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Is this actually possible? Considering so few pf the planes were built... i dunno...

Manchester Bomber Wreck

Manchester bomber rotting away

Different than it was before

Holes in the surface skin

Many pieces missing

Broken in two

Separated by many feet

Engines fallen free

Skeletons of the crew inside

Unknown war grave except to them

Who haunt their lost bomber

Lying under the sea bed

To them they’re still flying

In the sky above enemy territory

Fighting for their lives

With a faulty engine

Not actually on fire

Then the flak hit them

Damaging the tail unit

Followed by an enemy fighter

Who shoots them full of holes

And kills the Flight Engineer

Hitting him with a 20mm cannon shell

But not before the gunners

Down the **** night fighter

The crippled bomber flies on

Slowly losing height

They’ll never reach the target

Nor return home to England

So drop their bombs on a small town

Unknowingly killing dozens

Four tons of bombs will do that

The Manchester bomber wasn’t fired on again

Losing height was the enemy

They decided what to do and drew lots

Bail out or ditch in the sea?

They decided to ditch

It was almost dawn

And the horizon lit up

They should of made it

But the faulty engine finally died

The bomber stalled and dug a wing in

It cartwheeled over the sea

Broke in two and sank

All aboard were knocked out

And taken to a watery grave

Unknown to the world except themselves

The only remaining Manchester bomber
Is this actually possible? Considering so few pf the planes were built... i dunno...
Era's Icon
The man had a certain look
He worked in films
Doing hundreds of roles

Never making it big
Till he was seen
Eating a meal in the canteen

'I can do wonders with your face...'
The words of the guide
Who set in motion events

Something more than special
Creating the icon of the era
The Stein was brought to life

Becoming more than a B-Movie
Or image in words
Lifted from the page

Boris Karloff became the best
Nobody had those looks
Or presence on screen

Or a hundred other attributes
The icon on which others were judged
Now remembered in film

In art and tattoos
The best of the best...

It all started with a meal
And those words:
'I can do wonders with your face...'
Alien Crash and Burn
The words came to the girl one after the other
She described what had happened to her
She was in the field with her sister
Then a huge noise, a bright white light and silence
Along with a feeling of weightlessness

She awoke much later
But how long?
It felt like she'd been napping
But in reality it was centuries of her time
She went thru step by step

It was a tall story but her listeners listened
They asked for evidence other than words
She said read her mind
They did so and knew her inside

They asked do you have any item?
She nodded and showed them a rock
It looked like any other rock
That was her evidence
Its chemical matrix was off world
From somewhere else

It wasn't a meteor or from Mars
Her questioners became convinced
They showed her a star chart
It was a big one for a vast universe

The scientists wanted the technology
They planned to find her secrets
And put together a mission
She would be made to lead it
The aliens would find out
Just what humans were really like
Old Rocks
The rocks of the mountain
Are millions of years old
And have seen so many things
Like great upheavals
And fossils laid down
Uplifted from the ocean bed
Three miles high
Along with minerals and wealth
Adding to economic growth
Natural recourses in danger
Human greed burning bright
What existed for millions
Now reduced in decades
Some are out of reach
For now till tech improves
Mountains will crumble
Quarries devouring hills
Old rocks petering out
Drug Sub War
The drug sub became the new menace
Replacing the Toyota engined powerboats
And outdated drug running planes that got splashed
Sleek, able to travel underwater
More than the semi-submersible craft
Using a snorkel like **** U-Boats did
A group of foreign designers made them
Contracted by the drug cartels
To make an almost undetectable vehicle
Costing millions fitted with both low and high tech gear
Like GPS, night and day camera periscope and more
Able to dive at will hundreds of feet below
Remaining silent under battery power
But they didn't realize how persistent the US Navy was
Who specialized in hunting subs and now had a new opponent
Not Red China or Neo Soviet enemy subs hunting American carriers
It was Narco Subs from Central and South America
Each one carrying between one and eight tons of drugs
Pure Class A narcotics to **** North American youth
The US Navy used P-3 Orions, P-8 Poseidens and anti-sub choppers
To find the stealthy subs and take the appropriate measures
Calling destroyers and frigates who chased the subs down
Forcing them to surface with small depth charges
When drug sub crews fought back with machine guns
The navy sank them with all available weapons
For this war war, a war of innocent versus guilty
On the ocean no law court was needed...
Events Besides
We went to a place where hundreds died
Soldiers in a battle far from home
300 Japanese soldiers
100 American troops
And many more besides
Killed in many ways

Death by bullets
Death by bombs
Death by bayonet
Death by by blast
Death by by besides

The place was Storm King Mountain
The battle happened long ago
Are we the only ones to remember?
309 Pilot
The Messerschmitt Me-309 was a stunning warplane
Originally it had seven guns but the pilot removed some
The 13mm heavy machine guns were lethal but not needed
He freed up four hundred pounds in weight
This left just three cannons and their ammo
Two 20mm and a single 30mm gun
The 20mms were in the wing roots and 30mm in the nose
It was enough to **** enemy bombers like B-17s and Lancasters
And the following B-29s and Lincolns which bombed Germany endlessly
He got ready for a mission and was confident of more kills
He was keen and aggressive and had the right tool for the job
A fast climbing high speed interceptor aircraft
Germany's finest piston engined fighter of the war
With a modified engine boosted for power
Nothing but an enemy jet was faster but very short ranged
With a smile he walked to his plane
Who would he **** today?
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