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4.1k · Dec 2018
A Dominant Sub
Luna Jay Dec 2018
Hot pink between her hips,
She’s sinking all his ships.
Her finger slips
Into her slit-
Fun dip.
And raises moon phases to her lips.
Blows the atmosphere a kiss,
Drinks the ocean in little sips.
Gallons of salty tears at her fingertips.
Woman yearning for the rip,
Boy learning to make me drip.
I’m hit.
And I’m only begging for more.
I adore the way you think you’re
Using me.
3.4k · Dec 2018
Chained Only in my Bedroom
Luna Jay Dec 2018
I don’t speak for everyone,
I can only speak for me.
I don’t want a silly toy to
Make me feel weak at the knee.
I don’t want a handsome savior,
Riding in on a white horse
Just so years later I end up
Sad, fat and divorced.
I want to be myself,
Open and free.
No one on this earth
Who should chain me.
Not outside of privacy of my bedroom.
Can you blame me?
2.5k · May 2015
Luna Jay May 2015
Dirt . Grimey filth.
That's what you are.
A cheat.
A liar.
A womanizer.

I accepted you.
Into my heart.
Into my eyes.
Loved the love
You gave to me.
Accepted the disguise.
Knowing you were bad for me,
I took your hand.
Accepted the lies
You fed to me.
I still don't understand.
How you'd break a promise
As pure as mine.
I'll never understand.
But I guess that's
Just fine.

She's everything I'm not.
She isn't humiliated.
Or empty.
I still feel for you,
And you used me,
So simply

I give you this goodbye.
Breaking my passion.
To the one I once admired.
Take the pieces that you broke.
Turn my blood
Into fire.
He was a cheat.
And I accepted it.
2.2k · Aug 2015
Sunsets At Rosemary
Luna Jay Aug 2015
Never trust a Florida boy,
In that muggy, humid heat.
I'm telling you, little girl,
Your heart will soon taste defeat.
Them deep fried southern marshes,
Raising mosquitoes and deceit.
The greatest place on earth can keep its ******* receipt.

The air as thick as my blood was,
When I met your eyes.
And yours met hers,
And your monster claw,
Tore her smooth skinned thigh.

I felt that painful scream.
Boiling up. Melting my chest inside.
What's the point of being still while my mind is feeling fried?

So I packed my heavy load of anxiety,
And headed for the coast.

I watched the orange sunset,
As I brought up a salty toast,
From my eyes.
Solemnly, spilling into the sea.
And I felt the spirit of an old friend.
Leaning rigidly against me.
So I turned on heel and didn't speak a sound.
As I turned to leave the now known ghost town.

And I gave one last grim look back out at the sea.
As I write these tattered goodbyes,
To where my feet have rambled me,
And I let my tongue wrap around the ribbons of goodbye,
Escaping my parched lips.
And I shutter as I listen to the sound of my heart as it rips,
An angered storm of sea,
Flooding down my eyes.
Knowing this is where the memories of escapades in our days, lays down and dies.

