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Mark Wanless May 2021
the mind will perceive
till it doesn't anymore
now that is funny
Mark Wanless Dec 2020
does human mind perceive all
can you perceive more than me
Dali Nov 2020
I'm daring to
Barely stand on my own feet
What shoes am I going to wear
Is it blue, red, nor green?
Don't feel the heaviness of my feet
But everything fit immaculately to my verity sheet
Are these really the colors of my being?
They say emotions really fades away
I don't know now
Cause I heard the eternal aura whispers coming through my thoughts
Or is it just my own whispering sound?
Oh God
I can't speak
Nor find the root in me
Water me
I must water me
I want to see the flowers of my soul
I want to feel the existence in me
There's a black sky
But only to feed the earth's feet
A dashed black color in me
Coming through every breath I take while I speak
Jade Welch Mar 2019
If only you could see
how your soul has captivated me;
maybe then you would love yourself the way I do.
Colm Jan 2019
When the sun and moon and stars align
And the darkness is most bitter sweet
On the backside of our turning time
With inches meaning less and less
It's where our two perspectives meet

And when the rolling river cuts its path
Down beneath the deep, the grand abyss
As the ages pass on through and trough
That's when I will recant
That’s when I will return to you

For as the arrows fly and pass you by
So the winds of change flow steadily on
Both forward and through every tree
Yet inching towards to former fount
Only when in stillness will I ever be

For it's between this heaven and this earth
Between the sun and moon and land and sea
It is WHEN we only care about
When it ought to be the man to be

Heaven our impatience
Earth our wonder
Wind a wandering mind to keep
Between is no other
When? WHEN.
Eric Babsy Sep 2018
You are my candy, so sweet.
I am lost without you; I can not compete.
When I am with you I feel complete.
This is the kind of loss I can not defeat.
When I lick the skin it tastes sumptuous.
Your lips are scrumptious.
Oh no what happened I miss you so much.
With all the moments we shared; I still long for your touch.
I want to skip the dinner and go right to desert.
Now that you have gone away I miss the way we flirt.
The way you hair smelled.
I must confess I fell under your spell.
You hurt me when our kingdom of love fell.
If you were here right now, I would kiss your lips and deeper into love I would have fell.
I am hooked on you and can not resist.
I need you again or will no longer exist.
Although you made your choice.
I must respect that; though I miss the sound of your voice.
I hope to love someone like you again.
Someone to take my love; everlasting until my peaceful end.
Do you realize what memories I perceive.
I will keep your picture and when I see it I feel relieved.
No, I am not telling this to deceive.
I just hope the peace between us has been released.
But I never want to feel as alone as I do now.
Your love will always stand tall in me, this I vow.
Ciara Jones Jul 2018
A painted mirror
With the image of love
Only intended to show her exterior
No matter the size of the shove

They pick spitefully
Tossing flecks of dried work
But she responds oh so delightfully
Forgetting her crafted worth

Born to show others an image they'd like to perceive
Dead to have not even the maker grieve
PoserPersona Jun 2018
Seeing is believing, for which we can perceive
Believing is seeing, for which we can't perceive
There are infinite things that are, let alone aren't
That we cannot even dream of, let alone chart
Living in shadows of a universe unknown
From stardust we are born, where from death do we go?
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