Who's life belongs to oneself
Who gave life.
Who takes it away.
The giver of life comes from God.
With whom shall you compare me.
Says the Lord my God.
My ways are not your ways.
And my thoughts are not yours.
My plan for you is different from
The plan that you dream for yourself.
Listen to me.
Hear my voice
Seek me with all your heart
For the time is near.
Draw life from my well.
And I will heal all your diseases.

Rebel Heart Jan 8

Everything you see is art

He loves me

The way you focus your camera
And get that gleam in your eye
Right before capturing a moment
Before it slips away

He loves me not

The way you focus on me
And get that sparkle in your eye
Right before capturing my lips with yours
Before our moment slips away

He loves me

Everything you touch is art

He loves me not

The way your fingers glide across
The guitar strings
As you breathe melody into the world

He loves me

The way your fingers glide across
My bare skin
As you breathe fire into my bones

He loves me not

Everything about you is art

He loves me

But nothing about me is

He loves me not

Me, the empty canvas

He loves me

You, my only form of art

He loves me not

One intoxicating touch

He loves me

My broken heart

He loves me not

Alas, art is something found within you not given to you by someone else. And that day I lost my heart to you, I found that art within myself

(Hello again loves, this particular piece dates back to 2010 but I found it to be very interesting. I don't think I still understand all of it but leave your thoughts, comments, etc below and happy writing! ~BM)
Eliah SolRae Nov 2017

Stag antlers are like,
Spears pointing towards the sky.
He prances away, shy.

Poetic T Sep 2017

Woven in silk depression even though pure,
I hang slightly on every strand.
I could weave a moment around me
                                        and hang static.

Would anyone notice the slight stillness ensuing
on my web of thought. Or would I just be
a cocooned memory hanging on my own
                                               web of depression.

Only feeding upon myself... A trap of my own doing,
feeding on the misery that I have woven not
realizing this web is  
                                  to capture myself.

Dr zik Jul 2017

What a beauty of a flower showing!
What a fragrance of a flower mentioning!
What silence of a bud can offer?
What a dawn whispering!
What a dewdrop capturing!
Can You say?
It is not about You.
O’ my Lord!
It's all about you Lord

Dr. ZIK's Poetry
IrieSide Apr 2017

You feel the onset,
a coming of age
chapters that came
now changing phase

pregnant mothers
of children's firsts
hints at marriage
or spiritual birth

Pages turn,
you can't halt it
hope to grow wise
if you can help it

the rhythm of life
is always of change
if you remain stagnant
your skin will age

To see the end,
oh a noble feat
a crying old woman
of 93

she lost her husband
her first and young
this was years ago

arms of iv's
and infected blood

calm doctors
of objective question
silent nurses
at medical attention

Though chapters change,
not all are the same
a spring to come
or hell's cold rain

I wish you the best,
upon your journey

erik lubbe Oct 2016

My love for you
It makes me relax
I want to snatch it up
Take it
Take it all in
Capture it and absorb it
For the first time
It's relaxing
Just looking at you
Our love had carried on
We can all love each other
If we think about it
Love is all

Relaxing love is a poem about the good in my life
Alice Shen Oct 2016

Seeing through lenses as I tread,
Seizing shades of the chromatic world,
While it dances in my vision.
Beautiful Ecstasy, 
bequeathed unto my eyes,
My soul, and my mind,
Which only the power of Nature can Provide.
I've captured the world’s wonders into my device,
Yet never one of them remained as mine.
As beautiful things never demands attention,
My shutters need not to click.
Let that instant soak into my mind,
As it becomes A Moment I like...

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