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Zia Oct 2020
Our love, I foolishly hoped, would be pretty simple
For down my spine you’d always send a tender tickle
But you and not I turned out to be blithely fickle
The day you said goodbye, I got to see pure evil
In eyes that were once alluring if not readily sinful
I silently cried because my heart then you did *******
The forever you promised somehow became a mere wrinkle
In the future that I now have to explain in past participle
chris Feb 2020
take this road
to the moon

take his hand,
the moon child,

cause that’s how
its supposed to be

all this pain
all this sorrow
that’s our destiny
Harry smith Jul 2018
Dust for dust, it's never enough
Who can feel all these feelings when there's just so much lust
****** passion with some anger and rage
You're filled with something that can never change
Cause you've got monsters on the mind
They've mistaken you for kind
But your bad, maybe worse than anybody else
When the preacher prays, he prays for your health
But when he prays for your health he prays for your filth
So dust to dust, do what you must
But only darkness is here, darkness and lust
Udit Vashishth May 2018
For many years you have enjoyed.
My company that you used to avoid.
Now from your love my heart is devoid.
Because I saw something that made me annoyed.
Seeing you with someone else, I was destroyed.
Like a planet turned into pieces by an asteroid.
I now run through the streets like a paranoid.
There's no one in this world to fill that VOID.
When someone comes into our lives it fill a blank space that no one could have ever filled...But when that someone leaves, it creates a void
Sethnicity Nov 2016
I'm merely a poet
But you may think me a rapper if I didn't note it
I'm made in moments
I design the riots these words are my pilots
I fly them into structures that lack cognitive diets
I'm like cons stuck to your Feel it Try it Cry it
When you're cursing in the car
seeing red
grab a cigarette
light it
I am here to recreate
the con template
make more meaning behind your quite riot
when you remember how to be great
swinging from swings
singing songs of King Kong
monkeys playing on strings
When mondays were not monotony
growing older into neoteny
has this gotten to thee?
You take it in threes,
Speeding tickets, Deadlines, and Rotten Trees
keep on keeping on
vote on voting on
Can't change the country without cash, fears, or blood
Que Sera, Sera humans ride the carousel of DUH!

I should Detain my thoughts many deem insane
let them germinate with time attain more circular grain
I'm ready for hand over hate for a steady gain
I'm ready for self worth over wealth a cure for the pain
I could light myself on fire and yes one man can
How long can we malnourish the heart and ******* the brain?

y'all don't wanna be free
just wanna get poor quick
Sell your soul on FB
a phat horse chewing the bit
while you eat the virus
that makes you sick!
"I am not a rapper"
but I can wrap it up in a split

"It's Just US for tray bomb"
if not miseducated in Lit
"Eyed Diabolical, My necklace stripped"  
You can steal this message in a bottle
as I bleed out this ****!
I'm merely a poet But you may think me a rapper if I didn't note it!
Just my observation of Monuments and Movements and Revolutions people all over are crying out for change. All I ask is that you consider the whole when you wanna act out. Knowledge is power and power decays until the powers in the hands of the people who change.
The last lines are phonetically subliminal... "ie "(It's Justice for Trayvon) (If I was seen as notorious, My neck lays.. Drip
{killed with my throat slit})
Luna Jay May 2015
I want his embrace.
This challenge I face.
I'm his disgrace.
His little one.

I want his light.
This effortless plight.
I'm not alright.
I'm done.

I want his promise.
An actual truth.
My chest,
Falling against his.
I want to know his landscape.
Every twist.
Every ridge.

I want his control.
This love unfolds.
Heart-aching mold.
I'm his fool.

I don't belong.
The day, long gone.
I've done it all wrong.
This love
Its cruel.
About Him.
Harmony Feb 2015
written December 24, 2014

"As I walked inside the flood of memories came pouring down into the deep depths of my empty stomach
And my heart dropped down with them, when I first saw you
Feeble, exhausted, and glued to your bed
Throat so inflamed that barely any words were said
Wishing things were different, but there's nothing we can do
Besides sit and watch a movie together, inside the hospital room
When you caressed my hand, I felt it straight in my heart
Like a pathway to my happiness, you are the start
Our time was cut short, and I had to say goodbye
Our hands fell from our intertwine, to our sides as I looked you in the eyes for this last time
And said, 'bye'
But don't worry my love, I'll be back soon
And I promise I love you from the ground to the moon (and back)"
My boyfriend got mono for a month and was in ICU and almost died. I only got the chance to visit him once and it was about 30 minutes max.
Kyle Kulseth Feb 2015
"I once thought I had mono for an entire year. It turned out I was just really bored."--Wayne Campbell, *Wayne's World

Pass this
        night un-
                                 ­            my guts.

Fragmented seconds ticking, slipping
through the widening span
                                     of these small hands.
I've unlocked                         my innards
and the truth is out: it's mostly rusting gears.
I've wound down.                 I've ground up
days and weeks, upended months,
spilled crumbs
                         of my years
on pages, aging fast.
The faces show it's late,
                                        so late.

Time's up.
out of
        ­   nights are
fille­d up
                  with questions
f­rom the corners of
their weary, sunburnt eyes.

I'll tick off one more weekend, crossing
panels off a page.
                               Discard a month.
They've opened                    the archives
and the story's old, the golden paper cracks.
The faces,                               blank pages,
rifle past through volumes' deaf--
--'ning greys.
forgotten, filtered through
the seasons' blurring hum.

                                              It's so late.
I know, I know: watches don't have wingnuts. Gimme space.

Intro Film Cited

Meyers, Mike, perf. Wayne's World. Paramount, 1992. Film.
Jared Oct 2014
I met a girl who I believed to be
Beautiful, trustworthy, and compatible with me
We took long walks, poured out our hearts
Every step was a step closer, until we were barely apart
I'd pull her toward me
and ensnare her in a long embrace
On sight of her a smile would shine upon my face
From the time I made her mine
we laughed and toyed with love
We held each other, and I felt happiness undreamed of
I treated her the way I should
like a princess, faithful, kind, and caring, like a prince would
I thought this happiness could last
That for nothing more, could I ask
But hindsight and wary eyes alike are tightly shut until,
the moments' passed, and your ignorant heart's been killed
She spent our nights apart with other men
She abandoned our relationship in secret, time and time again
I did not know she was unfaithful
I didn't know she was so cruel
I gave her all she'd ever wanted
But for her, respect had no appeal
Her true desires were for men dishonest
the kind much like herself, who broke a promise
I did not know what she was hiding below
Until she gave me mono.
For the next month of my life
I knew nothing but strife
My bed was my unsought-after companion
Holding me through fevers and sweat
Pain and hopelessness
While I sat alone, hoping to recover
The girl who got me there
Found a way to disappear
She bypassed most of the symptoms
And knowingly made me her victim.

— The End —