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Luna Jay Mar 28
You promised you’d never let go;
You promised a lifetime.
Standing there and holding her
As if I’m completely blind.
He thought he could hurt me,
But I am completely fine.
I’ve been with a cheater,
A beater,
A super overachiever…
Now I need some me time-
Some bubble bath and chai tea time.
No reason to shave time-
I am fine with who I am.
Daniel Feb 17
In a graveyard, a little being
slept on the bench
while people passing by
what it was doing there
but little did they know,
the being came to say
its bye-bye.

When I feel suicidal, I always visit the graveyard and end up crying because deep down I know that I am loved and my grave would be filled with flowers. However, I only know it and can´t really feel it.
It´s like feeling lonely when you know you´re not and it´s killing me.
Gracie Nov 2018
remember when you cared?
yeah, me neither.
short and not so sweet.
Nat Lipstadt Sep 2018
“reminding me to remember what has yet to occur”

~for Jean Fisher~

this poem title lay fallow now near four months;
the poem title, a riddle in and of itself,
my inability/reluctance to bring it to a
spoiled fruition is simply and sumptuously explained,
no idea what it meant and
cause I got an F in future-telling in 8th grade,
when we still believed anything,
even hap-hap-happy was a possibility

all day long fits and spurts;
a sad poem rattles around in every part of my overcast Saturn day,
this last eked out September pretend summer weekend,
bereftness so powerful,
that the weather is slapping me down, hard, for begging,
gray grey sadness in the windless stillness

do you deserve it?

the death of summer is a tree ring completed, a marker of
nearer-my-death that I dare only utter to my pillow,
hoping it won’t betray my statelessness to whomever makes the bed and plumps up them pillows up into squealing my hidden  
truths and trust

birthing the past is easy and not what the title,
words I wrote somewhere, is asking for;
no so more straying and to the
scribbling and pecking
do I attend
that title commenced ironically at the end of May
when the summer man feathered his mental nest once more

and now my blindness clarified.
now when summer commences, was I not secretly reminding myself of what was sure to occur -
that troubles will come in cold and snow,
and no longer will the little house by the sun bathed bay be an available antidote to the real toxins that grow stronger

this then
was the clarion self-hint to prepare,
reminder to self
for the summery summation-end inevitable,
for the perfect ending of this poem

now that I have accurately
predicted my future
the title has borne its
bittersweet fruits
wrote this title down on May 23rd
whenever I stumbled upon it,
no poem came running

until  this **** September 8th
Sara Kellie Jun 2018
I write about death.
My art depicts death.
My life is about death.
Maybe for me life is death,
. . .    . . .    . . .
or on my death, I will find life.

Poetry by Kaydee
Living in hell and waiting for life.
In the meantime, my art, poetry and spiritual vibrations can be experienced via Insta.
Q Oct 2016
the pain of your name
no longer sits on my brain
i now freely reign

we can't be friends
Arfah Afaqi Zia Aug 2015
My blue skinny jeans,
And creamy white shirt.
I got ready to go on a road trip.
Just as I sat in my car I applied my mascara
And drove away.

As the car stopped near my college,
I took a last glimpse of whether I looked presentable or not.
Well I did !

I was a little tense.
Then there came MISS-OH-SHES-SO-PERFECT.
She was in a red dress.
I mean are we going on a trip or to a ball ?

But that is the only thing that worried me,
Now she'll be the center of attention.
My crush won't even know I EXIST !!!!

My best friend
reminded me I look the best,
And that my crush would certainly see me.

I felt a little confident,
But in the end she got my crush.
And me ?
I'm only left alone,
Singing 'Lonely I'm Mr lonely.'

From that day onwards I  NEVER had a crush !
True story !!!! Not the plot though just a twist in this story but yea, my crush got away :(
Don't try to ask me why
   just think of it as my final goodbye

It means you are no longer needed
    you did your part
    and I think you did great
Shylah S Mar 2015
My little pixie
The one I want
but I was too late
It flew away

How can I get it back?
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