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OnceWasAskim Sep 14
I understand why you did what you did, just not how
I knew you had a fork in the road
I knew you had a choice
I know you had to make the call

What you didn’t have to do was ghost me

How you ended it hurt more than you’ll ever know

You scarred me for life

An eye for an eye ?
alexa Sep 2
being alone makes me realize that i’ve never actually ‘dealt with it’

sure, i’ve had good days but when it comes down to it; i go to bed at night, and i think. i think about what we could’ve been if we never stopped. maybe i overreacted?

but then i remember, you’ve done nothing but backstab people. you’ve done nothing but hurt. i was nothing but good to you and you still repaid me with breaking my heart and my trust.

so ******* for ever making me happy and making me believe that you cared. because you never did, and that’s something i have to deal with.
i've learned that i kinda have to go with what i think is right when it comes to situations like these. am i going to regret it later? probably. but it's worth it because everything happens for a reason :,)
Zoe Grace Jul 31
An irreplaceable mirror
One of a kind
An irreplaceable memory
Stored in a photograph

The mirror, shattered
Shards lying on the floor
The photograph, tarnished
Smeared with paint

A room reeking of chemicals
Belonging to an asthmatic.
Being refused the refuge
Of sleeping on the couch.

A gouge in the wall
A long, scratched line
White smears across
A brand new, silver surface.

But we can't sue,
Or complain
Because your son
Runs our Real Estate.
So the painter we hired to do the ceilings and fix the plaster is a ******* *******
he RUINED my ONE OF A KIND MIRROR that was made in the shape of my name that my uncle got me from Bali.
He got white paint onto one of the ONLY PHOTOS I HAVE LEFT of Nan and Pop.
Paint, on the fridge we got a week ago.
but the real estate people
WONT DO ****!!!
Ashtyn Lucas Jul 24
Warning: Bleeped out profanity. Read at your own risk

I would call you "dad"
But I would be ashamed to do so
You cannot stand up for anyone
Fooled into submission by her
That f·cking Satanic b·tch
Who is more irresponsible than I
I am ashamed you ever bed with her
I watch your offspring, wishing to be dead
Now I love your children
They even call me "Mama"
Isn't that alarming?
When they confuse their birthgiver with their sister?
But what would I know
I'm just a young girl
I don't know anything, says you
You overprotect me anyhow
As soon as I can leave, I'll be gone without a trace
Living with my mother, the woman that you hate
That you talk sh·t about, while I am within hearing range
Then act like nothing happened, do you think I am a bafoon?
At least I have the ****** courage
To tell someone to f·ck off
I'm glad I'm nothing like you
So, just f·ck off
Sorry (not sorry) about the profanity. My dad was talking smack about my mom with my stepmom and I flipping hate him for it.
saffronne Jun 25
I don’t want to be in love with you anymore.
I don’t want to need you in my life.
All I can think about is how much I ******* hate you
for making me hate myself,
because I can't stop loving you.
sorry for swearing...
Zoe Grace Jun 2
My body is so tired
I'm exhausted physically, mentally and emotionally.
I just want a break
Is that too much to ask?
Apparently so, because
My brain is wide awake
And it wont let me sleep

Get ****** brain.
I'll just be tired and grumpy tomorrow
And that way everyone will get ****** at me.
Its not like you care is it? No.

You dont care.
You scream at me every time i eat something with sugar in it.
You whisper horrible things in my ears when i'm alone.
You convince me to hurt myself so i can feel something, after you've shut down all my other emotions.
You make me fall for people too late and too often and not enough.
You tell me i'm not enough.

I just want to sleep
Stop putting these thoughts in my head and leave me alone.
Its late and i'm probably a little hysterical but who cares.
Bummer May 30
******* for calling my art “rants.”
For not being able to see past letters I paint on a canvas.
There is a certain spot where ***** like you will never be allowed,
and that’s between the lines of the words I write.
I’ll write all you ******* off as I write of all your ******* sins,
and I’ll wear another mask just like you want me to.
I build a home and you burn it.
I build a reputation and you stain it.
I’ll be a ******* carpenter of confidence, and you’ll still be my villainous vandal.

So *******.
And your scummy scandals.
And your insidious intentions.
And your daggers of delayed and destructive dialogue.

I’m over you.
Delaney Smoke Apr 18
Is it possible
To go back and stop the knife
Yell "*******" at death?
whoever said haiku's were pretty?
AtMidCode Apr 16
you were crying so much that day
tears and sweat marred
your face

when you heard my footsteps
look up
and ask

'do you love me?'

boy, i can't tell you
how much
those drops of ache
felt like a thousand beatings
to the
heart that have
always loved you
than anyone else [even you]

there is nothing to do
but hold you

framing your beauty
in my trembling palms

i kissed your eyelids
hoping against all hope
that contact
would be enough

i spent a great
deal of
my life
convincing you
that you matter

i look at you
as if
you are beyond this universe

every waking moment
was dedicated
into never making
you feel
less than your
true worth

so it came
as no surprise
that when i ask if you love me

you just smiled
and said

'thank you'
-this is too much; now i know why i felt like no value was left within
-no, well maybe, yes, (you are) partially at fault
-*******, dear
Jules Apr 10
Enter the dark parts of my mind.

The pieces that aren't really pieces
but are like the vast black holes
sprinkled throughout the universe

You'll never leave
imprinted in my gray matter forever

Lost and spinning
You may resurface every now and then,
forcing my brain cells to collide and remind me of you

I wish I could rip you from my memories,
extinguish the artificial light you emitted

But what would happen then?
What is a thing without what came before?
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