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Malloh Jul 13
equivalent exchange
three days of hallow
in exchange for
three days of strength
but there is always
dizzy stumbling falling
headaches chills fatigue
whether it was the sickness
or my debt to be paid
it was a fair trade
to feel untouchable
Ylzm Jul 4
Reason is a pen
with nothing to write;
As my tongue, a ready string
on an ancient harp.

I fast and sit,
in stillness and darkness;
But Life's a gift;
and Chance,
unmoved and unmovable -
just another name for God.
M-E May 18
To twisted wires and stringy muscles
That the sun and moistness dug in
BODIES shifting back and forth
From liveliness to languor

To hammer heads and chisel hands
To forged forearms and arms
To hardened knees and tibias
To wooden ribs and rubber sinews

To batons, to bullet fingers
To spinal ladders and saliva hooses
To band-aids and gauzes

To Argan oil and grains of wheat
Shriveling raisins and dried sweat
To clean dishes and full stomaches
Beds made well and hearts swell in happiness
Shoulder to navel, back to breast

To painted skins and vocal cord's plays
To palms reaching for poems and pens
And to the senses within

To the beat of life
Now and then
M-E May 14
The sun radiating, melting
in a dark-blue teapot

Tides stirring, mixing
Magical yellow
in fabulous red
colors glowing as a peacock
In the sea

Pondering how beautiful
who created this

cannon booms

Time to break the fast
As waves breaking and
Crashing on the rocky shore
Creating a natural, soothing

City lights coastline
And the dim blue skyline
And on candle lights
We dedicated the fast to God
And we broke the fast
with some refreshing dates
and replenishing water

Shared some hard-boiled eggs,
Stripes of fried pepper, an eggplant
And sardines
with two cats, ants
And the crescent moon
And we drank some hot tea
And "orange" juice

The waves crashes and
breaks on the rocks
Ants whispering,
so is grains of sand
Speaking languages
Which we can't comprehend
All creatures praising The Almighty
Hear it on SoundCloud:
My soul is the master,
My body is an obedient servant.
Without a soul,
My body is just a corpse,
A wasted husk.
The beauty of my body lies
when it is in partnership with my soul,
Just as you need to exercise and go to a gym to maintain your body's fitness,
You need to go to a mosque,church or temple to maintain your soul's purity.
Your body is a carcass that is going to decompose in the soil,
Your soul is destined for your hereafter,
Your soul will be accountable for your deeds good or bad,
Your soul will accumulate Allah's rewards and blessings.
That can only be done by fasting,praying and giving alms,
Not to forget pilgrimage,
Which imbibes piety and certainty in you,
Guards you against evil,
Restrains you from shameful and unjustful deeds,
Cleanses and purifies your soul,
So that  it leaves your body with least pain,
And the Angels come with joy to wrap in soft musk scented cloth,
And take you to your creator.
Cleanse your soul.Allah's blessings and rewards are plentiful.Ramadan Kareem.
May be one day
He doesn’t need to fast
May be one day
We know his worth
May be one day
We will realize why he is different
May be one day
We will join hands
May be one day

May be one day
It will not be too late
May be one day
We don't have to regret
Genre: Observational
Theme:  Catalyst Of Change. What drives someone to the limit where we never dream of?
In solidarity to Dr. Govinda K.C. who never give up to change the health system of Nepal. It's 16th hunger strike in a count. Why do one fasts, when we are so hungry?
SMS Jan 14
Fatigue has never been so strong
Sleepy tired and almost hungry
Something old and something new
is it bad I want to make 24?
Mystic Ink Plus Jul 2018
Someone asked me
To write on him

I replied,
He is the One
One Man Army
An Icon of
Who never gonna stop
Fighting for us
Till he wins

And again he stands
And again he have to fast
And again we stay mute
And again the game is on

Till he wins
Till he wins
Till he wins
Till he wins
Till he wins

Some things are best
If left unspoken

Is that clear enough?
Genre: Inspirational
Author's Note: What drives someone to the limit where we never dream of?
In solidarity to Dr. GKC who never give up to change the health system of Nepal. It's Day 22nd of hunger strike, 15th hunger strike in a count.
Mystic Ink Plus Jul 2018
Ask me, not
Why it will not be the last?

Agreement was made to water
The roots of the plant

But again,
The water was poured over the leaves
For the temporary calm

On every change in season
Leaves get turned pale
When roots gave up to live in

And the fasting
Struggling to breathe in

Respectfully yours,
15th and the next
Why do one fasts?

When we are so hungry...........
Genre: Abstract
Theme: A catalyst of change. What drives someone to the limit where we never dream of? In solidarity to Dr. Govinda KC who never give up to change the health system of Nepal. It's day 22nd of hunger strike, 15th hunger strike in a count.
Shofi Ahmed May 2018
Are you a witness of the precise moment
on that very proverbial, unpredictable day
when everyone did mind the gap
but the Ramadan moon took a step?

None could time it at first, as if it got out
from a black hole or an uncharted water well:
down the trail, who can tell?

Now a day or two is gone, has passed by.
The moon is in the fast lane soaring high,
and fills the orb with serene soft light.

Ah, buddies catch up, the suave fireflies.
Tons of these stay awake in the night.
Before they fly away, vanishing afar
into the epic portion of the night.
A confluence down the black moon,
only to catch a glimpse of any pattern:
a morning star or a forming pin bar,
a slice of light on a gingerly lit chart.
Premiering the Eid moon’s first blush.
Yet, if only one can time it, when will it flash?

Deep down a black moon, all eyes black out.
Still, how can one sigh though? Ah,
the unpredictable black moon, should it show
just a peek, showers the earth with Eid’s joy!

Will it show up in no time, far from the sight—
galaxies light up the shady nook of night.
A houri in the Eden rings the alarm.
The veiled bunch of fairies push the sky.
Every star throws its hat, only to tell first
when a crescent moon will crop up
And with the first spill of moonlight,
topflight it goes, pushing the boat out!

A walk down the black moon
without a light or water gone into the blue,
As though walking dead, blindfolded.
No pattern, decimals of Pi undefined by design,
but spot on gets to the apex spike!

There’s still an unmarked blank space
the light on this way doesn’t paint.
And this time, the time won’t tell
is there anyone who can is anyone’s guess.
So should the houri dare to run, then
cherubic she be on her flawless flaw,
rushes to ask the Queen of Heaven!

Oh, good luck to her, a wild one.
Time the black moon, its first glance
precisely when the Eid moon will crop up.
Enlighten us, we are more than curious.
Tell us, too—don’t just tweet it to the stars.
A poem from my book Zero and One available on Amazon.
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