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Idklove Oct 2021
I can be that body for you

Don't ******* around I'm the one who quench your thirst of lust

Finding spots on your body
Kissing your neck biting your ears

Lock me between your thighs
Show me the power of that thing
Jennifer DeLong Apr 2021
Immerse me in your music
Let your melody
dance upon my skin
Surround me
in the notes you play
seducing me from within
Let the music take over
My body starts to sway
Emotion flows from your guitar
It's rhythm taking me away
On a journey
to where there is nothing
but your music surrounding me
Encasing my body
in the beauty of its melody © Jennifer DeLong 3/11/19
helena alexis Oct 2020
his eyes contemplated the way she introduced herself, sultry and seductive
never breaking eye contact with him

this young woman wanted him
in ways he could never imagine
vivid dreams filled her mind
the passion, the roughness, the danger,
it all excited her

she pictured him in a way that
one day without warning he would
break her, ravage her like
no other man has before
thinking ab my crush
Tamera Pierce Aug 2019
Soft vibrations
waft through the air and
touch my ears like water on the edge of the pier.
They caress and ******
as if they know that I'm close to shattering my own walls.
I can barely feel them press against my teeth
barely taste the copper laced with sugar as they slide down my throat
and can't even feel them wrap around my lungs.
Ciel Feb 2019
Her beauty was almost sinful,
but taking my eyes off of her
would have been blasphemous.
Your seduction has been unfair,
Though you could not help it, my dear.
My heart melts with the thoughts you share
And aloe smoothness of your hair.

Executed so ruthlessly,
You constantly seducing me,
With love given innocently,
You did it all so carelessly.

I’m smitten and I can’t let go,
Seduced by all the things you know,
You made my desire overflow,
Just by affection that you show.

I’m a slave to your seduction,
Mastermind of will’s abduction,
From our very introduction,
I was lost to your seduction.
Instagram @insightshurt
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Divya Dec 2018
Hold my hand, and I'll take you to my world,
The world which has been in darkness since long,
Maybe you can ****** the Sun to rise,
And bring on the sunshine I've always waited for.
Or maybe you can be the Moon,
And escort me through the dark.
Raziel Sep 2018
Black as the void where her soul should be,
Dark as the wicked grin she flashes always unseen,
Darker than her intents,
Setting her siren like instincts free.
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