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The gal with the **** cannon
Let’s one rip a right good ****
You can smell it from here
It smells of baked beans
And mushy peas plus cabbage
I wonder what it’s like
When she takes a dump?

Zoom zoom goes the car with drug dealers

Being chased by the cops in a spotted deal

The exchange was spotted by the police

Who gave chase six shooters drawn

Firing at the fleeing BMW that sped away

Bullets zinged into it others were fired back

It was a right cowboys and Indians time

Just like a movie film with John Wayne

Who will win the cops or dealers?

It’s just like a films script but real
Dead Head

Some are hard to work with

Others are easy to deal with

Some are real pains in the ******* ****

I know many like this

Both male and female

They bug you like a sore toe

Try not to give them credit

For being a pain in the ****

This is what they want

Makes them do it more

Never ever stopping

Till you shoot them dead

A bullet in the head
**** Hat

The American was an **** hat

A real ***** ball idiot

Who didn’t care what people thought

She did this and that what she wanted

A new tattoo left ****** coloured dark green

Right ear extended elf like

Having *** with 70 year old men

Just for the Hell of it

Not to get their cash

A real **** hat gal

She was a local character

One whom people detested

Crossed the road to avoid

Yet she was smart could argue

On vague stupid topics

Her real name was Dawn

In reality they called her slang

Names unprintable here

She’s the **** hat gal

Full of crap a real lunkhead

Imagine if you were her

So full of **** hat ****!
**** Mucus

The alternative man liked an **** massage

Getting his sphincter muscle lovingly relaxed

This allowed his **** mucus to flow with love

Every time he took a dump in the royal throne room

Pushing a curly big **** with S turns in it out

Plopping into the bowl like a fish back in a pond

The masseur did the best **** massage

It was only money and it all got soothed

Green enjoying his ******* massage

Making sure he produced mucus to ****

That and regular sphincter muscle work outs

With a ******* ***** and American *******
adult topic over 18s only
Oh you're gonna feel that
Be positive on all things
Hard to be when they
Sawed off your **** legs
Where'll you run to now?
Try Stop
It's about strength and she has that

More than most guys and all women

Why is she this way why not another?

Life chose her to be strong not another

Stronger than me an example to me

In the best and worst ways mirror image

Not sure why it happened where it will go

There are no regrets for some things

They happen even if you try to stop it
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