She doesn't like to flirt with random guys,
but they chase her and stalk her every single night.

She wears long skirts and no make up at all,
but they call her 'bitch' and they call her 'whore'.

She's not even pretty, but shy, little thing,
but all males who know her, touch her in their dreams.

The old, bearded priests cursed her with the rage,
but they can't sleep at nights, they daydream of her.

Jesus wouldn't like her - she makes men go astray,
she would mess him up and she'd make him stay.

Angels, they don't like her, they say she is bold,
they call her pure evil - for she makes them fall.

Lex Jan 13

Cheap eye shadow smells
and chick fil a dates
scuffed sneakers
and climbing rusty gates

clumped mascara
and bright blue eyes
red and white sirens
tear stains from late night cries

yelling at you
you yelling at me
we're too tired to feel
anything but free.

Lex Dec 2017

what is it about me
that others can't seem to keep?

Lex Dec 2017

The funny thing about you is
when you flirt
you don't really want me
all you want is a relationship
and my body
and Hun, that's not me
let me help you to see

Put yourself is this scenario
it's you and me and I tell you I have to go
but you can't except that I don't want you as my beau
because you've always been a lothario

Lothario=A man who's chief interest is seducing women.

There is this boy
The boy whom you're always telling your stories to
The boy who listens to you always
The boy whom you don't actually know

There is this boy
The boy who is my best friend's older brother
The boy who keeps telling her sister about what his best friend said
The boy who is actually the same person that you know

But you don't know that fact


Because you're too blinded
To see that boy running in circles
Just to make sure that you and him are okay

no progress...
Nohémie Oct 2017

I'm not pretty

Not like the other girls
I'm not pretty, not in this world

I'm not beautiful

While my friends exude this aura of supermodels
I'm stuck, cursing myself for not being invisible

I'm not pretty

While my friends sit around the table
Sharing, yet again, their sex escapades and those fables
I realize that not one single guy has taken interest in me
I know I shouldn't live life with this attitude, with this constant self-loathing
But it isn't just a sudden thought
It's in the pit of my stomach, like a knot
It's the foundation to all of my buried epiphanies
It's the root to all of my deepest insecurities

I'm not pretty

And I don't know if I'm meant to be

TlvGuy Jun 2017

I saw him on a subway train
We looked on each other
The whole ride.
Not a single word,
No secret smiles.
Just a look,
deep in the eyes.

Maybe imagining the life
We could have together
Sitting on the white sand
Of Coney Island beach,
Enjoying our cosy home,
Getting warm near a fire place
On amazingly snowing day.

And then a cruel squeaking wheels noise made him leave the train
And took all our dreams away.

We won't see each other again.
See you in another life
My love

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