But we WON World War II.
We "defeated Hitler",
Didn't we?
We never "defeated Hitler".
Hitler lives within each of us
Like a virus.
We can only eradicate Hitler
When we annihilate the nafs
That infects
Our tarnished souls.
Your eyes are my bondage.
Your kiss leaves me breathless.  
Your fingers are my toys.
I submit my body and my heart
For your abuse or adoration.
With you the red bag stays zipped.
Don’t you dare give me a blindfold
Don’t you dare gag my mouth
Don’t put leathers between us.
Only one thing does it for me.
Call it a fetish or call it love.
I just want you.
Alec Dec 2017
Use me and abuse me
I love it when I’m all you see
Please be my Queen
I’ll gladly bow on my knees
Treat me like a slave
Punish me when i misbehave
Tell me that I’m nothing
While calling me at 4 am because you “want me”
Let me follow you around
I promise not to make too much sound
I want your punishment and praise
I want to wait on you hand and foot when you just want to laze.
I want you to tie me up
And tell me that I’m just your little pup
And that puppies who don’t follow the rules
And just like jesters and fools.
And need to be punished by their Queen
Until their voice is raw with screams.
Felix Dreams Sep 2017
Are you willing to take that chance, give into my suductive tone, let me generate your body energy with soft slow strokes of my fingers?  Submitting yourself for an experience that could be your deepest intimate moment.  So let's go as far as much time you permit while my poison runs thur your bones.  Let's be discretely devoted while my key strokes still gives you the chills.  It's not just about the zodiac  symbol, its all about you.
Clara Cipriano May 2017
There was a sexual strength about him, the way he looked at me, never beyond my eyes, but almost working his way from the inside out.
He fed this submissive side of me where I only envisioned him behind me with my hair wrapped tightly in his fist.
His almost arrogant smile seemed to run through my thoughts, where I could only smile back.
Britney Lyn Feb 2017
And I feel like a shadow following submissively a long.
I make no sound, only repeating the motions I have been equipped to follow.
My manual, just empty pages because I'm not even my own person or am I?
I have no story to tell, just watching, waiting for you to write so I can follow suit.
And I follow you, everywhere you go, but every time it gets a little dark in this room I disappear.
Because you no longer need me, you no longer want me.
You just want sleep.
So I leave you to dream those dreams and I simply blend into the background.
You never notice when I'm gone and hardly at all when I'm there.
It hurts my feeling, or are these feelings yours?
The only difference is you shine bright and I don't shine at all.
You lead I follow.
And even if I wanted to lead I’d always end up falling behind again because I'm just a shadow, and shadows don't get to lead.
Am I your shadow?

Because I don't want to be...
Late night thoughts creeping around in my head before bed. Sorry if it's shitty I literally wrote it down just now with no edit. Possibly fix it later. Goodnight.
Lady Ravenhill Feb 2017
You whisper in my ear,
“You are mine.”
As your hand tightens around my neck
Pulling my back to your chest.
You breathe again, gently commanding,
“Tell me you are mine.”
With a jerk of your hand
My head is resting on your shoulder
As your fingers pass nimbly
along my open throat
And I exhale into your ear,
“I'm yours.”
Nearly inaudible,
A breathless release unto you.
©LadyofRavenhill 2/14/17
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