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I've had adventures and mishaps,
I've had a fool and I've had fortune,
There have been mistakes and success,
I've been lost and in distress.

But life friends-not with me.
The best friends I've ever had?
Well, those would be music and
A love that's always free...

Loving myself, the me that no one
Will clearly ever want or need.
My beloved was anger
So the sun went after
The big waves of the ocean

They said in anger
What a matter!
I will discover

Her smart was shiny
Her face looked sadly
Shame! The sin converted directly
To that spot of ready
That has red clearly
They wanted to send them in a hurry
The Arab is neglected completely
The danger was surrounded without lately

To keep your throne, sell that land widely
Its people is the worst at sight
Their sight which carries hope
And democracy also
Not killing, ruin or shot
the advanced land expressed

Liar, they will deal with them actually
As they make with red Indian
Taste their blood with cool
**** their woman almost all
And said they look like an animal

Palestinian ask God
As they have no justice at the land
The hate was planted
The terror born in fact
Defeat all occupy person

He stood beside her
Give his heart to her
She was her motherland
If your mother was rapped
You will lift up a white flag
Asking for love and mercy
Or you carry every weapon
Killing every worst one
The hate at one was growing
The fire was increasing
The one who seems stupid
Or wise wanted to get problem dissolved
The occupied has terror fact
everyone loves his laned. when he saw it occupied, rapped.
M e l l o Nov 2019
i'm shivering
as i wait for you
the cold is unkind
to the strangers like me
i look at my watch
to remind myself of the time
you were late
but i can wait
the freezing breeze was
it bore right through me
as i wait for you
passersby would look at me
sometimes they'd greet me
or ask me why i'm standing
outside here in the cold
i just replied with a smile
or sometimes i would say
" i'm waiting for someone "
knowing that you'll come soon right?
of course you will
i'm shivering
but much more erratic
still waited for you
i looked at my watch again
it says 9:00 pm
when you said you would come at noon
the night grew darker
as the other little shops
starting to close
i'm still standing here
outside in the cold
it's cold
the weather
the let down
it all feels the same
i'm shivering
but you never came
Nov. 22
Masha Yurkevich Apr 2019
Point B
Point C
is a distance
I'm not sure I will ever reach.
But I've moved
from where I stood and so far,
I think that's
pretty good.
At least I've gone from point A to point B...
amber Jul 2018
disappointed and embarrassed,
my heart is heavy.

you make me sad...
not because of who you are,
but because of who i imagined you to be.
Yusof Asnan May 2018
You thought that
she would grow
wings and save
She just grew
some roots and
stood for

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