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Skylar Turner May 27
as the rain pelted my face i felt an odd sensation of satisfaction.

the water had cleansed my body like it was the holy water used at morning mass.

the catholics’ silence could be heard as i bathed in God’s tears.

the deafening echo of a wordless cathedral spinning into chaos.

as peace consumes me and
my body is laid to rest

i realize why God had flooded the earth the first time.
Elle Rose May 7
sickness is to medication
as I am to my mother
one does not come without the other
and for all my
every inhale I dragged
into my already
broken lungs
i told myself to repent
to a god i can’t relate
because after all
good catholics
believe that god is only watching  
when we tell him to
isn’t that right, Father?
smc Apr 26
acrid molecules
on eagle's wings
tabasco-rimmed lids
cinders soar drift swirl tumble

here is
sit stand pace writhe
sleep sinks

perched corpse
paint curls
lunchroom chair

purple red swish
twenty-five cent piece
clink whir thunk
vitreous spittle

esprit de l’escalier
Kitt Apr 15
Notre Dame is burning
This we all have seen
But Notre Dame’s been burning
For longer than this dream

Families and their children
Have worshiped in her halls
But families and children
Were stolen by its falls

Notre Dame was sacred
For worship and for song
But Notre Dame’s not sacred
As it had not been for long

Maybe this magestic falling
Is what the world must see
It’s this tremendous falling
That may set the children free

Worship moves with ages
No building must we *****
Elaborate walls do serve to hide
Wrongs we can never correct

So mourn her burning if you feel
But spare us the unending plea
For Notre Dame and her ***** deals
Must end before eternity.
The church was a beautiful reminder of tradition and grandeur, but the sercrets that go on within the walls of the Church are better off cremated.
Johnny walker Mar 26
There are times In one life
sometimes you never get to say all you need
so sad this Is, but very true for me I believe Helen's life was taken years before her
and to me just ain't right religion will tell you God called her no way
******* I don't think
I'm not looking for a ticket to Heaven If I had one and I could get enough money for it I'd sell
so I have no fear if speaking  my mind
I remember when Helen was dying In
hospital we agreed not to tell her but as I getting Helen a drink I
a female Priest was approaching Helen's Hospital bed about
read Helen her last rights 
she no permission or
rights to do
fortunate Helen didn't see her, so grab the priest
to one side and told
her Helen doesn't know I
said, well she said Ok I'll say a prayer
her, when I get back to the chapel
so I told her do as you wish but If Helen doesn't get where she's heading you be the first to know about It
Helen I think really knew her time was up but Helen wanted nothing to
with Church after the
way priest had treated so badly and turned their backs in her In time of
so she wasn't buried In the Catholic part of the cemetery Helen wouldn't have wanted
that she was buried
else because Helen regardless of religion got on with
everybody In
Sometimes a life Is not not to tell someone you love, all you need to say sometimes life Is cut short as It was with my wife
Johnny walker Feb 12
If you had met Helen for the first and knowing nothing about her she would have spoken to you just as If she'd known all of her life truly amazing she

Never known anyone that could make friends so easily everybody loved her
she had time for everyone
Speak to anyone she was really special

Just a shame life didn't treat her the same way but Instead was very cruel to such a kind lady who deserved so much better than she

I'm not a big fan of this world we have to live In I suppose I have a great deal of anger towards the Catholic Church that failed
After all, she had given everything to them to the point of becoming unwell and the priest turned their backs on her In her hour need of

I believe In a God, but not
the dog collier brigade that failed my wife In her hour of need so yes I do have anger for my wife gave so much kindness but asked nothing for
But should receive at least recognition for what she'd done poor girl forgotten by the church that she gave so much time to shame on them the Catholic Priests as they have a lot to answer
What with child abuse so I won't be attending church either now or In the future, God bless my wife for all she did and may she rest in peace

Helen Mary Walker
22nd July  
1955 - 23rd Dec
A special tribute to my wife who gave so much to the Catholic Church who failed her In her hour of need
1. It’s not so much a home for us
As home for our deceit:
Affirming every guiltless heart,
Distracting from defeat.
It’s found in lands of apathy
Where feelings limit thought,
And standards thought impersonal
Rely on what is not.

2. A place where temples will adore
The inner light inside:
Where you directly see the world,
Directly through your pride.
A place of icons that demand
A greater life than yours:
A life of goods and happiness,
Of wanting more and more.

