My peace is in bits,

My bits are in pieces.

I'm forced,through a colander through dreams what got broke.

I'm choking on a passion which hangs round my neck.

I'm broken and battered,

Life on the whole is doing me in.

I'm fighting a battle

Got not no chance of winning.

There will be no awards for me in this role.

A tumbled disaster I've lost all my goals.

There is monster living under my dress,

My monster is criminal, it's first name is stress.

It affects my being, it affects every function.

Between here and there and then and now.

In my dark space

I'm stuck at the junction.

I so detest it.


Olivia Kent Jul 18

Where are you now?
I sit and peer out of the window.
It's getting stormy.
He let go!

Where are you going, my friend?
Are you fighting lightening flashes?
Reverberating to the thunder's beat.

Child, I asked you to hold on to the string tightly.

We stood and watched from the ground as you floated away.
Awesome helium balloon,
Flying wild and free.

I wonder do you have many friends accompanying you as you go dancing through the cloud's cover.
Avoiding beaks of passing birds.
Birds calling out with novel songs.........!

Grandson released a helium balloon!
Olivia Kent Jul 17

Had an adder in my garden,
His name was Abacus,
A simple snake was he.
He never ever dared to bite,
And his sums were always right.

Olivia Kent Jul 17

Seeking fortune in the bottom of my tea cup.
From the top lip I sip.
Swillling  my brew.
Debating spitting out,
Ooh, I got confused,
Maybe I thought I was wine tasting,
They say Jesus turned water in to wine.
I had tea, so he didn't touch mine.
There were no tea leaves at the base of my cup.
Do you know why that could possibly be?
I drink coffee, rarely tea.
The error of judgement was made me.
Not a tea leaf in sight.

Olivia Kent Jul 12

I had a pair of goldfish,
Neither had a soul, maybe they did,
Spiritual fish possibly?
Aimlessly swimming around thei goldfish bowl.
Every day, day in, day out,
Poor flipping creatures,
They never get out!
If they were fed up, never would they shout.
Last week it seems, the golden chap he became deceased!
A glorious funeral was had by he, he had a final journey, travelling out to sea,
Yesterday his cell mate, the black chap had his last day.
He travelled out to see.
Darling sweetest goldfishes, got funerals they both deserved.
Military honour for brave goldfish.
The black one and the gold one too,
A ceremonial flushing by way of household loo.
One hundred deceased goldfish all standing on parade.
Together flowing through the sewer,
Good night sweet fishes,
Enjoy your journeys to the sea,
Escaped eternal confinement, from depths of goldfish tank.
Enjoy the ever after, ride the tide the two of you,
The water in the solent, probably not too blue.

Olivia Kent Apr 16

Syria, the land of sin,
Struggling breath.
Peeling skin.
Born to die upon sad day.
The cruellest beast.
The devil's way.
Sons and daughters caught in blast.
That day they woke, became their last.
Let this bloody madness end.
A world that man may still depend on.
Save us all before it's gone.

Olivia Kent Mar 25

In auburn the sun fell.
In crimson she rose again.
As a gift of entrancing love.
My flowers overt, with inverted bells.
An infusion of Lila , green and white.
The spring sprung forth from earth so deep.
Leaving winter doth but weep.
A scene from seasons.
Of row boats and true love.
Of coffee with cream.
Photographs on front covers of many magazines.
Periodicals they speak.
Peace descends amidst those flowers.
Many more hours.
Sun hats and short sleeves.
Mystically weaving.
Gossamer strings,
Such pretty things.

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