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Ren Sturgis Apr 20
In my Dreams aliens invade.
I hide with people I barely know.
We seek solace in each other's humanity for fear of the unknown.
In my Dreams I fly over rooftops, over unsuspecting heads who go about their day as usual.
In my Dreams I am transported, abducted, and chased.
But in my Dreams I am me.
I am lost.
I am afraid.

When I wake static lingers like a long lost lullaby.
nick armbrister Dec 2021
Abducted Worker
He was riding his moped to the office to work
The alien craft hovered over him and took him
It left his moped by the roadside needing the rider
In a blast of silent light he was plonked down
No longer on his wheels somewhere else entirely
Like the X-Files but real different yet familiar
Like he'd been hear before that was inexplainable
He knew in ways he was home from home
Even if he cried sweated shook wondered what the ****?
How can this be happening to me right now?
UFOs don't exist nor do little green men
Or grey ones like these here now
They greeted him he nodded and waved
It was like being back with friends!
Even if three feet tall and grey and ugly
They had a strange yet interesting craft
Bigger inside than out like Dr Who?
His moped was similar for it was a vehicle
Made to go from A to B and do a job
The question was what why where and who?
He didn't know the answers just now
He'd soon find out their aims and wants
Before they let him go again...
JM Romig Nov 2021
A moderately sized planet,
afloat in a distant spiral galaxy
orbiting an unremarkable star,
has taken the Tardigrazian nations by storm.
For thousands of their star cycles,
they have been capturing the imaginations
of countless people watching from their pods
both Planetside and Satellite alike,
brought together by the light
of the Blue Bead –

The little exoplanet and that defied all reason
and persisted at all cost,
despite itself,
possibly to spite itself.
Millions of lightyears away from our humble empire.

This tiny little dot
and the two-legged folk walking upon it
became something of a cultural phenomenon.
We have become the cheerleaders
for a people likely long passed.
We used to believe they might outlive their star
Go on to visit other planets -
meet their neighbors, like we did.

But recent transmissions from our probes
spell a tragic end on the horizon
for our distant friends,
whom we’ve seen climb down from trees,
invent tools, and writing, and cities, and more
but they never stopped at a reasonable spot.

No amount self-inflicted suffering
they brought in the name
of that momentum would stop them.
Progress, and the comfort that comes with it,
being not unlike an intoxicant for these people.
Addicts will always justify the means.

Their world has rapidly grown warmer
in the time we’ve been observing them.
Soon it will be outside the narrow window
in which they can reasonably survive.

We watched, screaming at our screens,
"The fuel - it’s the fuel causing the rise!!"
They’d gone this long, burning the dead
and expected no consequence.
It's not their fault they’re so short-sighted
It's how they evolved.
A mere hundred years or so,
that’s the lifetime of these feeble creatures
Hardly enough to gain wisdom,
let alone pass it down.

Nevertheless, they lived, they loved,
and they thrived.
Surpassing even the most generous
of our expectations.
Against all odds, they learned, and they grew.
Eventually, we did see the brightest of them
realize their jeopardy and speak the truth.
Just in time, they would unite as they did
so many times before
…or so we thought.

Instead, they fought more.
Even on the edge of extinction,
they dig their trenches,
and they pick their sides.
The great imaginations
that helped them build the world
now affixing them in rigid fictions
of their own making
Unable to see beyond
these preconceived limitations.

It feels, now more than ever,
as though we’re seeing the
final seasons of the Blue Bead.
The fall of a beloved people.
Who will never know
the billions of lives they’ve touched
in the brief time we’ve gotten
to share with them.

But then, they have surprised us
countless times before.
Perhaps they will again.
B Morgan Talbot Sep 2021
When they came down from their disk
With their blinding lights
And their alloy ramps
It quickly became obvious
Unexpectedly, in our hubris,
That they wished only to
Gas up,
Take some pictures of squirrels
And stretch their limbs
Before setting out toward a finer frontier.
Did you hear something about an intergalactic highway being built?
Johnny Mar 2021
Yellow stars, blue stars, brown

Looking through the window

Are you looking up at me
or are you looking down?

Smiling? Or with a frown?

Are you a distant memory?
Or am I new in town?

Many questions from my end

I will wait for the answers

If it means I can be your friend
Question from a child that no adult can answer
We have come too close
To prove that we actually
Are bad—the aliens
Creepypumpkins Feb 2021
There was one morning
A farmer so insenced
For someone
Put beautiful crop
Geometric in nature
In his wheat field that
Called the police
A man of science
The farmer
Didn’t believe in aliens
But was it the work of vandalism
Is the truth out there
Descovia Jan 2021
The times I questioned my past life through other faces

while searching within reflections.

I see you inside of me.

I see me inside of you.

We roam different lands and trust our vision to the skies to be at home here.

Watcher of the skies, existing in a world believed to be manifested of lies.

Hope is stronger than fear. Our lives isn't measured by just years.

What chance do we have at survival before we doom ourselves to fall into the hands of damnation?!

In a 🌎 of many things. Where we hunt our own! Use life force of fallen to grow our crops. Our lives are games, the hunger never ends. The very last concern on mind is an invasion.

What are we?

What are we?

What are we?

All in disguise
Seline Mui Dec 2020
Green beautiful glimmers
The whole way down smooth crackle foundation
Love on the rising vibrating me outwards
The universe takes a hold and sings the song of creation
Caressing me in a beautiful love song
Crystals energized with forest green,luminescent yellow fading into a stream of mirrors, reflecting
Bring me life and strength
Trusting the love, my protector, my ancestor
Tinted blue smooth skin cold to the touch
Silver long striking hair branding infinity into my memory, my film that is me.
The infinite being that was created to see
All the love and light that has guided
My path into security,
Screaming “love” down the tunnel and hearing my heartbeat pulsing against the beautiful sunset of a curious night.
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