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Luna Jay Jul 2015
Father Time wanted the future.
Mother Earth begged him to stop.
Bleeding, hurting, dying inside,
And Father still turned the clock.

Mother Earth gave us compassion.
Father took it away.
He argued it was too old fashioned,
And that compassion was too mundane.

Father Time gave us sinful, skinful pleasure.
Mother Earth pleaded against so.
She knew it'd make her baby sick.
It'd make time fly out the window.

Mother gave us crystal waters.
Father dried all the lakes.
Father Time, some figure head father
We're to believe he doesn't make mistakes.

Father Time is our god.
So we should all believe in him.
Mother Earth will no longer nod.
She knows our god has sinned.

Mother Earth isn't stable.
Mother's choking last breaths,
Begging for another choice
Father knows she is unable,
He lets  women have no voice.

Cutting her down
For the last
That awful man
Cruelly ended
Something so divine,
Mother Earth was mine.
And now?
I cannot find her.

Father spun her purely out of existence.
Father of it all,
Cackling still,
This ******* persistence
Of death
I hear my earth wilt.
Come with me to a marshmallow island,
where reality's sticky but the imagery's great,
and we can live life in reverse,
and we can make love in reverse,
and whatever we can do we can float on through,
because we have invented an ocean in  kerosene blue,

Come with me to a marshmallow island,
'till the ocean consumes us along with the trees and the people,
and creatures that comforted us,
will be long gone, dead and diseased,

— The End —