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R B M Sep 24
They don’t really like you.
They are only being nice because of who your family is.
They’re using you.
You’re not good enough to have real friends.
How could you possibly think you were good enough?
You’re too weird.
One day when your family doesn’t matter they’ll drop you with a snap of their fingers,

Hold on!
Your mom doesn’t love you.
She has every reason not to.
You’re your father’s kid, girl,
Just having the same genes as him could probably get you kicked out.
You ***** up to much, such a disappointment.
She has plenty of kids, you and your brothers aren’t needed to make this family work.
She has a handpicked child, and two more that are perfect,
Red hair, taller, bigger, better, and simply not a McKay.

Wait just a second!
He doesn’t actually think you’re pretty.
You know you’re ugly and the glasses make it worse.
He is tricking you.
No one will ever truly like you.
You’re not pretty enough, smart enough, cool enough.
Face it, you are just one big fat fraud.
And even if someone actually did like you,
They would change their mind quickly because you’re messed up.

I hope you know, everything is your fault!
God gave up on you, that’s why I tell you not to pray, you are beyond repair.
Your parents’ divorce, not having friends, not being pretty, me, it’s all your fault.
I’m in here screaming at the top of my lungs, diverting your attention, because of you.
And I will never leave, in fact, as you grow up, day by day I’ll add.
Self-doubt, Anxiety, Depression, Loneliness.
And they won’t leave either.
We will always be here, reminding you that you’re a failure, and won’t ever be enough.
...Until you stop trying...

You need to learn to control us!
We won’t know how to save you.
We’ve eaten out your soul, making you stop doing what you love and need to do.
We can’t stop, but we don’t want it to go too far.
One day you’re going to have yet another panic attack,
Shaking, crying, and screaming out while your heart starts to combust, falling into what we say,
And suddenly you’ll go through with the plan you’ve always thought of but were too scared to do.
We’ve given you reasons of things not to do, but that day we might not be able to pull through.
One day it will be too late, and because of us, you don’t have anyone who will help you.
Luna Jay Dec 2018
You will never be perfect,
The words aren’t worth it.
The only gut love you have, and you cannot birth it.
I’m bottling myself inside my of skin-
Wall after wall, and the flesh is wearing thin.
Pulsing a hatred for my charred insides-
I force it down,
And wait for the thought to die.
Gracie Knoll Jul 2016
I'm speaking to humanity
My dear are you afraid of me?

The cold that you can feel is coming from my heart
It may be black as coal but at least my suite is smart

You look at me and see your dreams
I look at you and see my means

I need a beauty, real and admired
To spread my word and light the fires

To many I am a good excuse
They point at me so they can't lose

If you ever want to see my face
Just turn towards the looking glass

I can't help it if I feel nice
You made your choice now pay the price

If you choose to use my name
You will start to cry in pain

And I am sure that soon you'll feel
That it was never you, but the devil at your heel.
His party turns into a nightmare.

— The End —