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Because in these melanin soils
the only thing that captures me
is the prospect of  bearing a fruitful narrative.
Esther Oct 10
my camera
tries to capture
all that you are
and fails
because you are so much more
than a photograph
you are fluid
you are sound
you are fireworks
so you can't be captured
you need to be
There is a light that likes to turn on
when I lay my head down for the night,
toss and turn with my dreams now forgone
no matter the yawn, this bulb is bright

not with so much as ideas but, words
and small phrases that I rearrange
that will fly away and cause me nerve
so I spread their wings, pin and arrange

their beauty captured and put in frame
so finally I can hit that switch
and try to win at this sleeping game
I will wake up in a few, poem rich

and so repeats the boundless cycle
capturing metaphor butterflies
in this restlessness bed of idyll
sleep late, wake early, a compromise
MawaLin Sep 9
I am not the delicate petals
you admire,
Nor am I the thorns
that puncture
your skin...
Alienpoet Sep 1
An artist with eyes wide open
sees art spoken
the silence between words and phrases
Illuminates the ideas

They live out thousands of lives
in the confines of one
a commentator, a spectator
yet living and being
and seeing all
no matter how small.

breathing in the darkness and light
meditating on intricacies
Like that of a flower
held by a *****
eternity shivers
Possessed by their grasp
caught between pain and rapture
the pen stains the page with ink
Blessed be the imagination in which they sink
and swim
these poets that are skin
and soul
eyes that travel and unravel
mysteries that we shall never see
places and faces between you and me

The depth of field
and focus of which
can never be seen
the poet is dreamer.
Kivanc Jun 27
I wanted today to dissappear in flames of my cigarette,
Didn't you notice it whenever I felt sad in my veins.
Longing has already captured my dreams about to happen,
Ending of this poem made me feel selfish and sad again.
Describing my feelings in English sometimes hard, but I will make it one day...
fs yousaf Jun 2
How do you suppose
you can capture your potential
when you speak
as if your goals
are hopeless
Your curves

The colour of your lips

So sensual to kiss

A glint of pure white

Your face a delight

A blaze of beauty

Those eyes I’m beholden

So pure and true

Cheeks a glow

Your hair golden


and effortlessly displayed

A treasure to be captured

Mounted and framed

Now a moment imprinted

and savored through time

Forever to share

To always be mine

A natural beguile

Every inch of your beautiful smile
sharetheword May 3
You slink through the grass like a snake
Watching me as I walk, oblivious
To your plot, your chase, your capture
And then you attack.
Lunging at me, sinking your teeth into me.
I cry out in pain, shocked
You bite harder as I cry,
And I swear I can almost hear you laughing.
As you let go, I find myself numbing to the pain of your sting
Yet at the same time,
Wishing for another bite.
Despite the hurt, why do I feel charmed that it was me you preyed upon?
This is how my last relationship felt - painful, toxic love.
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