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Luna Jay May 31
Old dinosaur man go sniff
Spit on three fingers so that I can have a kiss.
No, doctorosaurus- this isn't a hit
It's been a miss since long ago.
Slow; she's waiting on you.
Reptilian creature, fixer of blue
Imagines my groove to soothe himself.
There is no sedating the truth-
You want to use this.
**** little temptress
In a skintight sundress.
I'm a hot mess
And you want me.
Epidermal- under your skin
So easily.
Poetic T Aug 2017
pebbles fell from high
ancients contemplated

footprints do remain
Vexren4000 Jun 2017
Wingspans stretching wider than car bodies,
Gliding over pre-historic vistas,
The dinos below ants to the flying beast.
A bird before birds,
A lizard of the sky,
Before they fall or land,
Before the time of man,
Where he could snipe them from the sky,
A time of strange peace amidst the struggle,
Of natural selection.

Poetic T Jun 2017
fossilized footprints
collecting echoes of time

child's footprints do tread

— The End —