I feel the faint.
Bleak pain, blanketing us,
Weak and weary.
And I know our story has a melancholy mood of dreary.
And this is where I end it.
And cast it all out to sea.
And I leave the tragic bays of what I once called Rosemary.
Sometimes its best to walk on.
1.3k · Jan 18
Luna Jay Jan 18
He did not deserve me-
Though he ended up with me, out of pure loneliness
On one end,
And horiness on the other-
He didn’t deserve me.
I am a strong and free woman,
Head held high,
Walking proudly through the crowd
Of judgement.
He wanted to cage me,
To tame me.
Maim me when I misspoke
With the ****** misconduct
Of his ****.
Left his mess for me to mop
And drug his palm against my face
When I didn’t do it quick enough.
I’m into some sick and twisted stuff,
But that doesn’t mean I have to dedicate my life
To a sick and twisted person.
He saw an opportunity and abused it,
Ruined a Led Zeppelin album
Because he needed quick pleasure.
A sin.
To me, it was torture
Beyond any measure.
There is no safeword to stop him
From using me that the repeated
Shouting of the word “no”
Shouldn’t override.
Sobs and dry heaving
And unlimited tears that darted down my cheeks
Every time he forced himself
Deeper inside of me
Couldn’t trump a measly “safeword”.
Sneering down at me,
Forcing my legs open
As he stole the one thing
I’d always asked him not to take away-
My trust in men as an entire gender.
And of course,
Something as simple as getting off quick
Could never seem that complicated,
That complex,
In his miniscule male mind.
He came and went-
Dipped to college,
Got with new girls after
Shaving his beard off once he left,
Revealing that he was still a boy
All along.
Under the dad *** of the year
And sneer that was covered
In ****** hair,
Starred a scared boy
Right back at me.
He drinks to numb his pain
While I’m back at home with
A broken liver.
And it’s more of a slap in the face
Than finding out earlier
That he was cheating on me
The entire time
More than the quick slaps
Across the face
I’d receive for
Disrespecting him.
He texts me-
On the day my crush,
My other half that I’ve yet to meet
Sends me an update on his life.
Cuffed in Mississippi
For a plant.
The same place my sister went
After getting strung out.
The place I was at
When my little survivor pup
Was hit by a pickup.
There’s nothing good
In the big Miss.
Only terrible roads and greasy food.
On the other end, the runaway ******
Was telling me he was trying to
“Better himself”.
Asked if we were okay,
And then proceeded to make the conversation
About himself,
As he’d proudly done so many times before.
How stealth-
Can’t find a better man, she lies.
Hands tied,
Just like i’d asked you to,
But more than that.
In my mind, as well.
You’ll rot in hell
For what you did to me.
No, I didn’t go after him.
No, I didn’t tell anyone at first.
No, I never told his college.
What the **** would you even go to college
In Ohio for?
No, I didn’t pursue him further after…
Karma is my friend.
And I have all the time in the world,
Curing myself,
Not drinking myself to death
And sleeping with every man
Big enough to swing his **** around.
I’m bettering myself, too.
Even if I’m not allowing him to see.
1.1k · Dec 2018
Patriotic Addiction
Luna Jay Dec 2018

They poke and ****.


I don’t fit you description of a ******-

So doctor, jump me.

I didn’t ask for the

Endless sob-

The rejection of fleshing

My health and anxieties

Into human form again.

You’re not a friend,

You’re a judgmental man

In a lab coat

Who denotes his time to

Giving patients unanswered answers

And more pills.

I’m never going to be sorry

I do not fit into this

Patriotic Addiction

That has taken so many from me-

How dare you…
1.1k · Jan 24
3:11 A.M.
Luna Jay Jan 24
The environmental fade.
This industrial plague-
The materialistic rage that keeps
Our very society intact.
The plastic facade
Of man made hate,
Minutemaid trade
One minute after the attacks.
Against who today?
Who is to blame?
For this unending, cyclical
Societal maiming
Of the people who do not
Follow in your tracks?
Take a step back.
Look at what you´ve created.
This angry, killing war machine
Whose views are simply outdated.
Constructing thoughts that decompose,
Weight of words made the herds feel emaciated.
Society is crumbling and you’re concerned
With feeling validated?
Social media leave you exposed
And aggravated.
Luna Jay Jul 2015
Father Time wanted the future.
Mother Earth begged him to stop.
Bleeding, hurting, dying inside,
And Father still turned the clock.

Mother Earth gave us compassion.
Father took it away.
He argued it was too old fashioned,
And that compassion was too mundane.

Father Time gave us sinful, skinful pleasure.
Mother Earth pleaded against so.
She knew it'd make her baby sick.
It'd make time fly out the window.

Mother gave us crystal waters.
Father dried all the lakes.
Father Time, some figure head father
We're to believe he doesn't make mistakes.

Father Time is our god.
So we should all believe in him.
Mother Earth will no longer nod.
She knows our god has sinned.

Mother Earth isn't stable.
Mother's choking last breaths,
Begging for another choice
Father knows she is unable,
He lets  women have no voice.

Cutting her down
For the last
That awful man
Cruelly ended
Something so divine,
Mother Earth was mine.
And now?
I cannot find her.

