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Growing or shrinking
last star exit in mind
New trend
Is life the dead-end?
Star casting kiss
No exit to miss
A friend

Finding courage
Circles and stars breath
Feeling nameless no
picket white fences
Eyes adored last glances
Society- Supreme- be
Forget me not Garden- of- Eden

  Wish upon a star hidden?

The last digging dandelion
yellow ray  
In the end no more suffering
until the day
Like poem book* open and end
Something stiff glued together her life
Paper- Mache
Making amends Sales man

Taking his last exit he picks desire
The spitfire Rare- star sire
Computing- reliving-  dying
Don't settle for scheming
The last star exit

The last scripture
Vivid mixture
Mind storing like a cache
Rare Robin bird great
Recherche last meal al -dente
Smell the last flower herbal- ritual

Petals open up new portal
Blue elf Viola sing like Mona Lisa
*        *        *        *
Autumn red wine star bridge

Grenache field of mirage
Seeing stars you fell
Where's my falling angel
Strong words vocal
If its the last exit don't disconnect

Dots.. and dots.. connect
God casting
Its written stars for all in our name
Starry- end
Things feel like there to sudden not knowing when? We all want the everlasting but we live through a time like bomb blasting take your best moments let them last In life there are all exits
She surrenders her joys
A-line highway what ploys
Per- day 2 B or not to Be
  B for breakaway
Windy- seaway everyday
endless living
Stay to the right tossing skirt

Gossip throwing unwanted dirt
Smoky bear mountain no harm
  Losing one valuable gift charm
   His name in honor
   feeling complete
  Highway for justice and absolute
   The right way

    Aroma apple pie putting on
       Your husbands
      Graphic artist highway- tie
      How many people on the highway

       Never to confess and lie
      Highway doesn't have any privacy
True saint of shrubbery mountain tops
       curved figure highways
    Reckless cliffs skirt ruffles love
      feeling rammed
       Turn of the century traffic jammed
  Your skirt flew up like wild goose chase

  You rather of went Big- City marathon
    bike race
By- way time -may be- silent have
nothing to say?
Performance piano Steinway
Skirt highway waving flag winning everyday*
Your skirt drenched rooftop concerts

Nest of Blue Jays no highway
Serenity sky draw the deviant
But words can heal even on a highway
My lips are sealed?
Highway to the sky there is no limits what we can do  I love my birds we all have magical talent high up on a rooftop or below Highway you can determine the world is a show
A spur of the moment your thoughts     Fly high
                                                                   spirit- within 
            The half- Angel  
           Wings of a falcon  
         Whole family rooftop beacon
Spirit of darkness pulling you through
But you had enough what else can you do?
The inner light afternoon hiking strong sun

Heart- jump the darkness knight  
Turn of the wing lovers- flight
Waves form a word to far__ out- of- sight
Bright karma spiritual meditation
Magical forefinger western saloon
Are we doomed gunslingers
Spiritual voice awakening

Sun full force
The sun of his face
So penetrating/ everlasting  
Spirit foretelling minds/ crashing
Foretelling a tale news/ flashing
Breathe in all the goodness to inhale  
God-like prophetic exhale

Born free feral wild

Certain events foreseen
Spirit touch  us

             as a child*
      Spirit foretelling  
Eloquent of a real man lives us
To his duty

Time is unruly
Middle name Joy
Meaning Something like you
Do you feel its still you
Spirit change inside you
Starting to heal feet its
          S h a k y

Holding the pen
Where are your hands maturing
What then?
Exquisite gardens
   Open and play
Japanese Zen
A beauty to stay  
Spiritual star foretelling
Love- Every Day
Spiritual world angel wing heart that jumps inner-light what we see  I would love to see a sign someone's loved ones words stay happy who you are
To be wed ceremonies
Traditionally brisk time
Wintery- divine sacred
She elevates every success to the
Inner power bells of chime

Sometimes resistance
Need more patience

Internal flame Solstice
Too many humans come
with a price looking into
envision unto whatever will-do
Internal flame nowhere to be tamed
Who is to blame no red carpet
Why do they call it fame?

Winter Solstice chilled wine
      On- our- own- time
Christmas time prayer of hope
Feeling land-locked on tight rope
All disguises internal flame bruises
Masquerade party

On a  deserted Island all booked
But where are the people shell- shocked

Dreams are dangerous internal fire
Sleepwalked no life desired
Some people have it all well- stocked
In the apartment minds go deadlocked
Looking out of a window if we can only
see the same beautiful sky
So many endangered species
                      to- fly

Looking at the bottom
the big family dish
My only wish
Seeing our loved ones
In a starfish
Internal flame its not a game and longer days or shorter we need to be stronger  in set Solstice stay happy look up at the stars
Like a life cycle
Moving on again and again
 Seeing a movie life is a short cut
But there is always a but?
Riding a horse beautiful
Flowing hair chestnut

      But when?
Will life change/rearrange/emerge
Can we erase and start over to begin
Smart revenge or perfect win
We never know what will
be coming soon?
The full moon reckoning
The big happening
  Start living  
Falling in a category losing

No crying just loving
Keep trying wasting away dying     
No meddling/ Gifts of giving

Creating loving words
    In writing
  New Birth developing
      But when?
A star to wish upon
Pollution air rushing
Tornado destroying

But two people
Take the moment
True love-  hugging
Good stirring- resettling
But When?
Not everyone

  Will be welcoming
Words crash thundering
Everything has a sign
But when -Good luck
But when is the part seeking
In a flash of an eye we will be gone
Life holds the key to all our questions but sometimes we have problems with answers we get into different situations or revelations stay strong
Being optimistic words
hitting chords drowning
  Overboard smooth sailing
     Poetic-  words

  Time moves on being

   Fresh start  makeup
   Tea-  Rose colored
     Big city- crowded
   Scattered-love tainted
But he has you in his arms
  Before you fainted

Love 3D promising
Can be poisoning
  Missing family
    Ma- Ma Da Da
Smile when your heart is aching

I Gotcha  mind and body
What's inside two
hearts beat or breaking

      I  Gotcha!
Love in the making
    Oh! Susanna
Won't you play a beat
Banjo on his knee

Politician I -Gotcha
Ha -ha
Crimes and leaks
New technology
Longevity - Global
Mentality Longevity

A fake world or true- reality
*       *       *    
I- Gotcha

Now! give me Starbucks Matcha- Latte
Do we get it or it creeps up on us like a fun gadget or lets do the math in digits
Its hits you by surprise I -Gotcha

              Fix- it

      Don't -force- it
  *        *        *        *      
Show- it and embrace- it

Facing a timeless jade
Old show façade
Not a test or a grade
Is it old Holiday Parade?
Old show face privacy
Confidence meet bravery
Facelift grave yard shift
*        *        *        *
Scrooge old geezer
Old City Mobster
Old show face
Gets riskier on the run
Once young gun

Serene but sassier
Getting up earlier
New show wiser
In the right place
Old show face
We are all getting older but wiser with time we need to face it  and embrace it
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