Kivanc Jun 27
I wanted today to dissappear in flames of my cigarette,
Didn't you notice it whenever I felt sad in my veins.
Longing has already captured my dreams about to happen,
Ending of this poem made me feel selfish and sad again.
Describing my feelings in English sometimes hard, but I will make it one day...
fs yousaf Jun 2
How do you suppose
you can capture your potential
when you speak
as if your goals
are hopeless
Your curves

The colour of your lips

So sensual to kiss

A glint of pure white

Your face a delight

A blaze of beauty

Those eyes I’m beholden

So pure and true

Cheeks a glow

Your hair golden


and effortlessly displayed

A treasure to be captured

Mounted and framed

Now a moment imprinted

and savored through time

Forever to share

To always be mine

A natural beguile

Every inch of your beautiful smile
sharetheword May 3
You slink through the grass like a snake
Watching me as I walk, oblivious
To your plot, your chase, your capture
And then you attack.
Lunging at me, sinking your teeth into me.
I cry out in pain, shocked
You bite harder as I cry,
And I swear I can almost hear you laughing.
As you let go, I find myself numbing to the pain of your sting
Yet at the same time,
Wishing for another bite.
Despite the hurt, why do I feel charmed that it was me you preyed upon?
This is how my last relationship felt - painful, toxic love.
When the world gives me pain.
When everything makes me insane.
When each & every effort goes into vain.
I recollect all the sweet memories
that I have captured in my brain.

When I get distracted from my goal.
When I lose hope and cannot stand tall.
When I deal with the things that cannot control.
I relive all the moments
that I have captured in my soul.

When anything I see is nothing but a lie.
When I can't unsee bad things no matter how hard I try.
When I am hurt so badly but I cannot cry.
I reimagine all the beautiful pictures
that I have captured with each eye.

When I see my world falling apart.
When nothing goes right whatever I start.
When my brain denies to take part.
I revisit all the lovely feelings
that I have captured in my heart.
In today's world we sometimes lose hope and then we need a refresh button kinda thing to restart our daily life. The moments captured in our pasts help us to restart everything.
Rhyme scheme a a a b a
Skylar Turner Apr 27
i am a flower.

i will grow in the sunlight
and bloom under the moon.

i will be plucked by fingers
too greedy to nourish me after.

but i am a flower
and i refuse to wilt in your vase.
Mary-Eliz Apr 18
tonight's early sky
hung a poem

for the capture

but my muse's
net wasn't
woven tight enough

to hold that slip of a moon
or its partner
that one tiny star
She is a disease
Once you captured her
You were caught up on her
Hard to be immune to
And with you every step of the way
Even if she was deadly
My tongue feels like lead.
There is a buzzing in my head.
Th lights are too bright,
It's too late in the night,
I just want to leave,
Can you even believe
that I am on a boat?
I'm not supossed to float!
But now I must sing,
for only I can bring
A calm to the sea
These sailors are looking at me
with a new found clarity.
For I can bring them prosperity
all because of my shimmering tail.
But don't worry for I will prevail.
Because with the shinning of the moon.
I will bring them all their doom.
Sometimes I feel trapped with no way out then I remember I have claws.
Riley June Mar 20
animalistic snarls of affection,
beaten black and blue with your care,
captured in a casket of adoration,
drowned by the depth your devotion,
every ounce of feeling evades being touched,
filth covers my entire being,
gathered around my ankles lain to rest,
here I make my permanent home,
isolated within the island I imagined,
joined only in the company of the devil,
kingdoms constructed in the safety of my mind,
locked to live only in the constraints you create,
maniac motivations for your emotions,
never clean I always display your artwork,
observed and analyzed by the fans you created,
place your purpose on my skin,
quietly carve out all devotion to sacrifice,
rot the lust you hold in the bed to nourish growth,
sin alongside the saviour so doubt can spread,
tempt those that claim to be sacred,
understand the grasp of the underworld,
vacancy lives within the glaze over your eyes,
weak souls wander in search of strength,
xenophobia surrounds your being,
you never trusted me to give me my life,
zip my bag close so I can have a final embrace.
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