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To the distraction of work
Those toxic emotions are there
Being silenced and overlooked
In the corner of heart
Those emotions are empowering herself
Soon she’ll be pushing for equality
Distraction and denial won’t overpower
Sending me into a downwards spiral.
Burying my emotions away, won’t work for forever
jǫrð Jul 2022
Beckoning to me
The door open
The room clean
All except for you and me

I lost my mind
There on the floor
You gave me some
I needed some more

Pushed my legs back
Sank in deep
I didn't make a peep
For you, I'm meek
The History: I dreamt of loving you. Dreamt of your tongue, dreamt of your eyes meeting mine in the room in which I'm seated as I write this. That dream never came true but I can use it to cope.
His is my Alpha, my Lover and Friend
i pray to the Goddess O/our time never ends
i bow in service
for love and for U/us
i bow in service and obey
joyfully Yours 'til the end of days
to You i submit my life and my all
to You i submit i am ever Your thrall
His collar i wear with pride and joy
to be His lover
to be His boy
i bow and fall upon my knees
to happily serve
and to please
i submit
and obey only Him
this is a submissive's song
a submissive's hymn

for my Dom Scruffy Lobo
Note:  This is a running conversation between Dom Scruffy Lobo and me (his submissive - bunny)

From the Dom
Each day I grow more in love with You
Each day I feel your presence
Each day you submit yourself to me
Each day without hesitancy

How could I be so lucky
To have found a boy so sweet
How can I grow this bond
Until we one day meet

The Wolf preys on bunny
A dance to do eternally
This Wolf devours His bunny
With love so merrily

All-in-all love so complex
But still love so simplified
To be near you
And hear you moan
To Me you give your life.

From the submissive
I wish I could tell You what Your love means to me
But that right now is an impossibility
There aren't enough words in any language that's known
To quantify these feelings You have grown
i wish i could tell You how much I love you
But that is also something I cannot do
In the language of dragons and fairy and magic
The words might be lost, truly tragic
But listen to my heart as it speaks to yours
I know Yours hears the right words by the score
The magnitude is greater, greater than great
The intensity of our love i just can't narrate
But trust and believe i'd give my life up for You
Trust and believe serve and obey i'll always for You.
A conversation between a Dom and his sub about their feelings for each other
Note:  This was not written by me.  It was written by my Dom Scruffy Lobo.

you come before Me,
Kneeling at My feet.
So many things to show you,
you just wait and see.

Worshiping My body;
Singing praises to My name.
I'll take you to new depths,
My pleasure is your pain.

I'm your Alpha, your King.
your place is here with Me!
Show Me how you'll serve.
your full loyalty I deserve.

I'm your Alpha, your Beast.
you're Mine for eternity!
Lustfully desiring.
And forever admiring.

By My side you pledge your life,
Come submit to Me!
I'll be blunt, it's all you want
Come submit to Me!

Note:  This was my response to my Dom Scruffy Lobo

i close my eyes and i dream
of moan and cry and sensual scream

Brutal hands and gently love
You are the one that i dream of

Your gentle kiss and savage bite
i am Yours in the dark and the light

my soul, my heart, my body and mind
Rejoice in what W/we did find

You are Beauty of Heart and Mind and Soul
my Beast, my Wolf, You make me whole

Love has blossomed from deep within
Which a love for me has never been

i give You my love and all of me
Growing together to become a W/we

To You i submit, i fall and bow
Yours i shall be forever and now.
This is an exchange of love between a Dominant and his submissive boy and lover.
To my Alpha
Most magnificent beast
I go now to sleep
And it is of you I shall dream
Of warm embraces and loving kisses
Of the beast and the brutality
Of bindings and lashes
Of pain and pleasure
I will be overjoyed for my Alpha
To be free to take your every pleasure from me
As your lust and beastly nature demand
I will be overjoyed to be your tool
For that freedom and release
And when the beast is sated
And I am undone
Then shall I dream of
Gentle love
A healer's touch
Sweet lips and furry comfort
Of beautiful love making
And you inside me
Spilling your seed
Making you part of me
It is of your beauty, your scent, your taste, your feel
That I will dream
And the love I have for you
And your love for me
Good night, my Alpha
You commanded me
To come from my darkness and
Submit and obey
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