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Robin Carretti Aug 2021
Lips of the world lost
Evanesce bring to life
Live-Love- Dance

 Prayers>> of >the> Providence
Lips deep--- tears-seeded
    Life unfolds
Loved ones need to be hold
World spins High flower

Are we all connected within?

Anxiety on the rise
Weaken flower transforms to begin
Sun lips gladiolus
Melody of Mozart- Amadeus
Honeysuckle- Rose lips

Healing rain European trips
Winding minds of stairs
They lost the flowers
Bad politics and affairs
I saw the light

Candle-lips star
Lips got healed God sent
Don't dwell on life the big rent
The world is very displeasing I thought I would put some bright colors and flowers to lift the spirit
Robin Carretti Aug 2020
Drifting wave going off a rock
Carefully not forcefully sip the wine
  smooth blend of Burgundy
    Your health depends- on- it
   Your heart from the inside or
outside the world of uncertainty
       (Harmony- Help- Hour)

     We need "Halo Wings" urgency
   Guardian or fairy Godmother
    Eternity and harmony                               
   Miracle lifesaver sunset
better world
   Cleaner and greener
The Eagle Landing             
SOS help we are the world
Temperature rising thermometer

Jupiter or Mars the right stars
      Sweet liberty
More justice for all
Harmony all heroic energetic
Please don't panic virus help tiger roar!!!
    Gulp gulp help

Harmony-Help-Hour-curing rain shower
  Google- Amazon more jobs of power

        *              *            *             *            *
The hospital finding better cures  
Harmony the love halo watching over us
Telling it like it is the world the music is different the world is on edge we need help lots of love
Robin Carretti Mar 2020
Hello! Its me always on the cell phone? I tunes
Hello Hello does anyone acknowledge
Someones hello do not disturb sign movies of art
Getting awards all hearts next role part
Hello private lives desperate house wives
Writers words that move us hello please don't leave us
A friendly hello greetings and deadline meetings

Please don't hurt anyone's feelings

Getting closer no impostor
Stars shine hello my dipper
Like the golden rule running like
A mule the competition
The compromising position
Just the hello- transition
Getting awards surprised

Say what you mean
Words should be
Crisp like lettuce clean
Cafe French roast hello mingle
No awards to be married or single
Instagram beauty
and the beast pictures to hustle
Climbing the diamond door
  Getting awards hello a title

Moving towards the winning line_

  Fast and furious "Valentine"
Computer hello apps trophy
Getting awards your happy
Over the Judy rainbow
Metal awards and plaques
Seeing monuments and hello
Hollywood graves
But no-one hears me

The "Yellow Brick Road"
Were off to see the wizard
Hello! Oz
Like a fantasy getting awards so comforting a smile a friendly hello be happy
Robin Carretti Dec 2019
The final words deeply
Rooted well spirited from top
To the wishing well bottom
She writes-- on-- the-- top-line
  Real flower takes action
The Spring Mom affection
Dark- Shades She's the brightest

Star- Poppy make it snappy
Fire red Floppy disk
Movie flick favorite flower
Take a risk perfect pick
Your heart sunglasses got baked
With Moms baking flour
She couldn't see the sun
       Light years away
Words sound alike look at the what!

blue skies just pray we are rooted
     like a gifted flower
       That never dies
       Star Eyes** enter
The flowers frame mirror
   "Sunflower Face"
  *          *          *
Words sprout like

"Mr. and Misses"
The ceremony
Oh! Honey what's your point.....
Red so vibrant laughing Loretta
Crying operetta baby birth flower
 Rudolph running nose red
Homesick cough water spell
chamomile flower bed

Light up Holiday wed
  "Poinsettia" she's tough

Bloom-  make room  
Show Biz flower "Cafe Vienna"
Curtain call sprinkle me
Sunflower voice heal me
Daisies lion- roar- free
The fresh-cut dandelion
Sunflower hats bow

"Kentucky Derby" I reckon
Flower words I beg your pardon
Did I ever promise you the rose garden?
Last curtain call divine sunflower
Sunflowers every year a new blooming curtain call grows and grows
Robin Carretti Nov 2019
Ice sleet and rain
Oceania swift Ballerina
Doesn't ever complain
Sea shells swirls
Turquiose pool lips subtle
By sand count me Inn sea
A message wine bottle
Two souls million
light years

Star* fish wand of mermaids
Newlywed beds happy lad
A fan of tails what curls
  OH! Oceania lips
       It's a girl!!                    
  Cherubs shy and fickle
   "OH! hiccups to tackle better
   Wishng well weather do tell

   Whether or not together"
Rain drop eyes to lips stain
Driftwood the sea ladies
Hi! gents social events
Sticks and stones wont
break her baby cakes
Words high lakes of birds

On the wire smart phone
Lips swim I-Tune him
Internet surfer
Mansions of mind drifter
Oceania chapped lips
The secret spy gulp
Sailors wave they need help
Nothing but blue skies

OH! you got the tools
By land our lips engraves
the heart of rocks
Oceania sea writing goods
is how you hooked me
Eyes of the sweet rebels
the sea castle
Once upon a fairytale

"Robin Hoods" cobblestone streets

Water adventurer blazng heats
Lets ocean down the kiss of sweets
Do you get my drift fishing buddies
Words like buds weepiing willow
Evergreen shadow swim further
Don't start difting from
Sea space red breast Robins  
Lobster lovers say "Grace"

Home by the sea place
I miss Mother* and Father
Holidays never swim away
Tossing the  sea salt Oceania lips never halt brings on the earth wind and fire  take a swim wash away your problems beautiful birds inside our heart of nature Robins tweet by the sea
Robin Carretti Nov 2019
Carol of the bells shes the lady
in her arm chair twinkles
Any state jeweled fair
Prayers of garland birds
Zip it Zircon pardon me
December remember the stone
Triumph tanzanite  He's

"Superman Crimsonite"
Debutante Peacock turquoise
Applause noise and noise
"Princess Owl State Fair"
Violin ballantine clock
Her heart key silent night lock
The artist ceilng sings
"Cheeks divine she blushes

Silk fine print brushes"    
Pointsetta ruby wings
"Thomas Kincade" walls
Light the promenade
Princess gown wanderlust
Power pride sleigh ride
Eyes of the owl lady stunner

Plays royalty no brainer
"Princess Owl" tree topper
Holiday lights  they shine the Princess comes through like the savoir any state of the affair eyes of the owl the painting refreshes the time of love the wings take flight so ever bright
Robin Carretti Aug 2019
So fatiqued Tuesday-Greens
Don't pick the salad going mad
army of turtles graveyard
sea shifts
All hurdles Wednesday
Go push/pull//lift
A drift to the draft beer
Turtles tuck in those girdles

Prima- Donna
Hearts all crumbled shells
Solar sailing slow as hell
That turtle meeting to
please him?
He hurts the turtles feeling
The Tortoise shell is healing

Taking it like the softshell
  You were homesick
The turtle stamp be quick
Muscles in the hardshell
Shuck a clam shell slow as

Going to masses in her
turtle soup glasses
This is a cute style let not be slow turtle all hurdles we need the fast and the furious weights of muscles like the Army race you look too green in your face  LOL
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