Father spun her purely out of existence.
Father of it all,
Cackling still,
This ******* persistence
Of death
I hear my earth wilt.
797 · Dec 2018
Luna Jay Dec 2018
Dreamsicle Mournings:
I mourn your
Early Mornings:
A thorn in my
I’m stuck on the
Same prayer.
I’ve torn my
White wings-
Forever falling.
Forlorn for
God, get me
703 · May 2015
Luna Jay May 2015
I awoke.
Adewake, state your mind.
Upon mine.
I'm just fine.

The gwaymish way.
A day, I'll stay.
Atop her bays.
They all glistened.

The sea-dappled air.
It blows thickly on shore.
Adorn. Horns blow
In forlorn.
I'm torn.

I'm rampulsing through.
Those midnight blues.
Highlight beshrew.
Formal. From my
Mind unto

The jubiscents of time.
Quote yours against
I'm grime.
So scrub me.
Invented language poem.
688 · Jul 2015
Hypocritical Disease Head
Luna Jay Jul 2015
You're the sin of me,
A claustrophobic situation
And I can't breathe.
I'm an epidermal hot mess,
With a side of downers
To suppress.
A hypodermic allergy.
Charge me with my felony.
Caused by this anorexic magazine.
I'm starving.
Brothers; Our own flesh.
Nail me to this cross
And watch me burn.
They want us to be self reliant,
And give us controlling rule.
Impossible standards
In a
Hypocritical disease head.
They give us psycotheism
But take away our earth.
We're supposed to be coexisting,
So give us equality in worth.
I am my own
Anarchist Antichrist
Feed me
The broken system.
569 · Mar 27
Built to Last-
Luna Jay Mar 27
No government,
No harsh intent-
Rock hard words
Become intimate.
No authority,
No center of peace-
No hate,
No mistakes,
No ******,
No ****.
No inequalities-
No more mouths to feed…
And it sounds like a joke
When I think of
The world as perfect.
Is it even worth it
If it’s not built to last?
Luna Jay Dec 2018
Alone in my thoughts,
I stand jumping to conclusions.
Doing nothing as I was taught,
Adding to all of this confusion.
I Segway into foreplay-
But I know in this day
I’m going to feel alone
No one set on stone
To stay.
The conversation fades,
The mind detaches feeling.
If I would have stayed
I wonder if it would have
Time to be appealing.
548 · Aug 2015
Free Verse Cliff Jumper
Luna Jay Aug 2015
There is no more rest.
There is no more time.
My mind is facing extinction.
And I jumped off of a cliff,
And swan dived into my own insanity.
When all I was trying to do,
Was get you to catch me.
535 · Mar 27
Healthy Care
Luna Jay Mar 27
What’s wrong with the Big Pharma?
Controlling governments
Ruthlessly consolidate
The elite
Who are able to afford
Basic health care.
Severe side effects
Detrimental to our health and wellbeing.
Taking painkillers
Has caused an epidemic
That’s part of a sinister plan
To squeeze yet more profit
Out of a system designed to
Keep human beings chronically unhealthy.
Vaccines too often have had the opposite effect,
Exponentially increasing illness,
Causing irreversible damage,
And even taking lives of our sick brotherhood.
Population suspect that it is now
Being used as a weapon of mass destruction
To effectively depopulate the earth.
502 · Dec 2018
I'd Rather be Myself
Luna Jay Dec 2018
Pain is my greatest motivation.
Contentment just a sign of deflation.
And in my cycle of emaciation,
I write my weight in words.
Hate is the weakest retaliation
Nations use for further aggravation.
I asked her to meet me at the station,
And saw her head on the train,
Hustling along with the herds.
435 · Jul 2015
Eerie Deadly
Luna Jay Jul 2015
Vastly and taken, among us
We walk alone
As have we always
And shall we continue
Our minds aren't always
As silenced as we should be
We listen and evaluate,
As if its our job, to gain the knowledge of you
To figure you out.
To know our jobs of further corruption.
Against anyone and everyone
And we watch, as to gain power
To know what to do to make you ***** inhabitants of our mother earth live in fear and restlessness.
We are the control
You, our puppets
We decide if and when to free you from your strings
Only attached to crosses as
To represent religion
Falling far from it in your falling out with a god, after being cut
Only to figure out you knew nothing of what religion really stood for
Because after all? Who really knows?
But us.
We are complete control. Learn to obey and get into our rythm of speaking, so you lip it, they think its opinions.
We.the collectors.
Gathering stars
In an infinity of black charred sky.
We must add color to our canvas.
We, gathering your glass tears in our paper jars
Throwing them to the sky.
So you'll forever remember mourned loved ones until you become that as well.
And you think stars are some beautiful representation of life, we all burn out.
Some might be.
Tears of joy. Proposal on a sunny day. A new family. Warm and fuzzy memories for you to store.
