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Little Globe
Grow me a planet
I want a moon
Followed by a Saturn
Real ones but small
To fit inside my pocket
Got my own worlds
In my palm
Big bucks being made/weapons sales contracts, slush fund/death big business
Utterly Forgotten
They set out to make a man like you make a car in a factory
It was a production process starting at step one till the end
When you’re left with the finished product and the job is done
Step by step following instructions and designs and plans
Not missing a single bit or doing it in the wrong order
To look at the completed man you would be amazed
That he was made in a factory by human hands and minds
And not from some mother’s belly like normal humans
With the right tools factory and plans you can build anything
Including a human as this example shows standing before us
He can walk talk speak run jump dance clap eat drink **** and ****
Just like we can in whatever order is needed maybe even all together
But the man isn’t perfect just like we are flawed and imprecise creatures
He’s moody for no reason destructive for the Hell of it and stupidly fights
His bad language is terrible every third word a swear or curse
If he doesn’t get his own way he spits his dummy out and tantrums
He tells lies to everybody and some seem like the truth till revealed
Did we make this man this way on purpose to be an *******?
Just like your brother or friend or wife is the same type ****
Not caring about our feelings or his respect or where he is
Ridiculing all and everything even those who made him
Did we break the mould producing this individual human?
Do we eradicate him and start anew to lose the bad point
So we have an ideal male with no urge to swear fight lie
Or **** hurt injure burn smash crush ruin destroy till all is gone
We want one who smiles laughs loves jokes cares helps
I think we must start again and make an improved model
The physical body is fine but what’s inside is very suspect
Something important is broken and need completely replacing
If the next model fails and is broken we’ll make a dog instead
The first one will be killed and recycled then utterly forgotten
A flawed human male made in a secret factory plausible deniability
Made In China
Your electrical items stop working one by one
First the kettle stops boiling even tho the red light’s on
Then your microwave stops heating tho it turns round
It gets fixed and works for a week then is totally dead
As for your TV it turns on but has a single line across it
The VHS video player ate the **** tape and jammed
Your radio gets nothing but static on all channels
The mobile phone charges but dies after 3 minutes
The other charger that lights up but doesn’t charge
Red LOS modem light means no connection
Along with a new fan with a burnt out motor
Your car radio eats tapes ejects CDs and smokes
The aircon is clunky and spreads a virus killing us
All items made in Red China sub standard parts junk
Unskilled low paid slave labour don’t give a ****
Don’t buy anything made in Red China its crap
The same old feeling
The same old issues
By the same old feeling

Why do you still take it?
I ask myself each day
Better the Satan you know

The **** beasts me
Each and every day
I should’ve been a Marine

Than an army soldier
Day in day out
Same old ******* ****

I think I’ll frag my officer
When we are alone
Out in the bush

Say it was an accident
All the **** he gave me
Join the army

See the world
That **** is my world
Tonight I’ll frag him

Then take off cross county
The border is fifty clicks away
Join the cartel

Or go independent
**** the army
And their rules
The Q Man
The Q Man was somebody who was different
He travelled the galaxies and universe doing a job
Flying a Type 6 spaceship interstellar style
Normal space travel took forever and a day
But his ship was a souped one off
With engine and fuel enhancements
Zipping from world to world to work
He lands in a remote place and hides
His pointed ship from observers or spies
And hikes to his location to do the job
The tool of his trade is a long range rifle
Made on Planet Earth three millennia ago
It’s fitted with modified 7. 62mm bullets
These **** every single life form from a mile
On normal blood and body organisms
Normal explosive bullets do the job
With insect like ones with an armoured body
Armour piercing acid bullets eradicate them
He has 3002 different bullet types to use
Each one killing a designated target
The contract killer with no home
Except between the stars in his ship
Living for a dozen centuries extendable
You don’t want to mess with him
Nor be on his **** list as you’re ******
Zapped by an old skool high tech bullet
Fired by the best assassin there ever was
The Q Man and his rifle always on call
Coined Up
Maybe we will all be dead in 6 months
Due to being jabbed up with the vac
Which was to stop the CCP Virus
But it backfired due to the mushrooms
Which are a toxin and **** in many ways
Only the rabid anti vaccers will live
In a kaos driven world of lunatix
Do you want to exist then and there?
Toss a coin get a jab wait and see
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