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Chicken 3d
It’s not carbicide
It’s sustenance
I’ll take three rounds of toast
Two bananas and three oat flapjacks
Washed down with hot cacao.
Eat ! And be merry.

Fasting is great, and we’re infinite, but if you want to be physical, you have got to eat physical at some points. Even in breatharianism. Today’s air does not contain the same nutrients as back in the day. So if trends come, be aware. Look after yourselves.
Bummer May 14
I spent this morning telling myself that I meant something to someone.
Saying to myself that I could handle today.
Saying to myself that I could handle my thoughts today.
I don't like to lie, but It helps me stomach breakfast.
These self therapy sessions over coffee aren't helping me at all.
Sipping on the bitter truth leaves an aftertaste of self doubt.

But I still tell myself that everything is okay.
Because one day, maybe everything will be.
You were like breadcrumbs
left unpurposely by my digestion during breakfast

You stayed on the kitchen table 'til noon,
'til Mama swiped away the remaining crumbs,
I have lunch
with another dish--a different meal.

Something else, but not
Marla Apr 16
Every morning when I see you,
My mind becomes a happy place
As your beauty takes me away.

Making you coffee and kissing your lips,
I can't stop smiling because it's always such bliss.
My heart beats for you, that much is true,
I'll always adore you, I hope you knew.
djemal ua Apr 11
mining liquid ice, cream vanilla something
at dawn, sugar, fat, whipped smoke rising hope
better than hate at breakfast, face etched snarling
a circuit ******, roll and tub down *****
slippery, thumbed a feast of biscuit crumbs
off a plate, table and at feet. Arrived
at loathing a choir rabid, sings morning.
Tsunami Mar 28
I find myself doing something
So minuscule
So mundane
That somehow my mind wanders to him
And I feel my heart break
A freshly cracked egg,
Just right for breakfast
i will always write of heart break
Carmen Jane Mar 24
Let me stretch my tired bones,
Let me yawn roar,
Let me drink the last sip of my coffee,
While I look one more second at you interacting,
Before I join you at the family breakfast table!
Donna Mar 23
Sitting in a cafe
sipping coffee eating eggs
Tiny leaves poke through

Loving and spending time with my son jake and loving spring time too xxxx
Jenny Gordon Mar 10
I am.  So there.  


What? as firs whisper hoarsely to th'exhale,
Winds howling down the chimney, sirens thence
Lo, chasing which or whom on Sunday?  Dense
Cloud racks are peach, grey-blue in tow, the pale
Eye of these empty hours with what detail
I feel now in my bones?  Don't ask me whence.
"*** off yer soapbox."  Silence culling sense
Unto the 'fore as I'd talk, where is bail?
She'd post th'espresso break with this note fer
That: "necessary." I said yes, I knew.
Post Raisin Bran for breakfast...I had two.
Ne fancy artwork on milk's foam in tour,
I'd savour that, and feel the boxes'd stir
My lecture 'til he...walked away.  What's new?

Well, I mean, I've this subscription to First Things, and receive two essays late Sunday morning.  Needless to say, I've put off reading them for the moment, anyway.
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