But to collectors, stars are to remind you
That even in a black nothing land
There is still suffering.
The sun isn't getting closer
But only bigger and still enlarging rapidly
As there will always be pain
And suffering
Tragedy in great masses.
Broken hearts.
Stars are to show remembrance in bad times.
What else is there out in the cold of space?
You don't know.
You know nothing of what is to come.
Of what you are to become.
382 · May 2015
Luna Jay May 2015
See the empty
In my eyes?
But mute out
My sound.
Hold me back
By my hands.
I'm held tight
And bound
In the ropes
Of your entangled ways.
Kick me to the ground.
See the empty
In my eyes?
****** fuzz
I downed.
351 · Jul 2015
Luna Jay Jul 2015
Always is a strong word.
To me, more than a forever.
It means "I am here for you
Through this infinite endeavor"
Your forever could end in seconds.
Always is a word unexplored.
Forever found a dead end.
Forever lies in a morgue.
Always never ends to me.
Its never thought of in time.
Always can part the sea.
Always you're on my mind.
Always get me with those eyes.
Always beautiful, bright and blue.
Always stopping me, dead in time.
Always I'll be loving you.
344 · Jan 17
Leaves and Long Sleeves-
Luna Jay Jan 17
I can’t breathe-
But I can wear long sleeves.
I can’t look
To the tumbling leaves
Without being reminded
Of my cracking psychiatric state
That his name leaves me in.
I can’t smile,
But I can blame it on
Being “under the weather”
Like it’s some sort of
Dizzy spell that disintegrates
My fake smiles and
Social interactions.
Another year I watch the leaves lose their hair,
Being stripped completely vulnerable
In public,
Just the way he left me.
Another year I spend my birthday alone.
Another year I don’t have a date to the fair.
It’s unfair…
Another year I will be purposely outcast
At friendly functions.
Another year I’ll be questioned
As to why I stay at home all of the time.
Another year I’ll spend alone in my own mind.
Another year;
Closer to death.
Happy ******* birthday.
337 · Mar 28
Unknown for Now-
Luna Jay Mar 28
I know that it seems completely illogical to fall so hard
For someone who’ve never even met before.
But, that’s where I’ve always lost everyone.
I have met him;
I did know him.
I did love him..
In fact, I think I still do.
He was a complete goofball.
It didn’t matter what we were talking about,
I always had a big cheesy grin
Plastered on my face.
He could always make me laugh,
He could always lift my spirits.
And he always helped build my self confidence.
He never had to say such sweet things to me.
But it seemed as though it occurred naturally.
No one had told me I was beautiful;
Until him.
It brought me to tears.
323 · May 2015
Ode To Breath
Luna Jay May 2015
Blue eyes
Catch my gaze.
Across the way.
From my stare
Being familiarized.
His pale skin.
His unshaven
I smile.
He shoots
A beam of heaven
My way
And I bathe
In its angelic
Warming glow.
The rain
Humid and patting.
Of my brain.
And pumping
Along with the
My heart beats
As the special
Approaches .
His lips part.
The air
Leaps off of his
He speaks.
320 · Jan 17
Hospital Whore-
Luna Jay Jan 17
X-rays always made her feel like a model,
The doctor always taking her pictures.
She always posed.
Every imperfection, every flaw in her porcelain skin,
They refused to overlook.
They had to inspect her,
Make sure she wasn’t contagious.
“Drink this, eat that, take these.
Let us shove tubing down your throat
So we can find you another pill”
And she was absolutely sick and tired
Of all of the rules and tubes and wires
And people she didn’t know touching all over her,
Making her feel
It made her feel exposed.
Like she was some
******* bunny for a physical health magazine.
Her nostrils were stained with
The strong scent of hand sanitizer.
And she couldn’t keep the hospital food down,
And the shower was always freezing cold…
But at least they could make her feel
Erasing the taste of
Copper anorexia at the back of her throat,
She’s just an experiment.
318 · Jan 16
Luna Jay Jan 16
We all have some darkness,
But we all still have some light.
In the midst of trying to find ourselves,
We lost the endeavoring plight.
The day is too dull,
So we live in the night.
Fading the colors of this
White, bright life.
301 · Aug 2015
Luna Jay Aug 2015
A mother's love is forever,
Though her baby's life may not be.
The heavy death weights
Sitting upright on her tight
Making it harder to breathe.
Quietly, softly, he did not make a sound.
Though she searched frantically
In the heat of the night
Under pressure and cracking
Leaning over the caged bed and hearing
No still beating heart was found.
The heaving sobs in the night.
The sweltering chest pains of the next day,
They would linger over her constantly,
If she insisted to visit that grave.

