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m h John May 30
what cruel world is this
milk & honey from the gods
white ivory in my veins
while you’re in my thoughts

sitting under the pines
with the daisies

feeling like i’m in a haze
in the california sun
thinking of how i once found my way
but now i am lost
Seanathon Apr 19
Smashing ivory
Pounds like loving ***
But without the sudden sweet release
All there is left is ivory keys
Corey Feb 6
Her hair; a bright
statement of autumn
leaves falling from
trees dying with the bitter cold.
Her eyes; a vibrant
youth met with
a love of old.

Her arms; an ivory
pale and comfortable
kindness that hold with
tightness only love can create.
Her hands; a delicate
touch that once gone,
A Dec 2018
Trembling fingers dancing across piano keys
Making a melody out of the ruin before them
Stringing together thoughts and lines and notes
With planned out motions to their smallest component
These same fingers desperately wish to rewrite their own design
To piece together a brand new composition
They know better than to hope for something other than ivory
Seanathon Dec 2018
Ripples beneath concrete feet
Falling all around the trees
Are the days of lightful shadows still
Are the scenes unseen to me
Between ivory keys
Are the pulling, plodding, plucking leaves
Which kiss the earth like a butterfly
And depart fluttering with bus stop wings
To no other earthly springs comply
Between Ivory Keys
On a scale of 1 to Lord of All,
how important is your
your opinion of what others create?

I see you, through these sigils,
pretending every breath you took
is a doctorate.

Did you know you dont have to choose between being the brush or the brush stroke?
You could build boats,
hunt ghosts with broken radios,
climb mountains to commune with the dead,
stare at the stars and make
your own constellations,
or play ukulele alone with a head full of acid.

All I am saying is
there are far better plotlines
than playing sovereign king of the
swamp that swallows you
and believing it be noble.
Németi Csenge Sep 2018
A dozen white maidens in ivory silks
Grip the rich tissue in your tempered skull.

I hide from them in my own clinical whiteness,
A kind of peace in prayer,

For what once was a promise of decadence and excitement,
Is now a character of lavish leather lilies.

I'm sorry that I hurt you so
With my actions, words, or mind.

I am but a child
Stood in grass-stained whites.
Brandon Conway Aug 2018
I have drank the philters of the oceans
inside the notches of your sculpted bust
chiseled to perfection by my minds notion
immortal beauty to never crumble to dust

Skin of ivory with curves carved by a god
my little ivory girl how my fire burns
breathless, stiff, and lifeless left me aw'd
a singular lonely lover forever yearns

Just one kiss to those stone cold lips
just one before I visit in my dreams
my lips upon yours, hands on hips
how you look while the moon beams

lighting your lovely void face
The lips how they grow so warm!
Your arms how they tightly embrace!
By the gods, a living art form
to forever love in this dark place
Zahra Sherazie Jul 2018
My quivering fingers dance on the ivory of piano
You come swirling in front me
Dressed in white
My angel of light
I'm no longer scared of the long night

You gently kiss my forehead
I forget about everything but the gleam of love in your eyes
With your essence by my side, I'll once again rise
No more tears and no more silent cries
We'll live a happily ever after in every life
- Zahra Sherazie
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