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I left my glasses at home
So i cant see ur *******
We need to slow down
The incredible speed we r moving
When we r just standing still
stopping is not an option
I left my glasses off
So i cant see ur *******
Written in a text
Cuz u cant face me to set it straight
Cuz ur lines r twisted
And story is fake
I had to leave my glasses at home
So i could deny ur regret
Hit snooze on ur alarming *******
U dont get
To have cake and eat it too
Who lied to u
At least it wasnt me
But... u.... ur just a story
Ur made up
We wont make up
Theres no maybe written in the cards
Maybe u should thank ur lucky stars
For me
But now i left my glasses at home
So i cant see you
And the ******* u came thru wit
And u laugh and its the worst
Funny how ur the clown
And all the jokes r all ur words
Z 4d
Mister Clown, mister Funny
Mister Always has some money
Why aren’t you joking today
Mister i’m always okay
i’m okay, okay

On my tiptoes like it’s ballet
It’s second best we call that Park Place
and i’m blue, blue, blue
Ya know me well i’m mister cliché
Trade my years for smokes and ashtrays
Time just flew, flew, flew
Here’s some candles, it’s happy birthday
Here’s some camels, TGI Friday
TGI Jesus, TGI Nietzsche
it’s NTK it’s TLA, that’s AKA
It’s subtlety and puppetry,
it’s how you got the best of me
you pull the ground from under me
for me to fall and i just do, do, do

Mister Clown, mister Funny
Mister Always has some money
Why aren’t you joking today
Mister i’m always okay
i’m okay, okay
Luna Jay Jan 16
Portable Carnival.
You pack it up and roll it away two weeks to the day that it arrives. The lives of these carnies have never mattered. They exist only as a part of the traveling freakshow. Something we pay money to stare at, to laugh at, to mock. It’s degrading, but it’s how the freaks have to earn their living. It’s how Two Toe Toby affords his next meal. But he doesn’t have a favorite sit down restaurant, because they keep putting him back on a bus and sending him to a different city to manage the tilt-a-whirl; And all the hurling ***** from children's’ stomachs that are full of corn dogs and cotton candy.
Portable Portajohn.
A traveling **** storm. Citizens come and give us their paychecks in return for cheap thrills on rinky **** rides that spin their minds into oblivion. Just so they can say they’ve tasted the clouds and all of the pollution that surrounds them.
And just like that, we leave again. Vanishing into our next city, for a scheduled two week period.
CommonStory Dec 2018
A laughing clown told me
Happy people
Don't smile
Copyright Matthew Marquis Xavier Donald 12/11/18
Star BG Nov 2018
I am a fairy clown
bringing laughter
while collecting giggles.

I use chuckles as condiments
to mix into my brew of jokes.

I am a fairy clown,
spreading miracles
as my balloons inflate.

As the moment unfolds
for all to be peaceful.

Wont you come and dance
beside my clown shoes,
and forget your troubles?

Won’t you ride the wave of happy
to fly like a Caiques or Puffin?

My invitation stands
as red nose sparkles
and my hair curls.

It anchors
as the music in my heart plays
and I give out clown hugs.
Getting ready to go to work as a professional clown, and this poem came so I decided to post it. Have a clown-a-rific day all.
Johnny walker Nov 2018
At school, I was the
classroom clown
the joker and fool
only became this
to hide my own
But It worked for
me everybody love
my fooling around
but cost me a lot
time In detention
but sometimes you
have do things to
survive In this life
and that was my way
to survive school
Because of my Insecurity at school I became
the clsssroom Clown but it got through my
School dsys
Arcassin B Oct 2018
By Arcassin burnham

All you could do is laugh,
Do is laugh when they throw ****** ****  your way, it feels so right,
I swear it only takes one bad day just to
make a mans old memories just die,
The bat was the cause , he better not lie,
I'll have the pleasure of encountering this ***** again,
It doesn't even have to be so serious, why?
Or does this good guy routine make up for former sins,
I'll watch the world the burn for amusement , it's not
a serious thing when it's apparent to say,
But you have to come to this biblical conclusion,
Won't the world end in fire anyway,
I got missions to do, people I gotta save (****),
I would have loved to put a smile on that face,
In fact don't worry, cause when these *******
go to hating,
I'll be sitting with a big smile to the taste,
All I do is laugh.


When I start my voyage, I'm entitled to, whatever I do
And that's law,
Descend into madness on the streets of gotham , after
All the things that I saw,
I see the world in flames , there's no better picture that
I would paint for this moment,
To have a plan of attack , while fighting back the bat,
A drastic measure was chosen,
I'm in my Prime , this is my true form, I'm in on a joke that
you're not,
Separated from reality , balanced actually, all praise to
the onslaught,
I'ma put a smile on that face,
**** everyone in this place,
Bomb the whole thing , my guy I do not choke,
But you'll never get my joke.

You'll never get the joke.
You'll never get the joke.
My guy I do not choke.
Anthony Oct 2018
I am an anchor
the heavens tug at the end of my rope,
And one day they'll lift me
and rip me apart
and take of their cloak
and sing...

"We are smoke, and the clown,
and the talk of the town,
And if you so choose
We can take you back down
To revel and writhe
amidst the hopeful and meek
But we hoped to have you
hang here for a week,

To be in explosive awe
Of infinite abandon,
To be with the all
like a puddle to stand in

To feel all the mud 'tween your excellent toes
To know the source from which everything grows,
To see the light from which everything glows,
To be all of the ways that everything goes,

To know of the earth,
Yet be in the throes..."
Simra Sadaf Oct 2018
ghosts, monsters in my head
a body has been found dead
the news caught like fire in the town
they think it is Pennywise the clown

a man so ruthlessly butchered
a question still hangs
why was he murdered?

so many suspects, so many faces
this is one of those rare cases
his intestines inside out, bones shattered
blood all over the house scattered

“REDЯUM” written on a wall
a thought hits one and all
Oh my God! it is Jack Torrance
but he froze to death, what non-sense!

another day, another ******
now they suspect Jack the Ripper
the woman drowned in her bath tub
the ashtray was full of cigarette stubs

he dances around and sings a song
enjoying all the things he has done wrong
still out at large is the killer
nobody suspected the friendly Casper.
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