She had turned him into a life,
And now forever separated.
Her love as strong as rock,
Now crumbling and faded.
If her baby's eyes were green,
The world made them super jaded.
And now he wastes away.
A life that was prematurely complicated.
301 · May 2015
Luna Jay May 2015
I want his embrace.
This challenge I face.
I'm his disgrace.
His little one.

I want his light.
This effortless plight.
I'm not alright.
I'm done.

I want his promise.
An actual truth.
My chest,
Falling against his.
I want to know his landscape.
Every twist.
Every ridge.

I want his control.
This love unfolds.
Heart-aching mold.
I'm his fool.

I don't belong.
The day, long gone.
I've done it all wrong.
This love
Its cruel.
About Him.
298 · Aug 2015
Faking Love
Luna Jay Aug 2015
We could be runaways.
We could change us.
Spend our days
Availed in fake trust.
You could hold me closer
So I can feel your breath.
My body aching next to yours.
On your lips I taste fresh death.
Clog the drain you call your mind.
My sanity is so hard to find.
Its easier when you're held by
Someone you can stand by.
And even if I do die,
The burial plots have been bought.
297 · Aug 2015
Relief of the Whisper
Luna Jay Aug 2015
For everyday, she cakes her face
With a coated mask.
She does it to hide the pain.
Otherwise, she feels attacked.

She feels that pressure everyday.
She has to laugh.
Even if the joke is mundane.

And everyday, she hides behind a fake, withering smile.
But by night, it turns into her twisted insides; vile

She's not herself.
But she is her.
Her personalities fuze
And merge.

She's done.
She's relieved.
She draws in her final breath.
As she drowns herself
In a liquid ruby red.

Her lips whispering softly.
Her pain waves coming deep.
Her wrists shouting violent blood.
Soaking through, and
Now seeped.

