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Shared Experience
We hike the mountain together
My neighbour and I
We reach the final peak
The view is wonderful

We both feel raptures
And stand close and hold
Kissing and falling as one
Making love up high

Shared experience alone here
Twenty miles from our city
Which glitters on the horizon
Full of fake people

Oh how good you feel dear
I’ve always wanted you
Now you’re mine and I’m yours
We *** together

In no way clichéd
From here we hear the sirens
As the Red Chinese bombs fall
Our beginning or end?
Sacred Actions Holy Ground
And so they went to war on the Holy Mountain
Filling the mountain and themselves full of holes

They died in brave terrifying crazy stupid ways
As is always the way in total ******* war

The red mountain soil stained even redder by their blood
Both American and Japanese soaking Mt Mataba ****** red

Dead soldiers littering the ground a wild wrong willful harvest
Peaceful in death in a way their leaders would never know

They died in certain ways created by ingenious humans and the Devil:

A mortar shell hit a box of phosphorous grenades and several fell into a foxhole
Igniting and burning an American soldier to a blackened crisp

One of the many wounded Japanese soldiers still resisted
With only his life to lose his torso torn virtually in two

A Yankee General went to the lines to see the action
And was shot dead thru his skull a top banana ****

A *** manned a heavy machine gun his leg blown off at the knee
Finally silenced by a bullet with his name on it

This is how they fought for and on the Holy Mountain
Its sacred soil touched by actions and death and ghosts

Now forgotten by all but me and their God who remains silent
Was it worth it in the judgment of the karma scales?

If only I could see their deeds and talk to the ghosts
In a pointless war that was all for what?
Four lines between poems
Or is it only three?
This was the question
That the pilot was pondering
While his airliner flew
Into the jagged mountain side
All aboard were killed
The pilot never did
Resolve his query
Was it three or four lines
Between poems?

from New Dawn 2971
Nick Armbrister
My First Tattoo
There was an 80s goth band who I used to love
All About Eve dragged to the 90s oh so cool
Touched By Jesus was their new album
I saw them gig twice and bought the t-shirt
And even got the tattoo on my right arm
All About Eve in September 1991
I still love their music today...

******* Upside Down In a Blazing Avro Manchester Bomber – Poems from My Life and More

Nick Armbrister
Fish Food
They build their little tin can ships
So they can be seen to be strong
With new destroyers to take a cruise on
Along with big cruisers to fire missiles
And submarines to dive deep and follow dolphins
Not to forget aircraft carriers and their planes
Each of these shiny new ships is useless
If you put even a tiny hole in it
Down to the seabed it goes
The crew becoming fish food
Just what is needed for national progression
They should have built hospitals instead

******* Upside Down In a Blazing Avro Manchester Bomber – Poems from My Life and More

Nick Armbrister
Off the Back of a Truck
The black painted truck drives about the country doing its job
Moving things from A to B and losing them in-between
Passing thru Chorley it drops a mountain bike without wheels
Going past Leeds it discards a new microwave oven minus door
In the middle of Rochdale it dumps a crate of empty beer bottles
Speeding in Yeovil the truck gives out used bullet proof vests
And at Aberdeen it abandons some PCs minus hard drives
For Cardiff the lorry leaves hundreds of out of date pizzas
Hours later in Birmingham hooded tops with just one arm are left
The ******* trail goes to Whitby where books of fake stamps fall
Onwards to York to discard plastic crosses with half a Nazarene
Back to Dover to chuck a hundred coffee flasks with drilled hole
On and on drives the strange lorry with its load of goodies
All are useless and no use to anybody except a fool or idiot
Like the one driving the truck on his nationwide dumping trip
Ticking each place off his list as he follows his map
A to ****** Z...

******* Upside Down In a Blazing Avro Manchester Bomber – Poems from My Life and More

Nick Armbrister
Field Day
Take a walk in the summer meadow and tell me
What do you see?
Different coloured flowers and countless insects
Pollinating their flowers and plants
Several different herbs and grasses
All verdant and of living colour
An artist called Mother Nature
Created her canvas and smiled
Giving life to a once barren field
A hedgerow and copse of trees
Add heartbeats to this living miracle
Where words and clichés are impossible
You have to take a stroll here and marvel
Dream it all in and stop time dead
Become the moment and live it forever
Over and over again flowery meadow design

******* Upside Down In a Blazing Avro Manchester Bomber – Poems from My Life and More

Nick Armbrister
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