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ky Jul 5
You were the sun, she was the moon, and I was the rain.

You, the sun,
would rise every morning, sometimes accompanied by the most
beautiful array of colors, other times with dark clouds so deep,
suffocating—your rays couldn't even attempt to shine through.

She, the moon,
would go away every morning, just as you were rising,
because she knew that you would be too busy fantasizing about
the mysterious rain that you could never love her liked she wanted you to.

I, the rain,
would come and go, loud and soft, hard and gentle.
I never saw you, the sun, give off your beautiful, majestic colors
because whenever I would come, clouds would shield you from
being able to send me your love in the form of tremendous hues
that would have made me stay in love with you forever.

If it weren't for the rain, maybe the sun would have fallen in love with the moon.
If it weren't for the clouds, maybe the rain would have stayed in love with the sun.
But the moon shines brighter alone in the night sky than it ever would next to the sun,
and the sun is much more beautiful without the rain.

That is why the rain went away.
It had fallen in love with the sun because it felt like the sun was
the only thing that had also experienced the storm, but the
difference between the sun and the rain is the sun shined after each storm.
But the rain disappeared.
The rain could never see the sun shine.
tears drop from a thousand eyes
and wash the sidewalks clean
of filth
of blood
of desperate cries
gone silent with the dream
darkness lights the alleyways
where life is cheap as rust
needles lay in greasy puddles
rats feed on the crust
deeper we fall
into nightmares awoken
speak not of this if you live in the light
there are tears enough for that which is broken
just close your eyes
and sleep at night
Harshit Nangia Oct 2021
I am wating for one day
One day when my eyes won't open up in the morning
I am waiting for one day
When I will look up at the sky with my eyes shining
I am waiting for one day
When I end my connection with the world
I am waiting for one day
When I live indifferent to the world
I am waiting for one day
When I say "I made it"
I am waiting for one day
When I say "this is it"
I am waiting for one day
When my heart is smiling
I am waiting for one day
When I know this is the ending.
Either day works.
TheWitheredSoul Apr 2021
Most People that say that they understand Your pain.
Do you really understand?

Do You know what its like to be waiting for a call that will never come?

Do you know how to know the end and yet hope for something better?

Do you know what its like to be left alone writhing on all the words that was never said and never heard?

Do you know how smooth her skin was when she held my hand?

Do you know how she made my chaotic world so calm and unburdened?

Do you know how far her absence wreaked havoc in my world  and let me delve right beyond the edge of the abyss that I wish I never knew?
There's a lot of things that I wish I did, but now the time has passed and the only way out is to move forward, will all these scars disappear? will all these feelings get lost in time? Maybe it will and maybe its time that we need to stop living life as in Should've Could've Would've.

Its time to let go of the misery and embrace the pain so that someday we get to lay our scarred heart to peace.
X May 2020
If my words are remembered
That’s all I need
Fame and money are ideals created by the insecure
So away the malice, envy and greed
Cause on this side the sun shines even when the trees hide your beauty
Soothing breeze leaves one to wonder if in fact life is meant to be an ongoing trend of aloofness
But aloof I’ll be
And when the breeze blows me away I hope my words are all you need
Or maybe fame and money aren’t too bad after all
Maybe that way my words will be the roots to your happiness
I guess you can say I’m insecure
Ali Hilout Mar 2020
Eventually, no one is worth it;
Rely on yourself and do not
Await a cold cordiality from anyone;
Despite this, always be the first on
Planting happiness in people’s hearts;
Undoubtedly, someone will plant it
In your heart, life as you offer to it,
It offers you more indubitably.
Ali Hilout Mar 2020
His core is filled with the collapse
Does he truly love himself?
Something he did not give to himself,
He expects others to give it to him;
When someone tries to approach him,
What does he do? He get-away!
When he believes that he is incapable of being loved,
He always seeks clues to convince,
Himself that he can not be loved.
To relinquish something you believed for so long;
It is a demanding and complicating matter.
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