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Loan Tone Oct 12
The whiplash of your farts still linger in my room,
It smells like a ******* zoo.

You smile and laugh
As I coward away in a corner screaming at the top of my lungs because your farts ******* stink.

I ask you what did you have to eat,
and you reply "The boxed mac n cheese, with MILK!"

My heart stops and my eyes nearly plop out of my head
"Milk!?" I scream into my shirt, covering my nose
To stop the smell of death.

******* your farts stink.
i still love my girlfriend but dang, her farts do stink
Michael Hole Aug 27
Like a guilty dog looking
at a chewed discarded shoe.
You amused me,
I used you.

Did I have to tear you?
Did I really have a choice?
I knew I didn't care for you
or the bla bla of your voice.

Now I drink start to think,
I must be more than this.
Breaking hopeful hearts
with just "I'll call you" and a kiss.
Siyana Aug 9
The way he looked at me,
I could tell.
This man was heartless.
Sadistic as well.
He pulled my hand,
And in the heat
I looked down to see
Bruises on my knees...
He touched himself
when there was blood on my skirt
wanted more,
I copped the hurt..
Then a passerby starts to see
But he turns his head to smile at me.
The same man who once
Ripped my clothes to shreds
His crooked smile,
In the moment I could tell
This man was heartless
Sadistic as well...
This poem is thought to be of a girl and her abusive father... It is not a true story, but is based on events that occur every day in our world.
Carl D'Souza Jul 21
Sharon posts a photo of her new baby
on social-media and
Nasty-Jim comments
“That’s an **** baby!”
Sharon feels shocked, insulted, appalled.
She hugs her baby protectively,
feeling hurt.

Sharon posts a photo of her new baby
on social-media and
Civil-Sheryl comments
“Congratulations on your beautiful baby!”
Sharon feels joyful and happy.
She hugs her baby warmly
kisses him on the head
and says “I love you little one”.
she never
mesmerize me
in fold
of cramp
this tight
and stiffly
walk to
corner and
got out
the back
of the
lot that
circle this
place with
frown but
lemon for
sweet tea
Person A
Person B
were together and
very happy.
Then came along a
Person C
and kinda ruined everything.
But to make things
a bit
more crazy,
came along a
Person D.
Now person
A, B, C, and D
are anything but happy.
Who knew that
letters of the alphabet
could be so nasty.
Inspiration came when one of my friends was explaining a confusing matter to me, and was using letters instead of name(which is good in some cases).
Brent Kincaid Dec 2018
I don’t call you crumpet
I doubt you taste very good.
But you fit the name strumpet
Like I was sure you would.
A better name would be porcupine
The pork part fits you so much
But it would be so very awful;
You’re a thing I’d hate to touch.

I’d call your crew a clown car,
But, while you are surely on wheels.
You are more of a slow train wreck
Based on the looks and the feel.
Some fools call you Robin Hood
But I reject that whole twisted pitch.
Robin Hood did not rob the poor
Just so he could give to the rich.

You think you’re a smart cookie
But, you are nothing but a crumb.
You think we are all of us stupid
But only your supporters that are dumb.
You’re a ****** cake that has fallen
With a poisonous coat of frosting.
You are not worth a penny of what
A disaster like you are is costing.

You leave a nasty taste in the mouth
Of those who have to be near you.
There is nothing about you at all
That would serve to endear you.
It really would nice if you would go
Live for decades in a prison cell.
That color of orange, for once
Would suit you so very well.
Kinsey Dec 2018
I feel so *****
Each time I shut my eyes.
While my love makes love
I imagine someone else every time.

Someone to call me names.
Someone to play games.
Someone who talks *****
And finishes without aim.

I feel so trapped and alone.
Each time I touch myself,
I close my eyes
And I’m no longer stuck at home.
I wrote this to vent some issues I have wity being married.
After I moved away with my husband, I receive several emails from ex-coworkers saying what they had thought of me and ***** things they wanted to do me and since then, my mind wanders during *** and I just used certain emails as sexting fuel.
Maybe I’m alone in that too.
Luna Jay Dec 2018
Because… you could look me in the eyes and tell me you loved me,
When I could still smell her on you.
You could lie, straight to my face..
Which torments a humans’ sanity.
You could hold me and feel absolutely nothing for me, and to me,
That’s completely spineless.
I did nothing to deserve the empty lies you filled me with.
A forever meant nothing more than a day to you, did it?
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