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An evening drive with my love
Lakes, mountains, trees and breeze
Witnessing the eternity in our eyes
Welcoming girls of golden flowers
Standing in yellow on both sides
With a saucy smile his eyes scan
In search of my wooing lips
Finding it waiting for him with yearn
Sudden break with locking lips
Eyes closed when the heart echos
This is your Un resistible world!
Prathipa Nair Jan 20
I am flying up high
With colourful wings
When you, the butterfly
Fly in my thoughts
If your thoughts can
Make this happen
Beloved, wondering
What can your presence
Do to me in a second!!
Prathipa Nair Jan 20
Under foggy clouds
In a morning bus
Pickled with butterflies
Of different liveries
Occupying my seat
Filled with content
Proceeding few miles
****** with a sudden halt
There came the lady
Combatant of mine
Who hankers for my seat
Looking at me like a mage
Closing my helpless eyes
Turned my face
Inhaling cool fresh air
Till I reached the destination
Prathipa Nair Aug 2018
If my heart has a door and a bird to open it
Every second when it opens, the bird call out
Darling , Please Come In !
Prathipa Nair Aug 2018
In a garden of classroom
Where forty four flowers bloom
Flying flower to flower
Who she kisses with love
A single drop of their tear
Which she holds in her wings
Standing in her colourful dress
How she passes her smile
A colourful butterfly she is
Whom flowers call a TEACHER
Prathipa Nair Jul 2018
Everything is beautiful because of something
Everyone is beautiful because of someone
No one is **** because of something or someone
Ugliness is within ourselves with our over make up of ego !
Prathipa Nair Jul 2018
Your thoughts bringing smile
When my grandpa asked
Why am i smiling for no reason
My reply was the same smile
Grinning at me for sometime
Walked fore with a murmur
To my surprise i smiled again
Falling in your thoughts
Is this what they call Love?
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