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Stratus Jul 15
Drain me with your presence
And make my adrenaline spike up
You're still nothing at all
But a disappointment
So keep dawdling
Until you go brain dead
While you cut your purple skin
And cry
Dark Dream May 18
Favorite words
Using to feel
Cussing and caring
Kicking up screams
Yelling names
Only those moments
Under the tongue
kayzamo Apr 30
I've decided, firmly -
Today, a year later from when I knew you;
A year later from when I cried...
I've decided
That I don't want religious *****.

Now hold on - I know how that sounds.
"This ***** is gonna castrate me!
Or something," is what you probably said.
Don't worry, little altar boy.
I only use my machete for garden snakes
In my two inch back yard.

The nerve, the gall, the gumption,
To tell me in the sweetest way possible,
"I'd prefer a subservient house wife."
You couldn't even tell me to my face -
It was second hand knowledge,
Passed along to me by my stoner co-worker.

I bit the pink marker and ****** it dry of ink.
The False god stopped sending you love letters.
Boo hoo,
Poor you.

I'm not entitled to anyone's love, and especially not yours.
You came into my life like a bullet,
Which through the lenses of rose-colored glasses
Looked like a gentle butterfly.
The Cosmos - she was looking out for me.
She's seen too many limp men like you,
And saved me with the gravitational pull of the moon.

So once again,
For those in the back,
Who were too busy wooing Joshua Harris:
******* and your christian *****.
Still not sure if this is too scandalous for HePo, but I figured I'd give it a shot. Critiques welcomed!
max Dec 2020
hey dad,
look at me
ive grown up
and im not like you

hey dad,
remember when i was younger,
when mom let me call you,
she finally let me hear your voice,
i loved you,
i still remember your voice
i think,
i hate it

hey dad,
remember when you said you were always with me,
you said you'd be there no matter what,
that you're in my heart,
i want to rip my heart out
because of you

hey dad,
remember when you said
we're under the same sky,
looking up at the same stars,
smiling at the same sun,
i spoke to the moon recently,
he said you haven't been looking up at the sky,
at all

hey dad,
do you remember...
do you remember anything?
do you remember any of that?
am i wasting space in my clouded mind
thinking about what you used to say to me?

hey dad,
where the **** are you
i want you to see me
i want you to see
that im nothing like you
hey dad, *******.
liakey Nov 2020
turn up the stereo, an old song plays;
I can’t help but smile while i feel the warmth run down my face.

confused how to feel,
was it all in my mind?

I can’t understand;
I no longer bother to try.

every night, every moment I spent;
giving my heart,
and a soft place for your’s to rest.

sacrifice here and sacrifice there;
there was no length that i would not have went.

vulnerability and trust- I surrendered to you;
yet, resentment and hatred are now what ensue.

the hate in my heart, too much to bear.
I want to let go, but I’m so ******* scared.

I have to move on; brighter days ahead.

so here’s my final “*******” because I’ll never forget: a mere five miles, from you, was too much to ask.

one last glimpse in the rear view;
I’m never turning back.
Eli Apr 2020
I may be a bad person,
But I am not the bad guy,
I've learned a toxic lesson,
And now I see why.

I see how all my friends see me,
I see you'll never understand,
I see my people-pleasing tendencies,
I see all you want to do is reprimand,

But I see that everyone is a bad person.
i feel lighter.
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