Of Course I'd Send Spawn ...
To Deal With ... Dark Lords ... !!!

BLACK BOND ... On My Right ...
With A CERTAIN ... " Dark Knight of a Different Type " ... !!!!!

On My Left Is ... " Luke Cage " ...
And Then I'd Have BLADE ...
Run Some ... Saber' Swordplay ... !!!!!

To CUT Darth Maul short ... !!!
Then We'd ALL Bring The WAR ...

To Vader The ... " PLAYA' " ...
Who'd Put Liks' On ... LEIA ...
On Jools Show ... " Much Later " ... !!!!!

Dark Wars Would Be GREATER ...  
Than Georges' Sound Makers .... !!!

Because SLY & ROBBIE ...
Would ... Drop Beats Wid' SHOCKLEY ... !!!!!!

ENEMIES of ... Empires ... !!!
Who My Knights Would RETIRE ... !!!

Now It's NOT About Colour ... !!!

But You Get The Vibe ...
A Music Soundtrack Coolly Hip Hop Inspired ... !!!
With Touches of Funk And Some COOL Soulful Stuff ... !!!

I'm Just Having FUN ...
With A Movie I LOVE ... !!!

So Much I Could Say ...
That This Piece of Wordplay ...
Could Make A Screenplay ...
More EPIC Than PLAGUES ... !!!!!

But For Now I'll Put Down ...

This Rhyme Driven TWIST ...
That Pays Tribute And Homage ...

To Georges' ... GREAT Script ... !!!
And The Movie I Loved From The Day I Saw It ... !!!

Respect To Its Makers And Smart Architects ... !!!
I'm Just A Creator Whose Wordplay Suggests ...

That Maybe One Day ... ?
Instead of ... " Young Rey " ...
There Could Be A Sista' ...
Whose Figure Was THICKER ...

Like VENUS's SISTER ... !!!!!

Who Maybe Could Figure ...
In My Motion Picture ... !!!!

That I Simply Would Call ...
The New ... " Stars Wars " ...

But Big Virges ... OF COURSE ...

Would Be Called .....

....... " The Dark Wars " ....... !!!!!
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