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ManxPoetryGuy Nov 23
Life is a circus,
And the bigtop is nowhere
To be found.
Life’s kinda funny if you think about it
Kaliya Skye Nov 21
you're so close you're blending
into the sheets i pull over us
to keep us warm like flames
are licking at our backs like
a dog might lick you out of joy

and it's lethargic,
often cathartic,
to rest these aching bones
i'm afraid to call you my lover;
you're afraid of getting old

and i hear music from a distant room;
we are not alone.

so lay here like a secret,
although you're not one of my own

my secret is you aren't one,
and everyone around
knows of how you move me
when the circus is in town

i'll paint my smile,
watch you fly above the chandelier
if i stop being a fool for you
will you come back out of fear?

fire, earth, wind, and sea
we travel to them all
you, my big top lover
and i, still feeling small

will paint on a brand new face
as you walk the thinnest line
you say we don't mean anything,
but you're running out of time.
Three Ring Lover.
An ordinary clown
am I
until I step
into the circle
of light
and discover
I am more
than grease paint
and costume.
I am magic.
Bhill Sep 12
you’ll be back, I guarantee
you can’t stay away that long from me
I've been there when you were down
I've been there when you were such a clown
we have been friends for very long time
how could you leave when we were in our prime
where did you go, I don't even know
all I know is that I couldn't grow
please come back and show me the way
I need to have a good ole day
I need you back and close to me
you've been gone too long, I hope you agree...

Brian Hill - 2020 # 251
Slime-God Sep 8
A bitter dispute,
I just yelled at my neighbour
And called him a clown
Last night I went to a closed down circus in the city.
A sad clown came up to me.
He kissed me till I had his red lips.
A kiss from a clown is so bold and bright red.
After that you cannot possibly look sad.

So I will go back another night to see if he would be there again.
In my dream later he tells me that this was something between me and him.
Next time bring your tutu dress and I will wear my best suit.
We'll be dancing all night and I'll promise to make your lips bright red.

As I write it all down after last night I hear the neighbours wake up too.
I paint my eyes like his eyes, at least I try to.
But I can't seem to get it right.
So what will I do about tonight?
I shed a little tear, I feel so helpless.
But then I notice it looks good now and I put on the tutu dress.

I take a bus to the city and stare somewhere.
The sad clown must be already waiting there.
At the empty circus.
To give me a clowny kiss.
Only his.

I call for him as I pass the entrance.
Sad clown, sad clown, I'm here for romance.
And so we dance.
Like it's the last night.
It will be the last night...
Red lips, red stains, red, all red, red red, pain.
Don't leave me bleeding, but he goes running as I am dying.
Bhill Aug 1
who set the temperance in the square-faced clown
he was dancing and strolling and roaming around
he was scary, he was strange, he was really quite large
no one knew how he got there but he came out in charge
his hair was was chaotic, his skin an orange hue
he wanted to tell stories, all of which were not true
his stay should be over, in that fact we hope
the square-faced clown, it appears is a hoax....

Brian Hill - 2020 # 210
s a m Jul 27
Fake baby,
grown-up clown tryna be funny.
May be I should have,
Never come to this town.
With all my accent and tradition,I made myself a clown.
When I first entered, I wish you would be around,
To teach,to preach, to save me, when I drown.
We are no match and I think I let you down.
A dilemma, of a girl who just came to a different place after marriage and facing differences in culture
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