3. A place where God is glorified
The most through our content,
Where suffering lament will be
Portrayed as deviant.
A place where God is glorified
When we have self-esteem;
Where trust in self is trust in him:
A god inside our scheme.

4. A place where God is worshipped most
When we try hard to touch
A presence we’re convinced is Him:
A feeling found in us.
A place where we’re convinced that faith
Is all we need obtain,
But then define faith as good works
And love only our chains.

5. A place where truth defined as less
Directs us downward to
The dimmer lights of narrowness,
A world of residue;
A world where truth has boundaries
Beyond which God can’t go,
For human thought is fallible
And Scripture’s all we know.

6. The prophets in our icons speak
Of truth without a Pope;
Tradition that’s as old as you,
Where meaning is a trope.
Where we connote, we don’t define
But by effects alone.
We’re hoping that the essence will
Eventu’lly be known.

7. Seduced, we tend to run to self,
The selves we wish we were:
With freedom, wealth, and pleasure and
A life fulfilled, secure.
But freedom’s just a neutral tool,
And wealth is merely means,
And pleasure’s mere result of good,
The Good it cannot be.

8. So when the church pursues these things
As visions of the Good,
They choose to play off barons’ lies
Instead of something true.
They build themselves an idol that
Is dressed in Words of God,
But paint His face in colors of
A cultural facade.

9. Where are the prophets of the old,
Who knew that truth is full:
That truth without tradition will
Be incommensur’ble?
That language, genre, meaning will
Be dead without a guide,
That texts alone will never speak
Past cultural divides?

10. Where are the princes of the old
Who though seduced by power,
Would, when condemned, kneel in the snow
And beg in rags for hours?
Where are the laymen, who when wrong,
Won’t split off from the Vine?
Who, blinded by the light of forms,
Won’t run back to their binds?

11. What happened to the saints portrayed
On icons made of gold?
Whose lives were good and true and real,
Not poured in market’s mould?
Why do we sing of present Lamb,
When altar’s absent from
A stage that points to podiums,
That’s filled with pipes and drums?

12. If we deserve what we produce,
Receiving undeserved,
Then pedestals should not be, for
Production’s sake, reserved.
Unless we think God owes us what
Was given on the cross,
Then worship Him, not music, words,
Not feelings, dreams or thoughts.

13. But then what choice remains when we
Reject the miracle,
Of accidents remaining same,
While essence changes full?
And when we strip the altars bare,
And throw away the bread,
We **** our God yet worship him:
A thought inside our head.

14. So those who want to find what’s true
And find a God that’s real,
Must pull the nails from Wittenberg
And cross themselves and kneel.
Five hundred years of modern pride
Have found in Paris home.
Unless we want to live there too,
We must return to Rome.
1-2. Thesis: Modern Christianity is a mask. It reduces God to self.
3-5. Examples of reductionism common to modern religion.
6-8. The problem with reduced theology.
9-11. What's missing.
12. A theology reduced to the individual is a theology of pride. It's why modern Christianity can't help but showboat.
13. Something greater than the individual was always central to premodern worship. Modernity tossed that away.
ShowYouLove Jan 26
Big or small thick or thin
No matter the place you live in
Black, white, brown, red
I know every hair on your head
I know you, I know your name
And when you hurt I feel your pain
Do not listen or pay heed when the world calls you freak
Because, in you, there is something special and unique
And because I love you as you are
If it seems you don't fit in, can't find a place where you belong
When the world says they're right and all you are is wrong
There are people of compassion who look beneath the skin
To find the light that burns inside, the beauty that's within
And remember I love you as you are
Sometimes the world can be cold and cruel
They might mock your belief and call you a fool
Being different can make people uncomfortable
They'll try to define you and give you a label
But you already have a label more important than the rest
You are called my child and it is you that I will bless
And I love you just as you are
Be yourself, be honest, be gentle and kind
And, throughout your life you will come to find:
You don't need to change who you are to make me love you
For I love you as you are
Emily Dec 2018
There are lovebirds in the church
And the eyes of God in the wood
Red-breasted and swollen
Things deteriorate as they do
Timber to rot
Love to hate
Yet they still neck
Amid the pews
Because blessed are they
Who *** in the name of the Lord
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