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Bella Apr 17
I may be a bad person,
But I am not the bad guy,
I've learned a toxic lesson,
And now I see why.

I see how all my friends see me,
I see you'll never understand,
I see my people-pleasing tendencies,
I see all you want to do is reprimand,

But I see that everyone is a bad person.
i feel lighter.
A Deco Mar 2016
i hope you get into medical school
so all i have to do is eat an apple everyday

i hope you always have money to buy extra bread-sticks
but never the self control stop eating them

i hope your 15 seconds of fame falls on daylight savings

i hope you never avoid movie or tv spoilers  

i hope your children are loved and cared for
but have their hearts broken by mine

i hope you always anticipate a surprise birthday party

i hope you always wake well rested
3 hours late for work

i hope you dance in the metaphoric rain
and catch metaphoric pneumonia

i hope your next thanksgiving is spent in an airport

i hope you are mildly inconvenienced every morning

i hope all your book pages stick together

i hope that you always will question if you left your oven on

i hope your future roommates always use all the hot water

i hope you always find the words to say
but never the right time to say them

i hope you never figure out how to pick a ripe avocado

i hope all your dinners are directly impacted
by the fickle nature of a toaster oven

i hope your curiosity gets the better of you
and you find out what cat food tastes like

i hope your favorite band breaks up
and you miss their kick *** reunion tour

i hope you watch an unhealthy amount of daytime tv

i hope you outlive me on the off chance that your paper boy will miraculously skip your house on the day my obituary is printed
because nothing would make my ghost happier to know
that you were forced to find out after  literally everyone else that
i passed away in my sleep surrounded by people who loved me
while you sat in your house old grey never thinking of me until you
read some 50 words in a newspaper and even if its for a second i want you to wonder what kind of life i had because you will have had no part in it.
Maya Mar 17
When I said that I was moving on, I didn’t really mean it.
I wasn’t ready to tell people
My parents
My friends
That we were over.

I don't know why you said you didn’t love me,
Because I hadn’t done anything wrong.
I think in the end, you were just bored
And I was over it,
Tired of being sorry for things I wasn’t actually sorry for.
Three months of on again off again *******.

And yet, when you saw me with him,
You weren’t ready to move on.
You wanted me back. Or love back.

And I think that shows,
That neither of us were moving on.

I’m not moving on, after all.
And that might be my biggest mistake yet.
i'm not moving on after all.
Sitting on a pinnacle
Thinking about resentin you
Thinking about how **** change when I was just getting into you
showed me sides of you I never knew
At first it was all cute
But now it’s like
. . .
Yea ******* ******* *******
I mean I love you yea I love you
But I can’t trust you , no I can’t trust you
. .
I was always there to care for you
But You got lost in the mix
It went from forehead kisses to ******* real quick
this the way it goes
. .
I took all arguments and attitudes
Did everything even when you didn’t know what to do
I never asked for nothing
just a little bit of gratitude
Slapped it in my face
And told me to lose a pound or two
It’s just crazy because who would’ve really knew
. . .
***** now it’s ******* , ******* yea *******
No I mean I love you , yea I love you
But I can’t trust you , no I can’t trust you
And now I’m done with you , yea I’m done with you
. .
now it’s *******
**** hitting different now
tables are turned
You found out you can’t do the same ****
The bridges are left burned
I let **** slide as if I was the bad guy
You had me feeling like a 5 when I’m really a Dime .
I gave you nothing but time
You choose to do differently
Did me slime and wonder why I don’t **** with you
***** ******* yea *******
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