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Eight billions people
Eight billions stories
Stats divides them into categories
Percentages tell you
The broader story
Eight out of a hundred
Live beyond 64 years
They're lucky
I can't declare
Their karma incomplete
On this planet for sure
Of a hundred, one still dies of hunger
15 remain undernourished
How can they flourish?
23 in a hundred are roofless
No place to live
Still this planet belongs to them
13 percent drink ***** water
Suffer from water borne diseases
Of a hundred 25 don't have mobiles
70 no access to internet
Can't go online
Long way yet to go
Digito-social revolution to be complete
17 percent can't read and write
Not for not having hands and eyes
Of a hundred only 7 got higher education
93 never saw a college
Of a hundred 88 have a religion
How many are human
Stats not available
7 in a hundred own a house Have plenty to eat
Clean and safe water to drink Have a mobile phone
Access to internet and modern technology
And  have a college degree
If your story belongs to this category
Take care of your health
Be cheerful
It's result of your good karma
Carry on to do good karma
Serve humanity and serve this planet to preserve!
Stats borrowed from a WhatsApp message.
I am a traveller
Carrying food
Carrying oxygen
Carrying water
In my rucksack
I travel on a continuum
One lakh kilometres
Without stopping
Citadel of love, emotions, tender feelings
Keeps me going
I cannot be located
At one point
I extend throughout
Continuum length
The articles, I carry
In my rucksack
I distribute to millions
The building blocks
So they sustain and survive
And keep a living entity alive
I am simultaneously
Present in eight billions locations
Ever increasing is the number
So I am located in as many Is
As told by genome decoders
Origin traced to a single ancestor
Progeny of the Progenitor
Yet many of multitudinous entities
I make survive and thrive
Hell bent to destroy each other
Shedding me in red colour
Soiling the soil of its colour
My head is hung in shame
Times umpteen
I am the greatest traveller
The world has ever known
Let me disclose my identity
I am the BLOOD in everybody
Our blood circulatory system propelled by the heart ❤️ is made up of veins and arteries one lakh kilometres long. 90% of blood is water. Rest blood corpuscles etc. It carries oxygen and sugar/ energy non-stop to millions of cells for them to to sustain so that we sustain. We live oblivious of this fact. The greatest traveller travels millions of kilometres on a labyrinth of one lakh kilometres continuously to keep us alive! We the eight billions!
In order to spend leisure time
Something I need to write
One thing I google search
It offers me so much
That I never heard
Take case of astral body or dress
It showed me 'Astral ***' in result
Bizarre beliefs, bizarre concepts
Your astral body floats off physical body
Mates with your partner's astral body
There's no physical contact
It's just mating of soulmates floating in the air
They say it's more satisfying
Free from STD and ***
Population remains in control
There being no procreation of course
Tremendous are the benefits
They tell you the techniques
Mysticism of mystiques!
Happiness is the ultimate goal
UN recognised after all
Since 2012 it keeps publishing
World happiness reports
India ranks poor 139th of 149
How is it so, it hurts
We are the best culture
Like bacteria
We multiplied and multiplied
Population explosion
Limited resources
Poverty, unemployment
Curse for this nation
But Pakistan is in a better position
With 105th rank in happiness
Despite conditions no better
What's the matter?
Maybe we have a strong
Spiritual foundation
Less content to belong to this world
For we are taught
This world is an illusion
Of birth and death
With no permanent happiness
Work for permanent bliss
In the afterworld or
In salvation
After all Cantril ladder
Self assessment of respondents
In the happiness survey
Depends on their values
And how they value this world
Longing for permanent bliss
And to be one with God
Often makes we Indians sad
That we are in this world!
But times are changing
So the thinking
Shine in this world!
Shine in the afterworld!
I have tried to express me. If you understand me, you may agree with me. If don't, you're bound to disagree. Some may find me incoherent and inconsistent. You are wise enough and know what for a waste paper basket is meant! I know, I can't put my thoughts in others' brains unless some special spiritual connection. You may read my poem 'JUMBLE'.
Ylzm Apr 14
marrying and given in marriage
wickedness breeds greater wickedness
each generation stinkier than the last
and every child born a greater evil

the scattered righteous are few and hated
overwhelmed and drowning in deep sea
sparing the unborn from sorrows and griefs
gifted with the Comforter for courage and help

time is shortened for their sake
in half a time shall they be rescued
in three days and not a week
and in a week and not a year

buds have blossomed and harvest’s not delayed
we mined the Moon and harnessed the Sun
decay’s stench unmistakable but blindly persuaded
as freedom’s necessary aroma, even sacred

the wicked disintegrate where they stand
in utter terror and panic slay one another
earth terraformed in a day without end
and buying and selling cease
Stop population explosion
Wisest man has given a solution
Stop reproducing children
Adopt puppies, upbring them
Bring mankind to extinction
Insects and worms multiply manifold
Mother planet to be better place
For all other kinds of life forms!
For details refer the video "Brutal way China handled population explosion..." on YouTube.
Gorba Jun 2020
Notre être, à l’incipit, apparaît minuscule
Puis se développe notre histoire jusqu’à son crépuscule
Une existence imaginée comme un cycle par quelques têtus
Constituée d’un début, d’une suite d’intrigues, et d’une fin, avant de nous voir repus

La partie la plus longue est communément appelée la vie
Selon le contexte certaines dérangent et d’autres donnent envie
Certaines sont accompagnées de louanges et d’autres de mépris
D’échecs qui démangent, et de réussites anodines qu’on oublie

Est-il raisonnable de se comparer et de se sentir misérable ?
Alors qu’en creusant un peu on trouverait facilement quelque chose de louable
Quelque chose que l’on a accompli pour aider une personne
Peu importe la teneur de l’effort, l’essentiel est que l’on donne
De sa personne, de son temps, de son pécule
Apportant ainsi un instant de joie, un sourire, en somme rien de ridicule
A quelqu’un dans le besoin, en détresse, ou se sentant inutile
Tel une montre suisse à laquelle il manquerait une pile
En oubliant que nous faisons tous partie d’un seul et même écosystème
Que la mort du phytoplancton* entraînerait l’extinction de la race humaine
Dans une époque où il semblerait que la réussite se mesure à la hauteur de ce qui est ou peut être consommé,
J’estime que nous sommes tous importants et avons tous une valeur
Inestimable, tout en étant palpable et faisant preuve de splendeur
Et qui ne se restreint pas seulement à quelques possessions futiles et prochainement démodées
Pauvreté et richesse se retrouvent souvent en cohabitation
Quelques âmes en peine et perdues rêvent de jouir un jour de la possibilité de posséder un avion
Alors qu’il est possible de voler et de voyager rien qu’avec de l’imagination
Que courir, c’est voler entre deux foulées, voler par intermittence
Que penser c’est voyager et contempler des pensées, sans avoir besoin de prendre des vacances
Il est possible de créer et d’exister via la culture d’une passion
Permettant la naissance d’un bien commun
Un bien immatériel ou non, portant un amour inconsidéré en son sein
Non par hasard mais par dessein.

« Au milieu des choses », on se retrouve parachuté
Dans un monde, une société qu’il est pénible de changer
Mais l’histoire française nous a montré
Qu’en nous y mettant tous ensemble rien ne pourra nous résister.
A living pinnacle of our modern living,
born in a body and transmitting after death
returning to the spheres of population forming
cycles of life and  death!
Living Cell
Radhika Lusted Sep 2019
Persuaded in masses
To control the population
We’re all a predicament
Of the same situation

Born into captivity
To think that we’re free
Living through eyes
That are too blind to see
Another poem about the blind
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