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Nolan W 4d
Despair of a furtive root,
I try to keep the time at bay;
My ambition is rendered moot
And I begin to dread the day

And though I know it seems inane
My reality lives in dreams,
While my life is but a dream-I feign,
Since my life is faulty-it seems

Lost somewhere between hate and love,
apathy versus ambition
And the desire thereof,
Must I imitate affection?

Is love found? Or is it produced?
Is purpose found? Or is it set?
Is zeal found? Or is it induced?
Someone who knows I have not met.

I sought and searched for something new
But found and obtained something old,
I try and try to start anew
Instead I find I grow more cold

Our lives are fleeting and bitter,
I cannot seem to find content.
Through love and hate do I flitter
So I shall remain despondent...
I don’t know what to do
Brain, brain go away
Don't want to listen one more day
Already lonely and afraid
Feel insecure and full of shame

Brain, brain don't act this way
You're always angry; Filled with hate
You know we're joined; Can't separate
You're punching yourself in the face

Brain, brain what can I say
To make it so you see things straight
Don't know how much more I can take
Of constant warring and debate

Brain, brain it's getting late
This journey's not some endless race
Life's flying by and at this pace
Forget a win; Not gonna place

Brain, brain let's medicate
I'll feed you drugs and we'll sedate
The only way to mitigate
Discrepancies we generate

Brain, brain we sadly waste
This outcome feels like it was fate
But never was there a sealed date
Fulfilling what we self-create

Brain, brain so much we faced
Success so close could almost taste
Instead our tail we always chased
We'll die alone sad and disgraced
Written: March 6, 2019

All rights reserved.
[Iambic Tetrameter format]
Gabriel burnS Nov 2018
heart, a softened shard
thumping deeper than itself
I insert music in my ears
Picking things, living and inanimate,
snatching from all around me;
I put reality in my pocket,
kidnapping eyes
as I build my time-armor
to crunch the kilometers
so hard to swallow
feeding the cogs of routine
daily and hourly bits of myself
...crudely put in shape...
Andrew Oct 2017
There's a fight between us
In every imaginable way
You could call it a match
But that would be misleading
When we focus on our differences
Versus is what we find interest in

I turn on the news
To watch illegal aliens versus ****** predator
There's a wall between them
That has a money stem
And perceptions
Of bad intentions
Even our valuable verses versus
When critics can't agree what to purchase

Us versus them
When us is me
And them is you
Rich versus poor
Bush versus Gore
The churches versus each other
On points as minor as the cover
They attack a mirror
As hatred becomes clearer

We fight constant battles
Our brain constantly rattles
From the anxiety brought by our fellow man
But when our anxiety is part of their plan
To rule the timid
We hit our limit
For love we plead
To counteract greed
Because when it's us versus ourself
Look what that does to our health
Glenn Currier Jul 2018
The paint is flaking and falling off
splotched edges
stormy days
weathered years
creaking and leaking
cracking from heating
the physics of aging
and seasons of raging
the terrible toll
they are taking
makes you think this old house
needs replacing.

But listen to the voices
of laughter and loving
hear echoes of weeping
and promise keeping
poems that were spoken
being whole and broken
see the tears that were shed
the glories in bed
sighs and lies
some of them said
inside the house that was home
these many years.

Inside spirit reigns
with angels unchained
where heart and soul
on a journey bold
through seasons of pain
where demons were slain
new life was greeted
death was cheated
souls were enrolled
in miracle courses
treasures discovered
of higher forces.

This old house of seventy six years
holds joys along with fears.
The structure isn’t new
but inside
there is
Written on my 76thbirthday July 22nd
Daemon Delano Jun 2018
You see me crying loud,
with my heart on my sleeve.
They see me crying loud,
easy pickings, wishing I'd leave.

You pick me up,
telling me to be proud.
They push me down,
unwelcoming, I'm not allowed.

You tell me that I'm perfect,
because I'm so unique.
They tell me I'm ****,
that I'm a freak.

You love me, smiling,
say they're ignorant, and wrong.
They hate me, scowling,
say I'm trash and don't belong.

All the while, I ignore the hate
and welcome the love.
My heart sings proudly,
as I hold my beloved.
Sam Mar 2018
My poems are ******
They're destined to be sad
No one's ever a fan
Because they're always so bad

No, not bad
Not nessissarily
Maybe I'm just mad
That I can't write hilarity

Sorry, my bad
It's not your fault
That these make me mad
It's all my fault

I really can't complain
Because in the end

I am the one who wrote them
I've come to realize that I shouldn't say these **** because I am the one who posted it. This really doesn't make sense, but in the end it's all about self expression, right?
Keerti Feb 2018
Strange desires
They call them ‘strange desires’
In this time and era
I’m considered old-fashioned
And my mama tells me to grow up
That life is not a bed of roses
And that men are not what you need
But a girl can still always dream

There are always those nights
Where it’s too late to talk to anyone else
And I dream of you
A man I have never seen
Holding my hand
And stealing my first kiss
And startle awake in the depths of misery
For a dream is what it’ll always be

In this world of growing feminism
Independence is a key criterion
Hitting the books instead of *****
Hitting the schools instead of dates
But there’s always a part of me yearning
For that one true love
Maybe Disney has completely tarnished me
But maybe that’s just me

But is it wrong to wish for love?
A hand to hold?
A shoulder to cry on as days get cold?
While my brain completely comprehends reality
My heart sings another story

And that is why I dream
I dream of a world where I found you
Where someone exists perfect for me
Where it’s okay for me to be just me
And I close my eyes, far resigned

If only reality were as sweet as dreams
Maybe I would have you with me
jas Jan 2018
me and you.

vs. everyone
vs. problems
vs. simple mishaps
vs. endless possibilities

me and you vs. the world

but the world was against us
we did not stand a chance.
ended up in total disaster.
funny, how the story changed

me vs. you

who wins?
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