She let's go, as she feels the little girl she used to be die.
She slips away.
Unaware and induce.
And off of her tongue
Escapes a goodbye.
297 · Mar 27
Luna Jay Mar 27
This town is too dark for picnics,
But it’s just perfect for skinny dipping.
Just dark enough to accept
Your body image.
Your bumps, blemishes, rolls and curves.
The intestines swerved,
Our skin merged,
And you can only
Find your love for me in the darkest of towns.
I miss the bright lights that used to greet me-
But now I like it better when the moon meets me.
288 · May 2015
Cool DayDream.
Luna Jay May 2015
My darling, swirling in a day dream dose,
A melancholy of blue in your eyes.
A petal of love shrivels from your rose,
And you give me your sun kissed goodbye.
You free me from her monstrous green waves,
You set my hearts desire into your eyes.
The crashing sea, the way it behaves,
Tossed and drowned, my heart must be dried.
The rolling clouds are in your eyes tonight,
The passion in the way you move to me.
The lightening crashing,
My sinful delight,
The foaming sea-green eyes are reminding me.
Of the dancing mad desire once held inside,
The day ended, long gone, and the moon calmed her tides.
286 · Jul 2015
Speaking Velvet
Luna Jay Jul 2015
Amalgamate your love to mine.
There's no more faith.
There's no more time.
Gorge our brethren,
Our sisters true.
There's no more hope
For saving you.
Demented? Maybe.
But love tastes so sweet.
Love is simply remorsed.
My love is antiquated.
My felonious crime
To steal your heart
Seems to be outdated.
The caricature of a heart so nice.
It tastes much better when ordered off ice.
I try not to beleaguer you.
Its not my intensions at all.
But sometimes,
Humans have this problem of over picking a scab until it falls off.
And darling,
If I pick at you,
The pain only hones.
Its worse to the pain that now
My pain is drone.
Used to the pain of a flesh eating heart.
'O Romeo, Tis only a start.
Of vast suffering
Of a flesh eating wound.
Save me, 'O blood stained Romeo,
Or meet your destined doom.
Dally if you must,
But please keep in mind.
The ****** of yours is the only I can find.
Your love being relief for my pain.
Please let me hear you speak my name.
265 · May 2015
Luna Jay May 2015
Dance with me.
Inhale me.
Wrap me around your tongue and teeth.
The stale smoke out
Of your
Black and charred lungs.
Into the cool,
And now toxic,
Morning dew.
Wrap your fingers around me.
Take a long,
Silver draw.
Wrap your spit
Around my yellowed
Ribbons of cancer.
Catch a lungfull of me.

Pick up the bottle.
Its just a sip.
A taste of poison
Won't **** you.
Feel me.
Like gasoline.
Let me set your insides
Let the liquid waves crash
Over your teeth.
Drip the liquid fire
Down your throat.

Pop it. Swallow it. All of it.
Let the wave of unreality drown your
Pathetic screams
Of plea.
Pull you down for a swim.
Drown me.
In addiction.
Hello. I'm that man in the white coat.
I own the pen and pad.
I prescribe those little jewels
Of worthlessness.
Feel you eyes begin to droop.
Drool on yourself.
Whatever it is that makes
You feel comfortable.
I'll help you into that pine
Coffin. Tuck you in.
Concave the lights.
Forever floating in your morphine day dream.
Free Verse
255 · Jan 18
4:13 P.M.
Luna Jay Jan 18
We planted the forest to hide one tree.
We our drowning our fish to flood polluted seas.
Brothers, capturing others does not self free.
Mother Earth is dying. Sisters, hear her pleas.
Constructing iceboxes to contract the big freeze.
Cloning our society; the big keyhole squeeze.
Cancer floats in the air- Doctors begin to wheeze.
Father Time…
Look at what you´ve done to me.
253 · Dec 2018
Inside Voices
Luna Jay Dec 2018
You will never be perfect,
The words aren’t worth it.
The only gut love you have, and you cannot birth it.
I’m bottling myself inside my of skin-
Wall after wall, and the flesh is wearing thin.
Pulsing a hatred for my charred insides-
I force it down,
And wait for the thought to die.
236 · May 2015
Luna Jay May 2015
Starlight dances in the walls of my mind
My heart pulsing an inferno.
I can feel my world.
Crashing over me .
If the blood pumps any hotter,
My veins will explode.
I can't speak.
My stomach is tied.
I breathe fire.  
I'm red-hot, babe.
Are you a pyro?
Touch my love, babe.
Cleanse my soul
Of this madness.
Hang me by my
You puppet master.
If you want the control,
Take it.
Wipe your feet on me,
Look down at me.
Keep me raging.
Free verse.
236 · May 2015
Luna Jay May 2015
The tears in my eyes burn
As much as the lump in my throat.
The scream has been cooking
For years. It swelled. It can bubble over.

The zero.
The hole.
There is a constant lack of space
Looming inside of me.
I don't see what I'm missing.
It's already gone.

