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i wish i could dream about you every night
i wish you weren’t constantly on my mind
i wish i could see you every day
i wish you’d give me more of your time

if wishes were horses, beggars would ride
god i wish you’d make me beg, i’d beg
so prettily for you. maybe ride, too
if that’s something you’d let me do

but all my wishes, these turbulent desires
just dreams that won’t come true
it’s only in my mind that you caress me
like you did that night, “down”

i went knees first, then tucked to my chest
head to the floor, your palm skimmed my spine
and i want to feel that a second time
i’d be so good, anything to have you take me down

i wish i could hear your voice say “mine”
i’m having a ******* time of it, man
Kiss me easy
Bite me hard
Touch me softly
**** me roughly
Treat me like a lady in public
And a **** it the bed
Do what you want to me
Who cares about the markse
Claw my back all over
Slap me around and call me a *****
When I beg and scream
for you to stop
It’s all a game
cuz I wanna ****
I don’t want it easy
I love a challenge
Pin me to the floor
and make me squirm
Then put me on my knees
and make me beg
I wanna taste your hot ***
and let it run down my legs
When you make me ******…
It’s the best thing in the world
Let me please you daddy
It’s all I want
Choke me hard
Use me for what you need
Cuz I’m your personal little **** toy
I really don’t wanna do this
But I know it’s what you want
You force me on my knees
So I take in you ****
Silently I let tears run down my face
I do what you say to stay in your good grace
I really don’t wanna do this
But I know it makes you happy
I let you **** me hard
Although I feel weak and ******
I really don’t wanna do this
But I know you’ll be mad if I don’t
So I let you fill me up
Because if not you’ll leave and that’s also not what I want
I really don’t wanna do this
But I want whatever you do
So I keep quiet and shut my mouth
As I bow down and submit to you
I really don’t wanna do this
Sneaking around and having *** isn’t me
But I love you so much So I do what you want
Because that’s who you want me to be
I really don’t wanna do this
But to you what I want doesn’t matter
You pin me to the floor and **** me hard
Until I scream louder and louder
I really don’t wanna do this
But God knows I’d do anything for you
Eslam Dabank Jan 28
Love is dead, I know.
I was the one who unleashed the arrow,
And left us a deadly hallow.

I cough out poisonous words,
Thought I'd tame you with injections,
A python you turned out to be.
One, who never kneels.
Your fangs fill my throat with lies,
You choke me with your "cuddles".
I've always yearned for power,
And dignity,
But I'm transparent in your slavery.

I was a bright star,
Now I'm nothing but a scar.

But we'll be making love like savages,
I'll absorb the venom off your kiss,
I'll let you allure me into your darkness,
I'll pretend I'm alive for one lethal bliss,
I'll sacrifice my thrones for your filthy roses,
To make love like savages.

Barefoot crossing a path of swords,
Skin on skin with devil's hell fires,
Mud blood running through my viens,
defiling my mind,
And turn it into madness.

A madness,
Where you're the god of all gods.
Luna Jay Dec 2018
Hot pink between her hips,
She’s sinking all his ships.
Her finger slips
Into her slit-
Fun dip.
And raises moon phases to her lips.
Blows the atmosphere a kiss,
Drinks the ocean in little sips.
Gallons of salty tears at her fingertips.
Woman yearning for the rip,
Boy learning to make me drip.
I’m hit.
And I’m only begging for more.
I adore the way you think you’re
Using me.
Maddy Nov 2018
she listens to Him
as if His words can actually
define her

and He uses her
as if she is actually
His property

she lets Him
because she loves Him
and He lets her

He only needs her
when He is sad
or lonely
or tired
or *****
or hungry

she knows this
she can feel His
selective love
deep in the beds of her nails
as they run down his back

she knows He
only wants
her 'beautiful lips'
wrapped around his
'needing ****'
and she feels like
if she can give Him
even slight relief
her purpose will be

because that...
He told her that

He looks at her
and He knows she knows

He knows His grip
on her is being loosened
just like His grip on her hair

and it doesn't take long
for both of them
to turn
their backs
their hearts
their minds
on each other

until He reaches back out
wraps His warm
all encompassing hands
around her long
soft neck

while fear rushes
through her
down to her fingertips
she also feels the
addictive shake
of His voice growling in her ear

again again
'that's My girl'
I'm feeling a bit used. I'm feeling like a user. I'm feeling lost, scared, and a plethora of other negative emotions. I'm trying to read poetry to find some purpose. I'm trying to sleep more, sleep better. I'm trying to listen to music that doesn't keep me stuck. I'm trying.
I am failing.
Indigo Dream Nov 2018
i need you
i crave you
it's the only way i survive
you are my weakness i desire your control

in this space
down on my knees
this is where i belong
this is home my home

only you know how to satisfy
this hunger inside of me
i'm you little blackbird
you love to make me scream

who would have thought
through all this pain
my truth would be exposed
you did...

you knew me better than i knew myself
you saw my confusion
in the way i came crawling back to you

the needing
the bleeding
i'm conditioned
to always want more

but you make me wait...
Vale Luna Oct 2018
Master’s toy
Wants to be played with
Oh, please, come play with me
I am yours
And only yours
I think that you’d agree

Pick me up
By my puppet strings
And watch me dance around your bed
Pick me up
And amuse yourself
I want a place inside your head

Master! Master!
Come visit me
Inside my little dollhouse
I simply long
To be your plaything
You’re the cat, I’ll be the mouse

Master! Master!
I get lonely
When I’m not held within your clutch
As your doll
All I have
Is constant longing for your touch

There’s one purpose
I am trained for
And that’s for you to enjoy
Forever conditioned
Forever enslaved
To be Master’s little toy.
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