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Sage 3d


1. when this house stops feeling like a brick covered coffin and your words stop clawing at your throat as you are riddled with epiphanies that blister your tongue and make your throat burn because of the awful truth in them. when you can learn how to make the planets move and break the shackles of the glow in the dark stars that don’t even resemble constellations

2. how it feels to have a vine curl around your finger as you lay in a garden of orange carnations and know you have time for it to grow around you. You don’t have to listen for your father’s pickup truck or wait for your mother’s calloused hands and cheap perfume smile

3. the broken glass of your bedroom window as your hand bleeds copper bright enough to attract the neon birds that will take you home. you say that you will always be afraid but your bruised knuckles show that you are willing to be brave despite that fear. God was afraid to make the cosmos too.
There are no words
in any
that will help me describe
I think I will have to make
some new ones
in order
for our conversations
to continue.
You are too good for any words!
Sage Mar 18
If I wrote a page
for everything I felt about you
you have a brand new dictionary
because that's what love can do to you
it's a mixture of emotions
that somehow gets turned
into a cocktail of 1
but I'm not drinking tonight
I'm staying sober
because no matter what
you mix for me
It won't feel the same as your love
Sarah Quinn Mar 13
bouquet (n.): a bundle of daisies to my office you had sent.

parfait (n.): your favorite dessert after a whole day with me you spent.

cabaret (n.): the lies you performed while I watched you, center-stage.

ricochet (v.): the hurt that backfired after I realized I'd been played.
just a disclaimer: this series of poems probably won't be based on my own experiences; they're just fun little stories.
Tanya Feb 6
Душа /dusha/ - Soul, singular;

2. Души /dushi/ - Souls, plural;
                                 - a way to call people.
We are souls,
that happened to inhabit bodies.
Fọlá Jan 30
The Dictionary.
The library of words.
The keep. The record.
A friend and helper to all.

The place of meaning,
By its very definition.
The book of many editions,
In numerous forms.

Calm, lies the water under the Bridge,
As the Ox laps from the gleaning Ford.
The Web aligns the stars,
As the Long man reclines,
Searching for the meaning of a word.
Please, let me know if you see it.
lilli carter Feb 24
i am here because of words. we all are
i suppose; every word in this book combined tell how
i was born and raised and cried when
i was two because my brother got more attention than
i did. they are countless stories counted with three-hundred-thousand-something words
i can find in this dictionary that
i hold in my hands, and
i think maybe, atlas would be proud.
A fueling, flashing fulgent, furnace, fulgurous, frothy, fumes and feathery flakes,

I do not speak of waves of snow, hoary frost, or ice, a cold gelare or even frozen lakes!

Formidable, furrows, fructifying, functioning fruition to foremost fondly found a flaming,

I revel not in such destruction but choices for my naming!

For flowers flow fields forever, forswearing funneling fjords finitely, fire fray’s forests furthermost,

Instructing in the arts of language, for I am your gracious host!

Fakir formulates factious forms fading flummoxed into fury, a fugacious fusible and furtive fleeting feigning furiosity,

A deep ditch dug, tight as pug, wrapped blanket snub though not a flub, all perspicacity!

Finds frosty frore a frozen freezing faction for fusty flaming feasance,

Fomorian fantasy of formidable faggoting, facient up to fancying, fancying, furnaced flesh fluidity finds itself factitivity, facets for fabulists from the faint familiarity,

Relating cold to heat as such, requires but a human touch, apologize I do you see for all my clueless severity!

Fans of all the falconry, who fallow fields of family, falter for a fallacy, falling into infamy as forgone flame frontogenesis, fatigues a Faustian felony, for which fate finds is fastigiated foolery, febrile features featly and yet furiously, favonian fear of fellowship fiendishly, figures foal to fatherly, finally fiddle flinchingly, although not so too furtively;

I finagle in my filigree!
This contains nearly every word under 'F' in the dictionary. I would have used them all but I could not get a consistent story with all the words so I used the most possible. Wauhermes in Toto means, "The totality of thought about F."
slr Oct 2018
\ ˈmü-vē \


1.a story represented in motion pictures/motion : noun : mo·tion : \ ˈmō-shən \ :
   an act, process, or instance of changing place/forward, backward, up, down,
   pacing, running, crawling/how we flee from our lives, our problems, our
   responsibilities/instead of focusing on motion we look to pictures/picture :
   noun : pic·ture :  \ ˈpik-chər \ : a design or representation made by various
   means/click, zoom, import, export/our lives are on a flash drive, on a
   snapchat, on an instagram, on a memory card/everywhere but on our own
   memories/we don’t like pictures either/they show moments never to be
   regained from our past/our solution?/combine them into something
   better/movie : verb : mov·ie :  \ ˈmü-vē \ : an escape from reality/we use
   movies to deflect the pain of our lives/we think that we watch because we
   are bored/no/we watch to escape/escape : verb :  es·cape : /əˈskāp/ : a
   recording of moving images that tells a story and that people watch on a
   screen or television.
I wrote this a while back but I fell in love with dictionary poetry after it
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