I used to work.
I don't anymore.
Due to the way my former
Abused me.
Pieces of myself.
Gone. I gave them to you, and you walked out.
You can keep the old me.
Free Verse
232 · Jan 17
Nowhere, Man-
Luna Jay Jan 17
He walked down the road
To nowhere.
Nothingness in his eyes,
Honey in his hips…
As he’s waltzing away from me.
And he’s empty.
He’s not going to get very far
Without speaking to me.
Needs it more than he knows.
It’s just that he
Is a staggering bound
Of emotion,
And he’s beginning to see
I’m the only one who understands them;
And that scares him.
So he runs away,
To nowhere.
The final form of destination has never
Truly mattered,
He just wants to prove
The absolute power
I can’t stop his destructive cycle-
I can’t save him from his own actions.
Everyone knows this to be true,
But no one seems to enforce
The fact that
You can’t be everyone's hero.
And I was never trying to be.
228 · May 31
Nature's Whore
Luna Jay May 31
Craving attention from the sunshine-
How divine it is
To not be dicked down.
Frowned upon- now that I'm
Of age.
In the dustiest of ways.
Parting ways with
Hazed days
Laced with lust.
Trading them in
For sanity-
The only thing I can trust.
Rusting away
Waiting for someone to
Touch me.
226 · Dec 2018
Pretty Pink, Princess.
Luna Jay Dec 2018
Pretty pink princess with wetness
Dripping down her thigh.
Puddle humpin’ *****
Pumps the water
While she cries.
Take it down the throat and hope
He doesn’t make you ride.
You’re haunted-
But memories taunted.
Hope the feelings subside.
And hope you don’t choke
Playing ******* with a hard rock.
Stop, you slithering snake.
I provoke the stalking of the body,
The watching of the skin.
Pretty pink princess
Soaking in the sin.
Satin curtain, forced open.
Moisture beaded on the fabric.
Crushed velvet on your tongue-
Here is where he wreaks his havoc.
A blank canvas for him to abuse
With bruises of all different colors.
Of course I let him have it.
He got into my mind.
Used his knowledge that I was the
Only princess of this kind.
226 · Jan 18
11:37 P.M.
Luna Jay Jan 18
I think of him.
Not of those before,
Who I have left.
Dream… and
My mind dances
Over to the man
I haven’t
He does impossible
Things to my mind.
We will not yet
My body.
I know he wants to
Make me.
219 · Jan 18
7:04 P.M.
Luna Jay Jan 18
A dark star,
In white light.
Undone scars;
By nightlight
I feel far.
Removed from the
One I crave-
Lung of tar-
Breath of insight.
Lept to Mars
In the spot of
The limelight.
Green of stars,
Lead me back to
In this journey,
No path is paved.
213 · Dec 2018
He is No Artist
Luna Jay Dec 2018
A priceless piece of art in her precious gallery.
Punctured with a nail, she hangs for all to see.
Her creator, unknown.
A man masked in grey-
Took his artwork by the hand,
And traded her for pay.
Time spent perfecting; now long gone.
The Act or Art itself had gone all wrong.
The linework snakes through unknown feelings.
Canvas skin, your paint is peeling.
And here you sit, sealing
Your patches with rancid untruths.
These abused blue hues
He uses so aloof.
As your are hanging, with no tongue left for maiming,
He finds a new soul he believes needs framing.
You and she shall be the same-
Abuse and misuse are
Engrained in the brains
Of the women he has tried to tame…
But he is no artist.
212 · Jan 16
These Eyes
Luna Jay Jan 16
I don’t understand the pleasure in cheating each other,
I don’t understand the unity in hating one another.
I don’t understand the differences between me and you,
But these eyes will never see the way that others do.
I don’t understand the dangers in walking alone,
When no one walks to my beat and I want to roam.
I don’t understand why going barefoot is a sin,
With my being connected to earth, and my feet soaking it in.
I don’t understand why big pharma drugs are fine,
But plants are not okay.
I don’t understand everyone’s anger toward my ritual
Of dancing in the rain.
Stranger sees my pain,
Stranger calls me strange,
Mirror calls me vain.
A fast pulse through the veins,
Enough to jolt me back to reality:
I’ve made it this far in the world
With only me being proud of me.
I don’t understand the majority of things
Most other humans do.
These eyes will never see from their
Point of view.
211 · Jan 24
9:07 P.M.-
Luna Jay Jan 24
Bruised- I think of you;
I feel abused by the misuse
Of your degrading words.
Used- I’m feeling blue;
The hues you paint with are absurd.
I’m a masterpiece of my very own-
No excuses needed from you.
A woman recently grown-
I’ve been born anew.
Your ******* no longer chains me,
You cannot rearrange me.
I’m feeling so free lately-
Now that I’ve called a truce.
198 · Dec 2018
Run (if time permits)
Luna Jay Dec 2018
He took something so precious
That it stunned me into silence.
Took a pretty princess
And treated her with rabid violence.
So tense in nature,
So aggressive in being.
The only way to win
A game of torture is by fleeing.
Running to the hills,
Never looking back
Sopping up soot on my foot
Of this lost, infinite black.
Whole body in half form,
This has become the accepted norm.
I’m hurting because of what
He did to me-
Just like the last.
These girls from is past?
He’s used us all.
Run away while he stalls.
Be sure not to fall
And crumble in his grasp.
This is not my final form.
But evil man,
You’ve finally seen the
Last of me.
195 · Dec 2018
Love, Wonder and Time.
Luna Jay Dec 2018
I love the smell of the rain.
Love feeling the release of pain.
Love feeling creative- love creating.
Can’t explain.

