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Brian Turner Sep 29
capture the light
capture the stars
be the spirit

dance on rainbows
dance on cars
be the spirit

smile when down
smile, don't frown
be the spirit
Inspirid by the line 'capture the stars', an artist from Soundcloud
Nylee Sep 11
As I look through my past poetries
I've already felt the feelings I am feeling now
Like on repeat stream, I stream through it again
I will capture it once again,
Like a treasured entity.

The paper will be heavily inked
with an account of watery blotches
My eyes heavily rained
it makes an unforgettable picture,
the state of my heart,
the same as this half torn paper.
starstrike Jul 17
and for a moment
just a moment
everything stands still but me

and for a moment
just a moment
the world is mine entirely
Eva May 27
Our photographs
capture the many memories you've forgotten.
The ones you've thrown out
but I kept close to heart.
Dreamer May 24
I am not a fan of capturing ,be it living
Or non-living may it be photos or fish
But you are an exception dear
Dez Apr 22
Capture emotion
For it often fleeting
But what passions
Fill my soul!
What zeal does fill my very core
Capture it I try
But so quickly it does fly
And I am left wanting
But when it comes again
For I know it will
I will try once more
To catch what I adore!
Carlo C Gomez Mar 31
You're an afterimage
You shine so bright upon me

You're an inducement
Your eyes draw me forth

You're a vibration
Your voice shivers my spine

You're a compression
Your legs wrap about my will

Here I am now
My fatal sweet
Waiting to be consumed
Never feels reluctant
To capture precious moments
That can be memories in future
That nurtures everyday
That created in many ways
That bloom in every soul
With a perfect click
At a perfect moment
With a definite angle
Making an infinite spirit
In every mind
With sense of vibes
Showered from blessed rain
To a rainbow in every heart.
Capture every moment and keep it safe for memories
Poetic T Feb 15
I was told to write about you,

    handing an empty sheet

of paper...

They asked how couldn't you
write a single line on how you
                                          love her.

"I said,

How can an essence ever be turned into
a language understood,
every one

                            is different.

Like a prism
       everyday is different
never the same.

Its like saying capture a storm
                                in a picture!

All you capture is the
Not the passion of the wind,
the voice of the rain,
             speaking to the ground.

"I asked them,

Capture your last breath ,
and tell me what words

you said...

How could I do that?

exactly, now tell me how to capture
                          her in words,

that'll do justice to how I feel about her...
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