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Persuaded in masses
To control the population
We’re all a predicament
Of the same situation

Born into captivity
To think that we’re free
Living through eyes
That are too blind to see
Another poem about the blind
F A Pacelli May 14
when the people are rotten
fear yields more fruit than love
but to rule with fist and fear
is to become rotten inside
thus both ruler and populace
rot as one
Luna Jay Mar 27
What’s wrong with the Big Pharma?
Controlling governments
Ruthlessly consolidate
The elite
Who are able to afford
Basic health care.
Severe side effects
Detrimental to our health and wellbeing.
Taking painkillers
Has caused an epidemic
That’s part of a sinister plan
To squeeze yet more profit
Out of a system designed to
Keep human beings chronically unhealthy.
Vaccines too often have had the opposite effect,
Exponentially increasing illness,
Causing irreversible damage,
And even taking lives of our sick brotherhood.
Population suspect that it is now
Being used as a weapon of mass destruction
To effectively depopulate the earth.
"Sleep when you're dead",
"Oh come on, liven up",
"What?? Nooo, please come",
"One two three drink!!",
"Snap out of it!",
"What's wrong this time??",

These and more, are phrases used by you "normal" people, in a ploy to entrance us very special, very unique, very very awesome people who have a condition known as depression.....
We'll sleep when we want to,
We'll liven up when our brain chemicals allow us to,
We'll come along when, or if we have the confidence to,
Don't.. Don't ever tell us to do that,
And, what's wrong?, if you knew us at ALL, you'd refrain from asking that question!,

Think on normals, we have feelings ya know!
# understanding # respect #love #empathy
(c)[email protected] 2019
Shlomo Jan 27
Perpetual occupation. Thoughts o’Disgust.

A path into oblivion. Who can we trust?

5% of the world population.

20%, prison population.

More thoughts. More of disgust. Despair. Hope? Less.

And less! Each day I think I forget. Its there.

Orange TV show personality.

As the leader of the free world?! What kind

of world is that? What am I supposed t’think?

Oh right. Because he’s free to tweet trash, garbage,

putridness, calling everyone out other than himself,

calling people dogs? That’s freedom. No thank you.

In the meantime, go fix your ******* self!

Before you try to fix everyone else.
My first attempt at an iambic pentametre.
Jon Thenes Oct 2018
It's always a criminal time to fight/
To fizz away our furies and our fears
in violent interactions within 'The Warrior Play'/
To unite in bouts/
Put personalities in liberty/
to bring about the death reaction

Untangled in all this
Is an eye/
a void/
It paces and turns
forgetful and lost ;
a powerless ghost and a witness
to these mad spoilings and energy fits/
This pinball of the battlefield
is catalyst ;
The untouched spirit of the weapon-head/
a war chime
and the thirst of all of us 'soldiers'

                 - in pattern & in population
Truly Lustful Jul 2018
Pitter Patter
Along the ground
Sometimes silent
Sometimes deafening

They never stop
But when they do
Their life has been taken
Or they've stepped on you

Not too small
Not too big
Who do they belong to?
Do you know yet?

Ever heard an elephant stomp?
A mouse scratching along the floor?
These sounds radically different
Yet something we can't ignore

The question isn't the sound
But rather the footprint
As we all sport a unique one
But which one truly is the biggest?

Some would think, elephant
Probably not you though
Maybe even a dinosaur?
Don't let your mind overflow

It's as simple as you think
Most have already figured it out
Now go outside, take a heavy step
Make an imprint.

Is it all coming together?
It should have already
Us as humans
We're the most deadly

No matter how big it is
To the eye it's small
But we reign supreme here
On this earth, our home

Next time you see a print
Be it Dog, Cat, Lion, or Deer
The calendar lies
It's always our year.
Passang Sherpa Jul 2018
Gone are the days, when by night, we would sleep on the trees
And by day, roam around, finding for eatables and wild berries,
We would then, swing from creepers to creepers, trees to trees,
Playing amongst, brothers and sisters, friends, and other families.

Our homes have been invaded, humans encroaching, day by day.
We have been driven out of our homes; we have no place to stay.
We now, no more, hunt for food, rather by the roadside, sit or lie
Ever patiently, waiting for foods, thrown from vehicles passing by.

They call us monkeys, but look who’s been monkey-ing?
No thoughts on where we’d live, simply occupying.
Cutting down trees, destroying our habitat,
We have no home, we can call our own; ain’t it bad?

Copyright © PS
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