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Luna Jay Mar 2019
You promised you’d never let go;
You promised a lifetime.
Standing there and holding her
As if I’m completely blind.
He thought he could hurt me,
But I am completely fine.
I’ve been with a cheater,
A beater,
A super overachiever…
Now I need some me time-
Some bubble bath and chai tea time.
No reason to shave time-
I am fine with who I am.
Julia Nov 2017
be a big bubble
burst with potential to pop
into the ether

trees want to grow leaves
leaves want to fall on lovers
who cry salty tears

oatmeal bath haikus
complicate caresses by
poison fingertips
Cassidy Shoop Mar 2015
The longest drive of my life
was only four and a half dragging minutes
around two street corners
Followed by the loudest sound of an unlocking door
my oozing ears have ever witnessed
And the guiltiest hug my arms will ever bear.
His scent still lingering on my clothes
and face
and those same arms,
I proceed to tell you my secrets
(not the fun kind you whisper to your friends)
the ones I could only stand to hide under my tongue
for one whole day,
and purely for the sake of your innocence.
I reach into your chest and rip out what's rightfully mine
and I can't apologize enough
as I ring out every good memory I have ever given you
and replace it with a night I can't even fully remember.
Naturally, you curse
and leave me alone in your room as if
I've kicked you out of your own home, as if
you never want to see my face again
unless it is twisted and bruised, as if
the only thing I have ever given you
was a chip in your paper-thin skull.
After draining my lips of "I'm sorry"s and "I love you"s
you find the decency in your heart to take hold of my hand,
walk me silently to the bathroom,
and politely ask me to join you
for a bubble bath.
G J O'Brien Dec 2014
When I talk to you, when I hear you
Something inside me feels a little numb
Or is it my heart telling me not to be dumb
Or is it the way you smile or laugh makes me feel like I'm in a cozy bubble bath.
Is your love ment to be?
Is your love true enough to see?

— The End —