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Eno May 18
I poached two eggs today
I thought they were
Both for my new friend
And housemate
She said she didn't know how
To cook them
And asked if it was hard
I said no
Without realising
The open trap.

For a grumpy woman
Recently arisen
From her bed
Who had just signed up
To make eggs
I wanted to say no
And get on with my to do list for the day
I never am too sure why it takes
So long
To wake up mentally
But there was something sweet to it
I thought
And though I'm usually
So nervous about showing other
How to cook anything
The morning fog
It made me concise
And that made me more confident.

I asked her to boil the kettle
(Sometimes I'm sheepish about being that bossy)
She watched as I turned on the gas stove
I cracked the eggs into the ***
I hit them harder than normal
Since I have a habit of being too soft
Inviting the eggshells to fall in.

I didn't want that for her
I wanted to make some good eggs
Some **** near perfect ones
I asked her if she liked them runny
And she did
I took the newly formed eggs
Out of the pan with my slotted spoon
Shook all the water away
And placed it on the edge of her plate
Between her smile and mine
It felt like I was making breakfast for a child
So grateful
So tall
And it was then that I realised
Those eggs weren't really hers
They were mine.
Zack Ripley Aug 2019
Today is ending so tomorrow can begin.
Tonight, your eyes will rest as you grow your new skin.
This is something our body does every night so we can have the best chance to keep fighting the good fight.
In the morning, you might not feel the best.
So make sure you have enough energy to take on the day by eating breakfast.
Your body will do whatever it takes to make sure you survive.
But it's up to you to take care of your new skin so you can thrive
xavier thomas May 18
We should cook meals together
I know this food will taste good
Let’s experiment up in the kitchen babe
Get the ingredients & turn on the stove babe

We should cook meals together
Turn on the stove
Making breakfast
Pancakes, bacon, eggs, with some french toast.

This is the vibe that I bring
Hungry for more
This is not just a fling, I’m trying to eat with you.
I’m trying to eat with you.
Cooking meals, cuddles in bed
Drinking wine, watching cartoons like Tom & Jerry TV shows.
Tell you “good morning love”
Kissing your cheeks & your forehead.

But tomorrow, let’s redo this again
Where we wake up in the morning
Place you on counter
**** naked, cooking eggs
Nylee May 12
Every morning when I wake up
I need two spoons of courage
for breakfast to last till night.
Valentin Apr 29
Wake up process including one hour longer in bed
Breakfast & Netflix
Friends and family texting and calling
More Netflix
Rain watching on the balcony
Go to the swimming pool sometimes
But no swimming allowed
Go to get some street food
Dinner & Netflix
More Netflix
*** with the neighbor
Hold him against me
Sleep in his arms

whisk eggs,
pop ‘em in the pan;
tilt and rotate,
toss the omelette—
catch it if you can.
vanessa ann Mar 23
it's a pretty simple recipe, really;
white bread, toasted until golden brown;
a slice of cheese, a drizzle of ketchup;
eggs, beaten;
fry for 4 minutes, or however long you desire.

sometimes i’d snap a pic or two for my friends—
all of whom said it was unhealthy,
but it can’t be more unhealthy than staying up past 2,
can it?

because who cares if i were to eat breakfast at 12pm,
or dine as the sun rises?
the universe sure as hell doesn’t give a ****,
especially not in the middle of a crisis
caused by some ******* virus

it’s not like time gives out prizes,
for everyone who’s managed to maintain a “healthy” routine
and doesn’t spent 18 hours
in front of  a screen

i’m getting tired of compromises
every new problem that arises
hardly surprises
me anymore

so if you’ll excuse me,
i’ll go back to my devices
—come again during business hours.
I'm tired but I'm hungry too
so I'm going to grab a slice of bread
and lay in bed until the afternoon.
Created by me on November 18th, 2019
Short and simple, gotta love it.
i wanted you to be
my home
turns out i was just
your cheap motel
if you're reading this... remember that you have some say in who breaks your heart.

also remember that your heart is big enough to love  y o u, too. seriously, have you ever considered how humongous your heart is...? gigantic. i say, love as many ******* as you can stand.

and have a good breakfast <3
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