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James Cushman Aug 2022
A thunderous crack
Echoes in the night.
A monstrous sound
Splitting my eardrums.

****** impure poison…

And it’s funny.
Everybody farts
xavier thomas Jul 2021
It’s the…

Choice of

For me, love
Looking like a snack
mark soltero Dec 2020
don’t ever come back
you left and that’s fine
it’s always been fine to me
i should have cheated on you
because as confusing as it was
i never loved you
you never wanted me
what you think you hold
this guiding beacon of myself
that i held onto dear
what you stole
and **** on
isn’t my only grace
if only you were to face yourself
for the **** *******
living behind those empty ******* words
bending the truth and reality
with all your disgusting lies
your departure left few and heavy cries
like a dead great uncle
you meant nothing to me
This was a super toxic thought process. But I think I was able to sorta work thru some ollllllld **** with it so idk I like the title I think it’s funny.
MisfitOfSociety Dec 2020
Oh so you're thinking.
You're thinking for yourself.
Are you really now?

You're just repeating,
Repeating what they say.
You're just a parrot, an annoyance in my way.
Kerstin Oct 2020
Hot, wet, nasty and painful.
Why is that all they want to do?

I just want someone to hold my hand,
make me smile and laugh.
Why cant I find someone who wants that too?
I'm not hard to please.
Dayda Jul 2020
You are beyond comprehension
You are beyond words
You are beyond any imagination
You are beyond ***

You are beyond evil
You are beyond cruel
You are beyond exaggerations
You are beyond nasty

You, owh my god, you
You are beyond despicable
You are beyond urgghhh
You are beyond comprehension
I just can't. I can't.
Poetic T Jan 2020
When your souls that
    *****, the devil gags

    And spits it back out.

Then has to wash
the taste out
    Gargling on a ******..
Marri Dec 2019
Waste my time.
Distract me from the pain of other earthly things.

Raise my Hope from the dead.
Give it mouth to mouth,
And So *****.

Inflate its lungs.
Out & in, in & out.
Bruise its lips.

We all are just Living to die.

Take me to church--
Show me God, boy.
Bring me to my knees,
Make me sing his praises.

Shed your tears on my bare back while we break classroom desks apart.
Piece by piece,
You use me.
You shape me,
And Create me into yours.

Make me wear skirts with stockings.
Make me play nice.
Make me smile.
You know you want to.

Make me wear fishnets.
Make me tease you.
Make me want to please you.
I know I want to.

Let's play dress up for the night.
Let's Spider-Man climb the walls of our insecurities and broken hearts.
Let's bite each others shoulders,
Don't you wanna get primal with me?

Tell me I'm pretty.
Say it,
Say it,
Say it.
Be good and I'll reward you.
Be bad and I'll ignore you.

Make me feel all nasty.
Make me feel so graceful.
Make me feel so perfect.

Pedestal perfect.
Pedestal perfect.
Pedestal perfect.
Let's just pray I don't fall.
Joseph Rice Nov 2019
The universe baby birds knowledge
*** to mouth
and you wonder why the lives of the wise are always so
You think you’re woke but just repeat tropes created by
people selling a lifestyle that puts on trial the idea that being
standard is wild.
Kaleidoscope fractal of reality’s gaping ****** *******
wraps the goal of happiness in a cloak of human nastiness.
This crawl through life is so full of strife
that we spend the majority of it looking for someone
to moan and groan with as the bone is exposed
from the scrapes and cuts we earn when we're alone.

And I am alone.
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