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Laura 4d
"Don't you want to make it work?"
I asked
Tears in my eyes
Begging you to stay
Clutching your hand
In desperation
My heart quivering
Fearing the answer
You might give

Nothing ever hurt me
As much as you saying
You didn't
You were done

The cold swept in
And took me away
Far far
From you
Because next to you
I was getting
Frost bite

No longer smitten
Just ******
And frost bitten
Ariel 6d
I just wanna say *******.
But I still love you.
You shouldn't have touched me.
Look what you've done to me...
Ever I now ever gonna be happy?
You were already broken...
But you didn't have to break me...
Now I play the game safely..
And never feel too closely.
I walk away too fast
Because I'm hurt from my past.
I want something to last...
But my heart isn't healed from the ****...
I'd love to burn your memory to ash...
And say *******...
Lizzie Feb 1

**** your curly brown hair    That my fingers would get tangled in.

**** your chocolatey brown eyes     That my soul would get lost in.

**** your rose tinted cheeks                  That you hated but I adored.

**** your warm deep voice                          That soothed my anxiety.

**** your beautiful vocabulary       That made my heart skip a beat.

**** your green jacket                                   That fit me like a blanket.

**** your elitist music taste                             That I secretly enjoyed.

**** the way you held me                            And made me feel loved.

**** the way you kissed me                               Soft and passionately.

**** the way you left me                          Wordlessly out of nowhere.

AND **** THE WAY YOU ****** ME

Honestly, just *******.
your poems
in my floor
the dog
hopped off the bed
to recreate them
sometime last night
indigochild Dec 2018
pity me

i have never felt so lonesome in a crowded room
we all know you didn't come here to see me
is the only reason you glance my way

the girl with the difficult past
what a stereotype

stop pretending you mean it
and that
what a stereotype

you only want to talk to me
so you can be the one to push back the curtain
reveal the wizard

such a shame
that i'm a ******* goddess
- a guess i'm not alone if i'm on your mind
amitriptyline Oct 2018
Two Syllables.
Two Letters.
One Heart.
But in two pieces.

Two People.
Two Lives.
One Connection.
But severed.
Savy Oct 2018
You praised my heart and helping hand
And for the longest time I could not understand
How any of that could make me special
Until you used those words to describe her
And how perfect she is.

And that is the paragraph on how you broke my heart for the first time ever.

But even in my darkest hour, my darkest day
Your doings could not take my humor away.
I am more than what you did to me,
I am more than what you made me feel.

Even when you broke my heart
I could not be mean enough to try and tear you apart.
I cried so many tears,
But for the next few years
I wished you only the best.

Even after you left that gaping hole
Right there in the very centre of my soul,
I could not hate you, never hate you
Because I loved you, always loved you
Beyond your kind heart and helping hands
Your everlasting patience and my high demands
You understood me like no one else had ever done
You listened to me when I was undone
You cared for me when I broke down
And then you took my heart, my very crown.

You broke my heart, my spirit, my pride
But the one thing you could never take from me is my reflex to fight
I'll fight your impact, your demeanour, what you made me feel
I'll reclaim what you took me from me and reveal
Once and for all what I know to be my greatest strength
My love for myself. And that can really
For real
Unlike you
And what I once allowed myself to feel for you
Last the entire length.
B Chapman Sep 2018
Cradling and pacifying,
A gift for enabling narcissism,
Wiping tears and standing strong
Even as the bellows break my spirit.

Never rising
Without repercussions,
Manipulations and invalidations,
Demands for constant zombification.

Fingers inching for cherished blades
Obedience taste bitter.
I should have learned to be docile,
To know when to wither.

Instead I was born with poison
Pumping through my veins,
Chaos in my brain,
And wear wrath as a crown.
Justin Sep 2018
You managed to get me to stop waiting

How does it feel

Did it feel great

As I succumb into madness

As you plunge a blade deeper into my heart

With only a few sets of words

I have gone mad
I used to love flowers
now I despise them
Due to a flower girl
planting seeds
and making me
choke on those flowers
as they bloom
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