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Stood outside my door
sun already high In the
sky  across my small
town all the people are leaving jet planes way above carry them far
To where do they go for that I will never know In the sky and some will return but others they
are in gone for
Across my small town sky
holiday jest way up high carry all those people afar
and to where do they go I'll never know and most if them will return but for others they're gone for
Point B
Point C
is a distance
I'm not sure I will ever reach.
But I've moved
from where I stood and so far,
I think that's
pretty good.
At least I've gone from point A to point B...
Johnny walker Feb 18
A fantasy I'm walking through wood very
dark but sunlight
flickering high above
the treetops tiny little beams if the light just to
enough to show my

For the wood Is getting darker by the minute the path I walked upon was guarded by trees on both sides that were

But out the corner of my eye I see almost like a butterfly filtering through the trees above me I hide behind the nearest tree and watch hopefully not to be seen

But this girl skipping through the trees like a butterfly so beautiful but completely naked but totally unaware of me there I watch In amazement

As she danced can't believe my eyes so pretty but naked suddenly there pain In my leg I move It slightly but on moving I snap a twig being so silent In the wood It was more like a gun being

She suddenly stopped looking around I remained behind the tree but she had already seen me all of a sudden these beautiful white wings appeared from her back she gave them a flap and she lifted
from the

I stood In amazement to see her lift Into the air and with her unbelievable beauty watch her fly away into the distance to disappear never to been seen
A fantasy while passing the day
Johnny walker Feb 16
Distant memories that will haunt me all my life since
the day I lost my wife and
its to the pain that still haunt

that won't ever set me free from the pain of reality
of facing this world all alone
after all those years we spent
together so many dreams and memories

That will hopefully carry me through the rest of my days from sweetest memories and to a love that stood the test
of time
A love that stood the test of time
Naoki B Nov 2018
You would not waiver,
The soul you wouldn’t cater.
With a sword in mouth to brandish,
And with fire eyes,
You’re all but skittish.
Such presence brought time to halt,
Though my heart also,
You unknowingly caught.
amber Jul 2018
disappointed and embarrassed,
my heart is heavy.

you make me sad...
not because of who you are,
but because of who i imagined you to be.
Yusof Asnan May 2018
You thought that
she would grow
wings and save
She just grew
some roots and
stood for

Poetic T Oct 2017
I collect my words,
  leaving them in my wallet
         for when their meant to be spent..

And like vouchers I spend my words
                                   at the right time..
here's a voucher with a ******* for
           the times you never stood by me..

And here is a coupon  
             for a rock when you needed me
                           and you can sink silently...
Mudassir PZ Sep 2017
And so she stood there waiting by the shore
Her feet settled into the warm white sand
The sun set her winsome beauty on fire
For hours, until it couldn’t anymore

Dismal sky, beset by clouds, turned blue
For they took no notice of her at all
Those greyed with benevolence did cry
Not every passing ones, just a few

Nothing weighed down her heart
Years of waiting, drawn-out as the horizon
Instilled hope that brimmed the sea
Eyes affixed, her hands held an apple ****

At night, the cold moon would not pry
When she looked out from her window,
Who she longs for so much nor
Did the stars cared to ask her why

A promise brought her this endless chore
Which she took on unwavering
For she lived countless eternities and
With love, she will live countless more

Weary feet drowned into the white sand,
She stands there waiting by the shore
To wake the sun up for another day
With His favorite **** in her hand
Jose H Sep 2017
Why is it so confusing?
Dating, I mean
Why is it you never speak your heart?
Why do you give me the small glimpse of hope?
Why do that and take it away?
I tell you, you're the one
I look at you, as if I have seen a goddess
I treat you as if you're a queen
We share a beautiful kiss
Yet im here
Dinner for two
With an empty seat in front of me
Not a word
Not an apology
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