Love breaks my heart,
The world falls apart.
Feeling alone, but not set in stone,
Deserving a fresh start.

I’m immaculate with words,
I’m not standing with the herds.
Standing on my own two feet.
Anything else would be absurd.

I wonder where I’ll be,
I wonder what I’ll see.
In a land of grand disappointment,
I’m playing make believe.
193 · Jan 18
Luna Jay Jan 18
Don’t speak.
I was a freak to bleed in the sheets.
You keep going once our eyes meet.
Never knew this was you all along.
It has been the longest of weeks-
The thought of you makes me weak
With nausea.
I only weep.
Took and crumbled a woman so strong.
You leap from maternal figure
To paternal stickler-
You have Daddy issues because he’s rich
But won’t share.
How dare he not fund your white entitlement.
You curse when he tells you to brush your teeth
At night, because you can’t stand
The thought of someone caring for you
On a non-financial level,
And I’m the devil,
Because I won’t accept the monetary gifts.
You slip me this and that,
Skip the emotional derivative.
And gasp at the fact that
I’ve stopped putting in initiative.
Silly boy, I don’t need you.
A toy made to tease you.
Keep me on this collar,
But I’m the one who leads you.
189 · Jan 17
Tears are Burning-
Luna Jay Jan 17
I’m suffering.
Tears of gasoline, beaded down my cheeks.
And Darling, your kisses are the firepower.
You want to see how long I can stand to suffer
Without speaking?
Honey, keep preaching to the choir.
I refuse to speak,
In fear that I will choke on my own words-
Infused with negativity and
Melancholy blues you used to
Sing to me.
That subtle, lackadaisical smile
That got me to fall so hard in the first place
Means nothing to me now.
You’re artistically numbing my creativity
With those vacant eyes…
I used to see the sunset in them,
And now,
I can only see your
Tilted and twisted views on society
And the love ones who surround you.
You may be blind and wounded,
But at least the old dog can smell
That I am indeed,
In heat.
183 · Mar 28
Euphoric Eternity-
Luna Jay Mar 28
You tell me I’m your wild child.
The wind blows through your unwashed hair,
As you flash a warm smile my way
Over your shoulder.
You led me to the top of our mountain.
You wrapped your entire being around my smile
And hold it there in your
Euphoric eternity.
We watch the sunset slip into the earth,
Both of us entwined in your divine state of nature.
The secrets of the universe
Laced within your eyelashes,
A testimony of humanity shakes
Within your veins.
Against the grain,
You question authority.
And together we journey
Into the unknown territory.
175 · Mar 28
Still Here-
Luna Jay Mar 28
The sun plummets into pools
Of fleshy humanity.
The pollution sinks
Into the streets of the city.
The flames,
Lapping at the skin
Melting off of
My hollow structure.
But still, I will stand tall.
The memory of you
Still branded on the insides
Of my eyelids.
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